April 16 Wednesday
  1. drafted Minutes of RFP workshop and emailed to PC (AEP)
  2. talked to Dr. I.S.Sharma and took his consent for meeting on April 23-24 for Hindi Report.
  3. talked to MTs of Ranchi regd CBW for MTs
  4. emailed to Prof. Murthy and Prof. Srivastava regd RFP workshop.
  5. handed over a copy of RDs meeting to JD (SSS)
April 15 Tuesday
  1. Brainstorming Workshop on development of RFP
  2. discussed the workplan and further activities with PC (AEP)
  3. worked on Minutes of RFB Brainstorming Workshop
  4. work started on Hindi subject report of QP Analysis
April 14 Monday (Holiday)
  1. Collated FAQs for ARC forwarded to UNFPA and Dir SSS
  2. Emailed the time of the research meeting to Jaya.
  3. Sent a reminder to all the participants for the research meeting
April 11 Friday
  1. PC (AEP) attends mid review meeting at PAU Ludhiana
  2. prepared Narrative, Academic Progress Report January-March 2014
  3. Quarterly finanacial closing file put up
  4. Received RFP Ludhiana, prepared documents for RFP workshop at NCERT
  5. Recieved advance of Rs. 12000/- for Brainstorming workshop at NCERT
April 9 Wednesday
  1. R& D part file put for seeking advance
  2. R&D Main file put up financial approval for working lunch at NCERT rates
  3. Video Programme file budget proposal put up for the script writing workshop on April 23-24
  4. Talked to Promil regardin Int Conf.
  5. IVRS file with FAQs in new format put up
  6. Finalized FAQs for ARC on Sexual Abuse
  7. List of forthcoming events forwarded to ARC
  8. Approvals for R&D meeting at NCERT forwarded to DD Acad
  9. Draft Forms prepared
April 8 Tuesday (Ram Naumi)
  1. Drafted and forwarded FAQs for ARC on Growing Up and Substance Abuse
  2. Table of NIOS activities with hyperlinks for ARC finalized and forwarded
  3. Discussed the FAQs with Rajanikanth
  4. Drafted and emailed FAQs for ATC on Sex and Gender
  5. Drafted the email for MTs regarding permission to put their names on ARC website.
  6. Drafted and forwarded FAQs for ARC on Abuse and Relationships
  7. Drafted and forwarded 6 statements for Poll for ARC

April 7 Monday
  1. Drafted noting and proposed committees for recognizing lesson writers
  2. Traced files
  3. Tried to meet Dir Eval
  4. Drafted NIOS table of hyperlinks for ARC
April 4 Friday
  1. Video file put up ACR of Brainstorming workshop on April 2 and draft Academic brief
  2. Live PCP Session (secondary) recording for 14 April on 'Power of Positive Thinking'
  3. Received Collar Mic
  4. Leave application for 21st HR file put up
  5. Main file put up regarding internship prog
  6. Abstract mailed to Sushant School of Design for the Int Conf
  7. Remainder email regarding MTs workshop being sent to RDs.
  8. Discussion with Dir Eval rescheduled for Monday
  9. Counselling of Parents and learner sent by VIMHANS
  10. Marking Scheme of Physics finished and Science & Tech started
  11. Discussed ARC with Nalini, forwarded important questions to her.
April 3 Thursday
  1. email sent to all participants of RFP brainstorming workshop on April 15 at NCERT.
  2. talked to Prof A. K. Srivastava regd RFP brainstorming workshop.
  3. Research file put up special permission to apy for food at NCERT rates
  4. Main File (part) put up for Evita's payment
  5. talked to RD Pune regd delay in booking for MTs
April 2 Wednesday
  1. Brainstorming workshop to outline the Video Film on 'Fundamental Principles of Evaluation' carried out.
  2. Drafted the Academic Brief
April 1 Tuesday
  1. SMS sent to participants of workshop on video film
  2. Email sent to NCERT regarding workshop on 15th regarding RFP.
  3. Library research for the workshop on video film
  4. Sent an email to all regarding yesterdays meeting that I could not attend due to sealed borders.
March 31 Monday
  1. PC (AEP) attended the meeting for development of ARC at NCERT
  2. Drafted Academic Brief for MVV online Tutorial
  3. A/V file put up to invite Dir(Eval) and Dir(Acad)
  4. LIVE PCP Tutorial of Secondary Level held over 'Exam Fear? Help is Here!!'
March 28 Friday
  1. Revised Minutes of the meeting forwarded to NCERT
  2. drafted Letter regd Summer Internship Programme
  3. Abstract for Int.Conf on Design finalized
  4. drafted Self Explanatory Note on LEA.
  5. Perrformance Assessment report emailed to SPC and UNFPA
  6. Part file Int Conf regarding abstract Curriculum Design for Positive Human Behaviour put up
  7. In principle approval for recognition of lesson writers conveyed to NCERT & UNFPA along with self explanatory note and criterion
  8. A/V file put for pre-poning recording of April 14 prog to April 4
  9. Partnering file put for attending various meeting and workshops at NCERT and UNFPA till April 15, 2014
  10. Soft copy of Academic Briefs for MVV forwarded to Rachna
  11. Soft copy of Feb-March MLR forwarded to SPC
March 27 Thursday
  1. Drafted Academic Brief of MVV
  2. Reviewed film Face to Face Interview in media
  3. A/V file resubmitted regarding financial sanction for 1 Day Brainstorming Session to develop outline for video prog on fundamental principals of evaluation
  4. A/V part file submitted with Academic Briefs for Prog Life after exams: Planning for future (Voc) and Power of +ve thinking
  5. Link of Regional Office addresses and FAQs forwarded to Nalini for ARC
  6. Material Development Cost and Time Schedule soft copy forwarded to Rachna
March 26 Wednesday
  1. MHRD Report finalized, hard copy sent to AD (Acad), soft copy emailed to Mr. Vivek.
  2. MLR of PC(AEP) file put up
  3. Reminder regarding MT selection emailed to 6 RDs
  4. Talked to Dir SSS about venue of RDs meeting and recognition of lesson writers.
  5. Emailed information regarding LIVE tutorial on Life After Exams: Planning for Future for Vocational Programme on April 6, 2014
  6. drafted abstract for International Conference on Design and emailed to PC (AEP).
March 25 Tuesday
  1. RD meeting on June 12-14 regd CBW officials file put up
  2. One day Brainstorming workshop for development of RFP on April 15 budget proposal, Research file put up.
  3. Main file put up with self explanatory note on Recognition of Lesson Writers
  4. AV file put up for the MVV programmes of April 6 and 14, 2014
  5. Fixed the Power of Positive thinking MVV on 18th as 14th is a holiday
  6. Emailed query regarding word limit of write up for ARC to velocity
  7. Reviewed the content for Power of positive thinking and gave feedback to Evita
  8. Drafted letter for Shweta
March 24, Monday
  1. Emailed Dr. Yadav and Dr. Jaya for confirmation of dates (June 12-14) for holding RD's workshop
  2. Emailed thanks to Prof Khan, Jamia MIlia Islamia for MVV programme
  3. Responded to the CM's query regd balanced question paper, orientation of QP Setters CBW file re-put up.
  4. talked to

March 21, Friday
  1. Emailed April 15 as a tentative date for the meeting.
  2. talked to RD Ranchi regd CBW for Tutors on June 25-27, 2014.
  3. talked to RD Pune regd CBW for Tutors on July 16-18, 2014
  4. MTO regd Ludhiana visit on April 11 sent to UNFPA
  5. Meeting with Director SSS regd finalization of SOP and RDs Meeting.
  6. talked and sent email to Dr. Gulati regd agenda of Meeting on April 11 at Ludhiana and availability for RFP meeting on April 15 at New Delhi.
  7. Talked to JAya regarding the RFP.
  8. Drafted back ground note for RFP and forwarded to Jaya for comments.
  9. Manila International Conference Administrative closing, revert back CM's query, file re-put up.
March 20, Thursday
  1. Talked to Mr. P.K.Tyagi RD Guwahati and fixed Tutor Training Workshop on July 2-4
  2. PAF of SEOs put up
  3. Medical Leave of Shakeba from 21-28 March 2014.
  4. email to UNFPA,NCERT regd RFP workshop on 14 or 15 April
  5. CBW file put up for reimbursement of CBW for Tutors.
  6. Drafted the Letter for Summer Internship Programme.
  7. Emailed availability for interactive workshops to KVS cc all
  8. Talked to Prof Yadav 15 April date finalized for RFP meeting
March 19, Wednesday
  1. Maintenance of files
  2. Performance report prepared
  3. Maintenance of computers
  4. In house brain storming session on Internship Programme- talked to NIFT etc regarding it.
  5. Put up MTR Manila Intl Conf part file
  6. MVV LIVE PCP session on Overcoming Examination Fear and Stress (Sr.Sec)
March 18, Tuesday
  1. Emailed tentative date April 2 for brainstorming for film on evaluation to Prof Yadav, Rajanikanth and Jaya ji
  2. Emailed ok to Sambit for advertisement
  3. Emailed additional input to the min of Velocity meeting held at UNFPA
  4. Video film file put for the brain storming workshop on April 2, 2014
  5. Converting cash in hand account to Tally in Accounts
  6. Reviewed the QP analysis of Sc & Tech
  7. Acceptance emailed to Er. Anuj Sinha regarding membership to advisory council of NCSTC
  8. MTO for Ludhiana put up
  9. Criterion for recognizing lesson writers main file re-put up.

March 15,16,17 Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Holi)
  1. Finalized the Manila Report
  2. Revised the advertisement and forwarded to Bbsr for uploading.
  3. Forwarded the approved budget and CM's approval to RD Pune for MT's workshop
March 14 Friday
  1. Meeting with Media Unit regd film on 'Fundamental Principles of Evaluation'
  2. talked to Prof. H. S. Srivastava regd Film and interview dates
  3. PC (AEP) attended meeting at UNFPA
  4. Leave application of SEO (Ankita) for March 18 approved.
  5. Draft Report of QP analysis Science & Technology email sent to PC (AEP)
  6. drafted NCSTC reply and email sent to PC (AEP)
  7. Drafted email to RD Pune and sent to PC (AEP)

March 13 Thursday
  1. Letter to NCERT for release of funds signed and sent
  2. Orientation of RDs CBW officials file put up

March 12 Wednesday
  1. Scanned copy of Letters to Regional Directors for deputing MTs - email send to RD Dehradun, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Bengluru, Bhopal.
  2. PC (AEP) visited UNFPA
  3. QP analysis Science and Technology report finalized
  4. Drafted email to NCERT-UNFPA regd 'Fundamental Principles of Evaluation' film and send to PC (AEP)
  5. MVV file put up for 19 and 31 march LIVE tutorial.
March 11 Tuesday
  1. AFC Letter signed and forwarded to NCERT
  2. Revised minutes put up.
  3. Report of Manila conf put up, permission to go to UNFPA Lodhi Office sought
  4. Research file put up for permission to go to Ludhiana for on-site mid study review
  5. Letters to Regional Directors for deputing MTs signed and speed post.
  6. Permission for staff at Bbsr emailed, talked to Sambhit regd
  7. Information regarding salary of Sunder forwarded to Auditors
  8. Scanned copy of Letters to Regional Directors for deputing MTs - email send to RD Pune
March 10 Monday
  1. CBW Officials file put up for RD's workshop
  2. Minutes of AEP review by Dir (Acad) main file put up.
  3. Partnering Agencies file put up regarding PC AEP's nomination as member of National Advisory Committee NCSTC-Network
  4. Emailed Jaya regarding RFP
  5. CBW file for orientation of paper setters put up
  6. discussion with Pramod (SEO, Computer Unit ) regarding website.
March 07 Friday
  1. Reason for awards main file put up.
  2. letter to NCERT regarding, AFC file put up.
  3. AEP ISO additional part file put up.
  4. Partnering Agencies file put for permission to attend ARC meeting on March 14, 2014
  5. Draft Letter to RDs regd. Master Trainers workshop, CBW file put up.
  6. Approval of AEP staff forwarded to JD (Admn)
  7. Drafted minutes of Review of AEP by Dir (Acad)
  8. Ankita's permission to attend a seminar at Allahabad.
  9. All files and covers renewed
  10. Part file Web Page put for ARC to SAP
March 06 Thursday
  1. maintenance of file
  2. discussed the draft of ISO AEO profile
  3. two set of “Learning Together Learning Better” forwarded to Library of NIOS.
  4. compiled the reports of CBW of MTs, Tutors and Workshop at Mitra for inclusion in monthly Bulletin- email to PRO
  5. Drafted ISO document
March 05 Wednesday
  1. Question Paper analysis Home Science part file put up
  2. Report of Master Trainers Workshop and budget proposal of MT workshop, CB file put up
  3. Emailed Jaya regarding QB review dates names of experts
  4. AEP review meeting taken by Dir Acad and AD
March 04 Tuesday
  1. Indent placed for purchase of two cartridge
  2. Worked on Question Paper analysis report
  3. Worked on ISO AEP profile
  4. Talked to AD Pune regd. CBW of Master Trainers
  5. Talked to AD Guwahati regd CBW for Tutors
March 03 Monday
  1. AEP team attended and coordinated Science day workshop.
  2. PC (AEP) took the session with Tutors of AIs
  3. Meeting with Ms Sushma from Mehak Seva Kendra.
  4. report of Master Trainers' workshop forwarded to PC (AEP)
February 28 Friday
  1. PC (AEP) attended a meeting at NCERT to design the orientation workshop of senior officials of KVS, NVS and NIOS
  2. Letter to Prof Saroj Yadav regd inclusion of Mitra in Work Plan 2014
  3. Form E accounts file put up.
  4. MLR forwarded to UNFPA

February 27 Thursday
  1. MHRD report submitted
  2. Material for ARC , CBW file put up.
  3. Last date of Audit
  4. Criterion format for Evaluation of Lessons main file put up
  5. MLR forwarded to UNFPA
  6. Criterion forwarded to NIOS, UNFPA, NCERT etc to all for comments.
  7. Responded to Ritu Juneja's email
  8. Put up Home Science part file of learner guide CD for uploading on website
  9. Developed objectives for the agenda of senior officials workshop
February 26 Wednesday
  1. Audit started.
  2. Drafted Criterion proforma for Lesson Writers
  3. Monthly Leave Record file put up
  4. purchase of Collar Mic and Net Card, infrastructure file put up.
February 25 Tuesday
  1. Transcription of lectures file put up again
  2. Letter recieved from a PWD learner forwarded to Comp unit in part file
  3. Audit of AEP Annual Account 2013 meeting proposed main file put up.
  4. Performance Appraisal Form HR file put up.
  5. HR file put up for SEO contract renewal and appointing an OA at Mitra Bbsr.
  6. draft letter to NCERT regd. inclusion of AFC Mitra activities in approved Work Plan 2014 main file put up.
February 24 Monday
  1. PC (AEP) joined
  2. worked on QP analysis
  3. PC (AEP) attended a meeting at UNFPA to design the orientation workshop of senior officials of KVS, NVS and NIOS
February 21 Friday
  1. Worked on Question Paper analysis Science & Technology
  2. Edited the letter to NCERT and forwarded to the unit
  3. Forwarded the form to select AIs for honouring to Sambit and AEP Unit for fnalization
  4. Confirmed participation in the meeting on 28th Feb at UNFPA regarding preparing for workshop in April
February 20 Thursday
  1. contacted the participants of CBW and prepared list of participants in CBW of MTs and CBW for Tutors.
February 19 Wednesday
  1. AEP introduction revised.
  2. Worked on Question Paper analysis Science & Technology

February 18 Tuesday

February 17 Monday
  1. Worked on Question Paper analysis Science & Technology
  2. took feedback from Ms. Rachna regd AEP account.
February 14 Friday
  1. Introduction of AEP finalized and submitted.

February 13 Thursday
  1. worked on Question Paper analysis
February 12 Wednesday
  1. AEP Work Plan & Budget 2014 main file put up.
  2. worked on introduction of Adolescence Education Programme for ISO.

February 11 Tuesday
  1. Letters to Regional Directors regd published articles in Open learning dispatched.

January 30 Thursday
  1. Monthly MHRD report finalized.
  2. Worked on report of question paper analysis- English.

January 29 Wednesday
  1. Attended the research meeting on presentation of Ldh research
  2. Edited the Question Paper Analysis Report
  3. Put up the additional file for payment to transcribers

January 28 Tuesday
  1. Edited the English QP Analysis report.
  2. Prepared the monthly leave report of PC (AEP)
  3. Started the monthly MHRD report

January 27 Monday
  1. Assisted the accounts for the publishing of the 3 books
  2. Took assessment of all the pending works
  3. Emailed Farah's response regarding RKSK to Dr. Rakesh Kumar

January 24 Friday
  1. Analysis of Feedback cum Evaluation form of ODES evaluators.
  2. Meeting with Prof. H. S. Srivastava regd. QP analysis.
  3. Returned to India (PC AEP)
January 23 Thursday
  1. Directory of Master Trainers completed.
  2. Feedback cum Evaluation form of ODES evaluators- analysis started
  3. Attended the last day of the conference (PC AEP)
January 22 wednesday
  1. made entries to the directory of Master Trainers.
  2. Worked on report of question Paper Analysis
  3. talked to Research unit regd. Meeting with PC AEP for Ludhiana research project.
  4. Attended plenary session. Heard ED UNFPA Philippines, Secretary Ministry of Philippines, Asst head UNFPA Washington among others. PC (AEP)
  5. Set up the second stall and managed it. Lot of interest on the posters PC(AEP)
  6. helped organize the comic workshop PC(AEP)
  7. Attended UNFPA session chaired by Secretary Youth Affairs GOI and paper presentation by JS Ministry of Health GOI PC(AEP)
January 21 Tuesday
  1. talked to Mr. Jha regd. the Work Plan and Face Form (January-June 2013)
  2. work started on the directory of Master Trainers.
  3. Conducted a dry run before the sessions PC(AEP)
  4. Presented the paper 'Integrating Life Skills and Adolescent Concerns in the Secondary School Teaching Learning Materials' in satellite session in hall number 6 from 3.30 - 6.00 PM PC(AEP)

January 20 Monday
  1. Reached Manila. Attended UNFPA group meeting and finalized the PPTs - PC(AEP)
  2. Handed over the posters and other materials to display- PC(AEP)
January 18-19 Saturday Sunday
  1. prepared PPT & related papers for APCSRHR
  2. Edited letters to RD regarding publication of prize winning entries and forwarded to Ankita
  3. Responded to emails of Mr. Janardan and Mr Sajjanhar
  4. PC (AEP) left for Manila on Sunday

January 17 Friday
  1. Attended Lodhi Road Office for pre conference activities
  2. Meeting with Mr. Sajjanhar regarding communal harmony
  3. Finalized the Annual Narrative Report and forwarded to NCERT and UNFPA

January 16 Thursday
  1. letter of Participation dispatched to all the Master Trainers.
  2. International conference Manila file put up- selection of materials and permission to display these at the Conference.
  3. follow up from Chandigarh for Utilization Certificate, an email for the same has also been sent
  4. CBW file put up for forwarding report of Tutor Training to SAP, PRO, In Charge Open Learning and RD & MTs
  5. Part file Intg put up with QP Analysis reprt of Soc Sc
  6. Forwarded details of report writers for COMOSA to Rajeev
  7. Discussed the issue to CBW of evaluators with Secretary
  8. Talked to Shwetashree regarding Gender Cell
  9. Sent email to UNFPA regarding material requirement
January 15 Wednesday
  1. draft Report of Question Paper Analysis
  2. Prepared Letters to be sent to Master Trainers (Letter of Participation)
  3. Photographs of Master Trainers Workshop sent to the participants
  4. Photographs of MTs Workshop uploaded on the Facebook page of AEP.

January 14 Tuesday(Holiday)
  1. Worked on Question Paper Analysis Report
January 13 Monday
  1. Responded to email from Jaya regarding a panel discussion: Promoting Well Being of Young People in India, Diverse Needs and Comprehensive Response on January 14 at Triveni Auditorium, Tansen Marg, New Delhi between 10 AM and 1 PM being organized by Lady Irwin and UNFPA

January 10 Friday
  1. draft of Annual Narrative Tool

January 09 Thursday
  1. draft certificate of Master Trainers prepared and sent to PC (AEP).
  2. Manila Conference Backgroung Note and Talking Points- talked to Dir(Acad.), Documents have been sent to Ministry.
  3. PC (AEP) attended the RKSK conference at Taj Palace
  4. PPR meeting at NCERT attended by Shakeba, Mr. Joshi, Sunder and PC (AEP)
January 08 Wednesday
  1. Monitoring Tool MHRD Oct- Dec 2013 drafted.
  2. Modified the Report of CBW of ODES Evaluators and file put up.
  3. Talked to DD Accounts and took permission for T D Joshi to attend the pre-audit meeting in NCERT, informed the Dir (Acad).
  4. All financial documents got signed from AD and DD Accounts.
  5. Cheques for printing got signed from DD Accounts
  6. PC (AEP) attended the RKSK conference at Taj Palace
January 07 Tuesday
  1. draft report of Master trainers workshop.
  2. CD file signed by Mr. Dharuman.
  3. Visiting cards recieved.
  4. draft letter to RDs Regd. wiining article published in magazine prepared and sent to PC (AEP)
  5. PC (AEP) attended the RKSK conference at Taj Palace
January 06 Monday
  1. Talked to Neeta regarding Visa
  2. Drafted Talking Points for J.S
  3. CBW file put up with closing of CBW of Evaluators
  4. Academic Process Report Jan-Dec 2013 drafted.

January 03 Friday
  1. AFC Mitra Activities updation on website

January 02 Thursday
  1. Sambhit's mail shared with AEP collegues
  2. Monthly MHRD report Nov-Dec submitted
  3. MLR file put up, copy emailed to UNFPA
  4. Accounts workshop main file put up
  5. Draft letter to RDs of prize winners of creative writing competetion
  6. Academic Progress report work started
  7. Letter of participation for MT Workshop signed
  8. Induction Programme at Jajpur report forwarded to PRO and SAP

January 01 Wednesday
  1. Joshi ji's file cleared
  2. Followed up with Patna and Delhi for bills
  3. Followed up with Bbsr for Mitra closing
  4. New Year Greeting ssent to RDs, RCs and MTs
2014 the New Year Greetings!!!

December 31 Tuesday
  1. draft report of Master Trainers
  2. draft ACR of CBW of ODES Evaluators
  3. talked to RD Delhi for UC
  4. Talked to RD Bengluru for UC
  5. talked to RD Jaipur and SO Jaipur for UC
  6. Talked to RD Gandhinagar and SO, Recieved the UC.

December 30 Monday
  1. Color printer recieved, file put up.
  2. AFC Mitra workshop file put up.
  3. UC forwarded to RC Pune
  4. Lapel Microphone purchase discussed with SO purchase, activity rephrased to Work Plan 2014
  5. Report of CBW for Tutors recieved from RC Pune
  6. Expenditure Statement recieved fron RC Kochi
  7. Work Plan 2014 finalized and mail sent to PC.

December 25 Wednesday Christmas Holiday
  1. Finalized report of the CBW of ODES evaluators

December 24 Tuesday
  1. Third and concluding day of 3 Day CBW for Tutors.
  2. The PPTs forwarded to all RCs and MTs.
  3. Whom so ever it may concern document sent to all RDs
  4. Work Plan 2014 including discussion on Programme Design of QP setters workshop
  5. TA bills of AEP staff put up
  6. Draft report of ODES forwarded to PC (AEP)
  7. Photos sent to Nagveni
  8. Insurance work initiated
  9. Printer file resubmitted
  10. Minutes of the printer committee signed
  11. Feedback to Bbsr
  12. Finalized inputs on Draft Youth Policy and forwarded to Dir Acad cc to Secretary

December 23 Monday
  1. Second day of 3 day blended learning CBW for tutors
  2. Prof Srivastava took the eval session
  3. CM attended the debriefing session
  4. Invite letter emailed to Asstt Rep UNFPA
  5. Followed up with Prof Yadav
  6. Drafted closing email for all RDs
  7. Emailed daily schedule along with presentation schedule to all RDs
  8. Adjustment of advance part file CBW put up
  9. Talked to Maintenance, Purchase and Printing regarding furnishing all the bills including insurance
  10. Sample of visiting card forwarded to printing

December 22 Sunday

  1. Inauguration and starting of 3 day blended learning CBW for tutors
  2. Emailed daily schedule along with presentation schedule to all RDs

December 20 Friday
  1. Draft letter to NCERT for increasing budget of Mic
  2. Draft Inauguration schedule discussed with Dir Acad and SAP
  3. Attended PPR meeting at NCERT
  4. Letter to NCERT for increasing budget of Mic signed and delivered to NCERT by hand
  5. email to RDs providing details of all the communication related to CBW for Tutors.
  6. NYP discussed
  7. details of CBW for Tutors discussed
  8. scanned copy of Letter to Director NCERT to depute Prof. Saroj Yadav for CBW of Tutors.

December 19 Thursday
  1. email to RDs for contact on Dec. 19-20, 2013 meeting.
  2. to depute Pramod, Ajit and Baalam from SAP part file put up
  3. Media Hall set up and deputing a personnel for workshop part file put up.
  4. TMAs and Evaluation handouts email to Dr. Sandhya.
  5. Objectives PPT mailed to Mr. Pramod.
  6. PPT on MYV email to all RDs and MTs
  7. discussed the Youth Policy with the Secretary
  8. discussed with Mr. Kaura regarding submitting the draft Youth Policy on December 20th morning.
  9. Programme schedule and related documents email sent to RC Chandigarh.
  10. PPR meeting at NCERT
  11. Responded to Sambhit about Mitra Programmes
  12. Got the bills stamped at VYK

December 18 Wednesday
  1. Email to Principal & cc to Mr. Anshuman
  2. Baripada programme report forwarded to Gowri
  3. Email to RD Ranchi and Guwahati regarding postponing the programme Talked to both
  4. Emailed Dr Tiwari regd workshop at Bhopal
  5. Emailed RD Bhopal regd MTs cc to MTs -Talked to RD Bhopal
  6. Emailed Ms. Kiran Gupta regarding workshop at D.Dun
  7. Boxes despatched to Chennai, talked to MT regarding use of film
  8. Box handed over to Delhi RC
  9. Emailed RD Dehradun regd Ms. Kiran Gupta as MT
  10. 3 PPTs emailed to SAP and Pramod
  11. PPTs mailed to Sandhya
  12. Main file put up for attending PPR meeting
  13. PPts mailed to Sunder to reduce the size
  14. Banner in Hindi mailed to all
  15. Reduced PPT mailed to Parmod

December 17 Tuesday
  1. Email to RD Hydrabad, Pune, Bengaluru regarding using 1 MT
  2. Emailed old lessons to Sanghamitra and RD Hydrabad
  3. Part file regarding banner, registration form, feedback form, core life skills etc put up
  4. Part file approval for MTs from Delhi to Dehradoon and MP put up
  5. thanks email sent to all MTs
  6. Recieving for the kit bags given
  7. Indent for conference stationary and computor and external hard drive given
  8. Receiving for computor and external hard drive part file put up
  9. Handouts and training material for Session 3 & 4 on day 2 on Evaluation and TMA emailed to all
  10. Part file put up regarding carrying the programme forward in Ranchi and Guwahati RCs

December 16 Monday
  1. Emailed Jaya regarding dropping Guwahati, Bengaluru, Kochi and Ranchi
  2. Packages for RCs made.
  3. Finalized the CBW for Tutors Programme Schedule part file put up.
  4. email to all RDs informing the CDs and Advocacy folder sent through speed post.
  5. VYK bills file put up.

December 13 Friday
  1. Discussed with Jaya and responded to KV email.
  2. Responded to Dr. Ashok Kumar's email
  3. visit VYK for recieving of bills
  4. visit NCERT to attend national event
  5. visit NCERT for review of reference material for question paper analysis
  6. Regional Centre wise draft list of Master Trainers, Materials prepared

December 08 Saturday - 12 Thursday
  1. Conducted Master Trainers' Workshop

December 07 Saturday
  1. Drafted and forwarded back ground to the programme to Dir Acad
  2. Made files for dignitaries on the stage.
  3. Packing and loaded of all conference material

December 06 Friday
  1. Highlighted Programme Schedule sent to Jaya
  2. KVS list letter emailed to Mr. Goel cc to Sudhanshu
  3. Talked to PAU, Dir SSS regarding ldh prog, rescheduled to January 11, 2013
  4. Got Pramod to talk to Mr. Venugopal
  5. Invitation to HODs file put up
  6. Deputation of Rajkumar and peon file put up
  7. TTM Hindi translation file put up for approval and photocopying
  8. Draft letter for Fr. Agnel put up
  9. Talking points for CM file put up
  10. Nominations for Manila forwarded to UNFPA
  11. Approved budget and approval for 3 days CBW of Tutors emailed all the RDs
  12. Scanned letter sent Fr. Agnel
  13. Welcome Address forwarded to Secy
  14. External Hard Disk indent put up
  15. CD cover design provided to the vendor
  16. File to SAP for deputing Balam
  17. Soft copy of Ldh learners obtained from comp unit
  18. Bus and taxi booked
  19. Bouquets ordered
  20. Received advance of Rs. 20,000/-
  21. Contacted Sage publications and informed CM

December 05 Thursday

  1. Invitation letter emailed to Prof Yadav and Jaya
  2. Letter to Sh. Goyal for selection of KVs and room allocation for Mitra at KV put up on mail file
  3. Permission to attend the Role Play comp at NCERT on Dec 13, 2013 mail file put up
  4. Noting for conducting the sessions forwarded to SAP and Mukta Vidya Vani forwarded
  5. Noting for bus sent JD Acad
  6. Email of details of work and participants sent to VYK
  7. Email regarding leaving S1 hall sent to VYK
  8. PC(AEP) Meeting with officials at VYL

December 04 Wednesday

  1. part file put up for booking of Bus, personnel of Computer Unit and Mukta Vidya Vani and permission to use the enrolled learners of Father Agnel.
  2. Letter to Sh. Goyal for selection of KVs and room allocation for Mitra at KV draft
  3. Programme Schedule finalised and emailed to all participants of CBW for Master Trainers.

December 03 Tuesday

  1. Home Science file for handing over resubmitted.
  2. letter to Prof. Srivastava, Dr. Jaya and Prof. Saroj Yadav drafted, signed and scanned copy emailed.
  3. Hindi version of Tutors’ Handbook of Participatory Methodologies finalized and handed over to Mr. Joshi for review.
  4. older version of lessons collected in consultation of the Academic Officers for MTs workshop.
  5. inaugural session finalized, part file put up.
  6. meeting with CM regarding the MTs workshop, KV MItra and trip to Manila.
  7. talked to Father Agnel for Mock Sessions with learners
  8. Work Order for translation to Mr. Joshi put up

December 02 Monday

  1. part file for reminder to printing unit for the timely supply of CDs and other printing material for master trainers' workshop put up.
  2. part file for booking of the bus and conducting of webcasting session at NIOS put up.
  3. Activity Completion Report of the workshop for Review and Finalization of Tutors’ Handbook of Participatory Methodologies in English file put up.
  4. part file of the list of invitees for the inaugural session of MTs put up.
  5. received books from MPDD unit.
  6. Amended part file as per the directions of director academic for booking of the bus and conducting of webcasting session at NIOS put up
  7. Received TMAs from regional centre.
  8. TMAs, english version of Tutors’ Handbook of Participatory Methodologies & hand outs for evaluation sessions sent for photocopying.
  9. Talked to Shomu and got the open file of CD cover
  10. Corrections being carried out in Hindi TTM

November 29 Friday
  1. one day workshop for finalization of TTM Hindi, English both.
  2. discussions with Computer unit for set up of Webcasting for CBW of MTs.
  3. called RC Bangluru seeking fresh nominations for MT.
  4. replied to Noorie coordinator(& RD Gandhinagar) permitting one more MT to attend the CBW.
  5. VYK original receipt for subscription additional file forwarded to Secretary.
  6. part file forwarded to Secretary for nomination of Ms. Manpa to conduct session on Mukta Vidya Vani.
  7. part file forwarded to SAP for nominating personnel from Computer Unit to conduct session on Webcasting.
  8. called RC Ranchi regarding MTs communication.
  9. recieved fresh Nomination for MTs from RD Dehradun and contacted the same.

November 28 Thursday
  1. scanned copy of noting sent to MPDD Unit.
  2. Mr. Ashok was sent to bring the set of NIOS books.
  3. two new AIs from KVS have been selected based on the updated enrolment data, main file put up.
  4. CBW of Tutors' Approach Paper, budget CBW main file put up.
  5. CBW of Master Trainers Programme Schedule CBW part file put up.
  6. meeting with DD Accounts regarding disbursement of CBW part file put up
  7. contacted and emailed to

November 27 Wednesday
  1. TTM main file put up for postponing workshop for finalization of TTM on 29 November 2013.
  2. TTM part file put up for Hindi translation of TTM.
  3. Monthly MHRD closing report sent.
  4. setting up of joint Mitras JNV/KVs main file put up.
  5. VYK registration form signed by the Secretary.
  6. visit to VYK for deposition of registration form and advance bill payment.
  7. recieved the nomination of MTs from RD Patna, called them all and a detailed email sent to all the participant from Patna.
  8. soft copy of the letter to RDs for nomination of Tutors for CBW via webcasting/teleconferencing, email sent to all RDs.
  9. Replied to RD Raipur seeking alternative nomination for MT and Tutors' workshop.
  10. email sent to RD Kolkata, RD Dehradun seeking alternative nomination for MTs.

November 26 Tuesday

  1. advance cheque prepared for VYK booking and membership booking.
  2. letter to all the RDs for nomination of 40 tutors for CBW via webcasting/teleconferencing, draft letter CBW file put up.
  3. visit to VYK for memebership and advance bill payment.
  4. letter to RDs for tutors' nomintion for CBW via webcasting/teleconferencing finalized, signed and dispatched.
  5. responded to all the MTs through email.
  6. email sent to the MTs regarding conveyance payment and booking facilities and list of all MTs .
  7. email sent to the person on stand by from bbsr Mr. Pradeep Mohapatra.
  8. email sent to the Principal St. Stephens to grant leave to Ms. Ratna Bhowmick to attend CBW for MTs.

November 23 saturday

  1. Contected participants of CBW for Master Trainers through telephone.
  2. CBW list of conference material file put.
  3. Review And Finalization for English Version of Tutors’ Handbook Of Participatory Methodologies file put up .

November 22 Friday

  1. contacted all the Regional Directors for selecting the AIs in KVS.
  2. KVS list of AIs as Mitra centre main file put up.
  3. CBW part file put up for drawing a cheque of Rs. 4,25, 000 and Rs. 3, 371 in favour of Vishwa Yuvak Kendra.

November 21 Thursday
  1. Home Science charge hand over.

November 20 Wednesday

  1. finished three day CBW ODES.
  2. finished three day workshop of Question paper analysis- descriptive.

November 19 Tuesday

  1. master trainers and minutes CBW file put up to be sent to pre audit.
  2. file put up for printing order of LTLB module and advocacy folder under budget line code 2.2

November 14 Thursday

  1. Discussed Ldh issue with Dir SSS
  2. emailed abridged minutes to NCERT
  3. Forwarded part file to DD Accts for disbursal of TA on 20th
  4. Discussed Induction at Ldh with Dir Acad SSS
  5. 3rd one day workshop for tabular analysis of Question Paper organized.
  6. Taliking Points for the Presidential Address of Chairman, Inauguration Schedule and Programme Schedule of ODES Workshop file put up.
  7. Inauguration Schedule and Programme Schedule of ODES Workshop to be sent to the Secretary and Director (Eval.) file put up.
  8. ludhiana workshop date finalized to be 17 Dec, Research file put up.
  9. CBC staff deputation for CBW of ODES file put up.

November 13 Wednesday

  1. Discussed MITRA at JNV with JNV AEP officials
  2. Meeting with Mr. Chugh at ODES Unit
  3. Put up file for DD Accts for disbursal of TA on 20th
  4. Followed up with finalized minutes and CBW file
  5. Discussed Induction at Ldh with PAU, RD Ch and Dir Acad

November 12 Tuesday

  1. emailed Minutes of PPR meeting to NCERT.
  2. budget of capacity building workshop of Master Trainers reviewed, file put up.
  3. finalized Work Plan as per the recommendations of the PPR meeting, and emailed to NCERT & UNFPA.

November 11 Monday

  1. attended PPR meeting at NCERT.
  2. visited Vishwa Yuvak Kendra for booking of rooms and conference hall for Capacity Building Workshop of Master Trainers.

November 8 Friday

  1. Put up part file CBW d/f/a letter to Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, finalized letter emailed to VYK
  2. Talked to RD Patna
  3. Talked to Mr. Chugh in ODES
  4. Finalized the table of authors and forwarded to CM
  5. Finalized the NIOS minutes of PPR and forwarded to NCERT and UNFPA

November 8 Friday

  1. Put up part main file regarding AEP inputs for MHRD Annual Report
  2. emailed requirement of training facilities for MTs workshop to NHAI
  3. Received new laptop, submitted satisfaction report
  4. Forwarded the revised list of speakers to CM
  5. Sandhya's file with financial implications put up
  6. NVS & KVS letters forwarded to Rajnikanth and Sudhanshu.
  7. Reminder mails for nominations sent to RD Patna, Pune, Bhopal and Jaipur

November 7 Thursday

  1. sms info to Chairperson HSAI regarding Sandhya's paper about NIOS
  2. Worked on Chairpersons list for List of authors
  3. put up Sandhya's abstract file for approval
  4. Master Trainers list compiled.

November 6 Wednesday

  1. Main file put with draft Work Plan 2014
  2. Discussed infrastructure issues with purchase /vendors/ relevant officers
  3. DFID/KPP/NIOSA meeting with CM and DIir (Acad) in CM's chamber
  4. Home Science Mukta Vidya Vani file forwarded to AO H.Sc
  5. Worked on profiles of authors

November 5 Tuesday

  1. Letters to the ODES workshop participants dispatched
  2. Discussed infrastructure issues with purchase /vendors
  3. Hard copy of the letter to Prof Yadav regarding Tutors Handbook dispatched
  4. Reviewed the Approach Paper to Learners' Engagement Activity and Research Activity
  5. Talked to Ms. Namrata Yadav and scheduled the meeting with CM for 2 PM on 6th
  6. Discussed the details of workshop with Dr. Ashok Kumar
  7. QP descriptive analyse part file put up for for workshop on 18-20 Nov
  8. Finished typing draft descriptive report guidelines.
  9. Talked to Sonali regarding the publishing of speeches
  10. Emailed Neha regarding maintenance of Home Science materials
  11. Emailed Jaya regarding reconfirming the dates for MTs CBW
  12. Eamiled RD Hydrabad regarding sending details of participants.
  13. Talked to participants from Guwahati regarding dates of MTs CBW

November 4 Monday

  1. Report of Induction Programme at Police School, Baripada AFC file put up, thnks emailed to Bbsr. Hard and soft copy of the report forwarded to PRO, SAP and Dir (SSS). Original pictures emailed to PRO
  2. Letter to ODES evaluators signed by Secretary
  3. Home Science file put up for audio programme on Life Begins with Dr. Ashok Kumar, soft copy of lessons forwarded top him
  4. Review of approach papers Draft Work Plan 2014
  5. Thanks emailed to Kolkata, Hydrabad and Chandigarh for sending the nominations.
  6. Meeting with CM regarding publishing of books
  7. Telephonic discussion with Kalra ji regarding the cheque

November 1 Friday

  1. Remaining 2 RDs called for MTs nomination.
  2. Attended departmental meeting.
  3. Submitted MHRD Monthly report.
  4. Edited all the material related to souvenir for 25th foundation day.
  5. Reviewed Sandhaya's abstract for Baroda
  6. Lessons, Registration Forms, Prog Schedule, Feedback cum Evaluation Form given for photocopy
  7. Letter to participants of ODES workshop drafted
  8. ODES workshop followed up with Mr. PP Chugh
  9. Thanks email to RD Bbsr, RD Chennai

October 31 Wednesday

  1. 16 RDs called for MTs nomination.
  2. Worked on approach paper MT.
  3. Followed up with evaluation department.
  4. closing report of QPAW & part file put up .

October 30 Wednesday

  1. emailed Draft Tutors Handbook of Participatory Teaching Methodologies
  2. Responded to Dr. Nayak's mail
  3. conclusion of QPAW.
  4. Draft work Plan 2014.
  5. Main file put up letter to KV/JNV.

October 29 Tuesday

  1. emailed thanks to Gandhinagar for sending the nominations
  2. Talked to Rashmi and fixed Bihar teachers to meet on Friday at 10.30 am
  3. List of NIOS participants in shooting of film emailed to Manpreet UNFPA
  4. Followed up with Evaluation Department regarding forwarding Invitation letters
  5. Reminder about Maintenance of Home Science materials emailed to Anju and Neha
  6. sought list of invitees from NCERT for taking report of Int'l Conference
  7. Responded to Shomu's mail
  8. Sent a mail to Bbsr regarding Sunday Programme and Mukta Vidya awards

October 28 Monday

  1. Letter to NCERT with revised budget and request for in principle approval emailed
  2. File for AMC and insurance put up
  3. CBW part file put up requesting CM to be the chief guest
  4. QP analysis workshop going on
  5. KPP-DFID research TOR part file R&D put up
  6. Receipt of nominees for MT from Guwahati acknowledged by email
  7. Draft prog schedule of MT CBW worked on
  8. Responded to Jaya's mail
  9. Responded to KPP-DFID mail
  10. Forwarded my paper to Sukant with necessary changes.
October 26-27 Saturday- Sunday

  1. Edited the Handbook
  2. Monitored the Mitra programme at Baripada

October 25 Friday

  1. workshop for tabular analysis of QP started.
  2. revised of Work Plan and letter to NCERT part main file put up.
  3. Responded to Bbsr mail.
October 24 Thursday

  1. reminder email to RDs regarding nominations for Master Trainers.
  2. CBW ODES evaluators revised letter to Resource Persons, draft banner, Feedback cum evaluation tool, registration form etc CBW part file put up
  3. Scan copy of approval for Induction programme forwarded to Bbsr
  4. All related documents like PPTs, background papers, Programme Schedule etc emailed to Bbsr
  5. Talked to Namrta at Patna and re-forwarded all document related to MT
  6. Talked to RD Chennai S. P Ravi regarding the same

October 23 Wednesday
  1. email to Jaya regarding dates of CBW for Master Trainers, Tutor Training Module, CDs.
  2. UNFPA cheque of 40 Lakh part main file put up.
  3. file 'Report to the People' returned to Director (Acad.) with suggestions.
  4. duplication of Learning together Learning Better Module English version, Video programme, advocacy folder (Hindi+English) CBW file put up.
  5. approval for QP tabular analysis workshop.
  6. face form and progress reprt, email sent to Harish Meena NCERT.

October 22 Tuesday

  1. forwarded email to Dr. Jaya to attend the inauguration and to conduct the Session 1 Orientation to Life Skills of ODES Evaluators workshop 18-20 November.
  2. called to the Master trainers for ODES workshop .
  3. Emailed Jaya regarding blocking of dates for Dec 1st week for MT CBW
  4. Emailed regret to PCF 7
October 21 Monday

  1. Induction session and Workshop on Growing Up proposed to be held on 28 October, AFC Mitra file put up.
  2. QP analysis workshop started.
  3. Work Plan 2013 readjusted.
October 18 Friday

  1. Monitoring Tool finalized
  2. Revised letters to NV and KV main file file put up
  3. Discussions with Bbsr and draft proposal for Mitra Programmes being prepared
  4. Reviewed the Report to the People 2013, feedback given to Dir (Acad)

October 17 Thursday

  1. Emailed UNFPA regarding giving 35 more Training packages.
  2. Emailed Bbsr for details of programme.
  3. Joint Mitra letter to NVS/KV main file put up
  4. Typing Hindi TTM finished
  5. Meeting with SAP regarding two way web casting for Tutor Training
  6. Monitoring Mechanism of PCP and TMA finalized with Rachna.
  7. Face Form and Monitoring Tool revised
  8. Proposed QP analyses workshop on 21-22 CBW part file put up

October 16 Wednesday (Holiday Eid)

  1. Email about new staff sent to all.
  2. Monthly leave record for Aug-Sept and joining report forwarded to SPC
  3. Information regarding the QP analysis forwarded to all
  4. Letter to JNV/KV drafted, enclosures selected and forwarded to AEP

October 15 Tuesday

  1. letters to the RDs for nominating MTs dispatched and emailed.
  2. Discussion with Jaya regarding Work Plan.
  3. Research file put up asking enrollment data for research project in Ludhiana District.
  4. Millennium development Goals file put up.

October 14 Monday

  1. Project Coordinator rejoined.
  2. Millennium development Goals draft work continued.
  3. letters to the RDs for nominating MTs file put up.
  4. Work Plan discussed with Director(acad) and AD.

October 10 Thursday

  1. finalized Narrative tool forwarded to AEP
  2. forwarded the ODES CBW file to Evaluation Department for issuing letter of invitation

October 8 Tuesday

  1. Draft letter to RDs, Undertaking, Proforma of Details of Participants and Noting forwarded to AEP

September 26 Thursday
  1. started two days Workshop to Prepare Narrative Tools and Monitoring Tools (July-September 2013) and AEP Accounts Quarterly Financial Closing (July-September 2013)
  2. data typing of QP analysis tools of all the five subjects continued.

September 25 Wednesday
  1. data typing of QP analysis tools of all the five subjects continued.

September 24 Tuesday

  1. prepared the quarterly academic closing report
  2. data typing of QP analysis tools of all the five subjects continued.

September 23 Monday

  1. prepared the MHRD monthly closing report.
  2. Emailed the same to PC.
  3. took the follow up of AFC from Mr. Sambhit

September 20 Friday
  1. File put up for proposal for organizing a 2 day workshop to prepare quarterly closing report.
  2. translation of the remaining pages of the TTM handout in Hindi.
  3. data typing of QP analysis tools of all the five subjects continued

September 19 Thursday
  1. closing report file for workshop to analyse the question papers of five subjects of April 2013 examination put up
  2. part file put up for Hindi version of the letters of Chairman ,Director (Academics), and Project Coordinator to AD for approval
  3. Tutors' Handbook of Participatory Methodologies Hindi translation first draft typing work continued
  4. data entry of QP analysis tools of all the five subjects continued

September 18 Wednesday
  1. prepared summary report of the workshop.
  2. Tutors' Handbook of Participatory Methodologies Hindi translation first draft typing work continued
  3. prepared the closing report for workshop to analyse the question papers of five subjects of April 2013 examination.
  4. data entry of QP analysis tools of all the five subjects started

September 17 Tuesday

  1. Second and last day of the two day workshop, collected the question paper analysis of all the five subjects along with the blueprints and subject-wise summary.
  2. Handed over Home Science Book 2 (both English and Hindi version) to Mrs. Anju Chauhan for maintenance.
  3. Handed over Home Science Book 1 English version to Ms. Neha Sharma for maintenance.
  4. Tutors' Handbook of Participatory Methodologies Hindi translation first draft typing work continued

September 16 Monday

  1. Started the two day workshop under the guidance of Prof. H.S. Srivastava to analyse the question papers of five subjects of April 2013 examination.
  2. Developed the tool for data analysis of the question papers under the guidance of Prof. H.S. Srivastava.
  3. Tutors' Handbook of Participatory Methodologies Hindi translation first draft typing work continued

September 10 Tuesday
  1. Tutors' Handbook of Participatory Methodologies Hindi translation first draft typing work started

September 9 Monday

  1. Pooja emailed regarding Home revised QP Desin and Marking Scheme, file noting signed
  2. CBW file put up with ACR of Sept 5-6, and 6,9,10 workshops. Draft Tutors' Handbook of Participatory Methodologies and Hindi translation first draft put up and approval of Content and Language editor English
  3. CBW file put up for printing 600 copies of learning together learning better in english and advocacy folder in english and hindi each.

September 9 Monday
  1. Analysis of QP part file put up woth tools for analysis
  2. TTM budget proposals put up
  3. TTM workshop begins
  4. Script Writing workshop at Fr. Agnel
  5. Budget Proposal for capacity building for ODES evaluators part file put up forwarded to CBC
  6. emailed Pooja Akshaya, Neha Sharma,Anju Chauhan and Premlata Mullick for workshop to anlyse home science question papers of april 2013 public examination.
  7. Home science part file put up, budget of QP analysis on 16-17 sept
  8. Signed minutes of interview
  9. Hindi translation work continuing
  10. Sentb invitation to Jaya and Prof Yadav to attend QP Analysis workshop on September 16,17
  11. Forwarded the duly approved medical leave to UNFPA & SPC
  12. Conveyed inability to attend any workshop for 1 month to Sarita ji
September 6 Friday
  1. Talked to Govind at SPC regarding PCF 7
  2. Received Bill for Prof Krishan Kumar's essay
  3. Reminder Email to Bbsr activities

September 5 Thursday

  1. Workshop on TTM begins
  2. Workshop on Evaluation CBW begins
  3. Integration file regarding maintenance of materials put up
  4. Int'l Conference Part file put for Sukant to mail the Conference Reports
  5. Emailed Jaya about meeting on 10th and provision of Master Tape for the videos
  6. emailed Uma and Megha about tom's MVV tutorial
  7. Emailed response to Ishani at Pravah and sent their request to Manju Gupta and Mamta in Voc. Edu

September 4 Wednesday

  1. Forwarded the QP to all AOs, cc to AD (Acad)
  2. SMS to Saroj ji regarding attending high powered committee meeting
  3. Reviewed the methodology handout and forwarded to all
  4. Sorted out pass marks formula with Rachna
  5. Met Dir Eval with Mr. Mandal for his son
  6. forwarded mails of Sage and HarperCollins to CM
  7. Home Science revised Blue Print and sample QP file put up.
  8. Rajat Jayanti Utsav Minutes forwardede to Saumya
  9. Put up MHRD report
  10. Carried out corrections in the advocacy folder in English
  11. consolidated Malini's work in methodologies. 21 of them forwarded to all.
  12. responded to CM's email regarding publishers's response
  13. Fixed interviews for Friday 3 PM

September 3 Tuesday

  1. Put up integration file regarding QP analysis of April 2013 public examinations
  2. Meeting of revision of Tutor Training Module for CBW was started.
  3. Sorted out the PCP query by Eval Dept with Rachna
  4. Sorted out the pass formula file with Rachna
  5. Schedule of Live PCP of Home Science, Secondary and Senior Secondary was made
  6. Blue print of Home Science Question Paper was revised
  7. Question paper was edited as per the new blue print
  8. Worked out the detailed emails to RDs with Saumya
  9. Scripting was done for Lesson -7 Health for Home Science PCP
  10. Mailed the details of PCP workshops to Uma, Dr. Megha, Pooja.
  11. Finalized the MHRD report (july-august).
  12. Mailed the MHRD report to Saumya rajan.
  13. Worked on Prof. Krishan Kumar's essay with Sonali
  14. Emailed draft tutorial to Uma
  15. emailed Uma, Pooja and Dr. Singhal regarding Mukta Vidya Vani programme
  16. Responded to UNFPA mail regarding sending films to a competition
  17. Responded to Sarita ji's mail regarding meeting on 10th
  18. Respondede to Venkat's mail about the book
  19. emailed copy of the letter for the review meeting on 7th to Saroj ji, sent hard copy through Pooja
  20. Responded to RD Gandhi Nagar Rajesh ji's Rajat Jayanti report
  21. Emailed Harper Colins and Penguin India for publishing the speeches
  22. emailed reminder to Sage
  23. High level committee letter scanned and emailed to Saroj Ji, letter sent by hand also

September 2 Monday

  1. Forwarded transcription of Prof Krrishan Kumar's lecture to Dir. Acad
  2. Proposed all the media workshops for H.Sc sec and s. sec
  3. TTM workshop began

August 31 Saturday
  1. Training of Master Trainers workshop at NCERT
  2. Contacted Sage publications
  3. Collected Prof Krishna Kumar's CD and sent it to Sonali

August 30 Friday

  1. TTM module workshop- reviewed advocay material, calculated cost of printing materials
  2. H.Sc workshop to write script of sec lesson for mukta vidya vani
  3. drafted report of TT workshop at IHC
  4. fixed workshop for TTM for Monday Tuesday
  5. Fixed workshop with Prof H.S Srivastava for Thursday
  6. Sent letter for release of Rs. 40 lakh to NCERT

August 29 Thursday

  1. Conducted TT workshop at IHC Delhi, 85 tutors attended the workshop
  2. Followed by lecture by Prof Krishan Kumar

August 28 Wednesday (Holiday Janamshtami

  1. Emailed invite of lecture to all
  2. drafted emcee doc for tom
  3. Dir Acad's comments drafted
  4. Prepared for the TT workshop on 29th

August 27 Tuesday

  1. Emailed Dr. Chowdary regarding Rajasthan Board and RGNIYD
  2. Neha, Dr Sarita and Dr. Aparna's name given as mentor to Tarun
  3. Programme Schedule emailed to Jaya
  4. Contacted Sage Publications. They will respond by Monday
  5. Put up Add file for Arti's bill for essays of Dr. Sugata Mitra, Dr. Karan Singh and Prof Shyam Menon
  6. Reviewed the TMA of H.SC 216 and signed certificate and put up for Rachna
  7. CBW file put up with a revised date of Aug 30, 2013 for TTM workshop
  8. Forwarded the 3 mentors names for Home Science to Tarun
  9. Sent a sms to Dir SSS regd the names for dais for MOU
  10. File put up for monthly leave Record, scanned and emailed to SPC
  11. Meeting by Director Acad about 29th prog
  12. Talked to Jaya regarding programme

August 26 Monday

  1. Meeting in Fr. Agnel
  2. Chanakya puri office
  3. Lady Irwin
  4. Forwarded CEMCA documents

August 24-25 Saturday Sunday

  1. Meeting of the high powered committee of S.St
  2. drafted Minutes of the meeting
  3. Forwarded 8 finalized papers to Sukant
  4. Revised the Minutes and forwarded to Dir Acad.

August 23 Friday

  1. Approved Work Plan forwarded to Accounts and Personnel
  2. Partnering file put up with Fr. Agnel mail, mail regarding judges of Home Science and Sc. & Tech sent
  3. Conveyed the message from RD Dehradoon to Tarun
  4. Forwarded BBSR report of Rajat Jayanti to Sandhya
  5. TA bills of self and Sunder put up
  6. Forwarded a mail regarding sending the report of Rajat Jayanti to Dir Acad for f/n/a
  7. Drafted the invitation letter for JS on Aug 29, 2013 and revised the Prog Schedule
  8. Email to dir acad regarding photocopying of resource material sent cc to all concerned
  9. Minutes of Bhopal workshop forwarded to all HODs
  10. File put up for sending the camera team to lalit kala acdemy to interview NIOS learner Saurabh.
  11. Forwarded Saurabh's email to Gowri and Sanchita for information
  12. Sent email regarding picking up of training material from UNFPA to Nalini
  13. Forwarded soft copy of lessons to Jaya.

August 22 Thursday

  1. Rejoined office
  2. Worked with S.St team for Saturday
  3. Meeting with AD Acad for finalization of Annual Report
  4. Forwarded a copy of report to Sandhya

August 21 Wednesday

  1. Unwell - on leave
  2. emailed Dir Acad Dr. Karan Singh and Prof Shyam Menon's essays
  3. Sent the budget and programme details of Belur prog to Aditi
  4. Emailed Dir Acad about sending information regarding Belur to all RCs.
  5. Permission from UNFPA and NIOS given to QED for entering film in to competition

August 19 -20 Monday Tuesday

  1. Attended meeting with Prof Pandey
  2. Went to UNFPA Lodhi Rd, Teen Murti Bhavan, UNFPA Chanakyapuri, Agha Khan Foundation back to office
  3. Submitted response to Dir Acad. Handed over Record of meeting
  4. Sent 2 finalized papers to Sukant
  5. Identified PPTs for NCERT workshop for Resource Persons and Nodal Teachers

August 19 Monday

  1. Attended a meeting in CM office regarding Soc Sc
  2. Worked on various documents for Soc Sc
  3. Attended meeting in CM's office along with Prof Pandey
  4. Got a message from Nalini regarding workshop on Aug 20, 2013 at NCERT
  5. Informed all regarding postponing TTM workshop
  6. Worked on response to explanation
  7. Worked on Record of Meeting and contacted all for a meeting at UNFPA

August 17-18 Saturday Sunday

  1. Attended a meeting in CM's chamber. Dir Acad, Dir SSS, Dr Chunnu Prasad also present.
  2. Conferred with Prof Pandey and Jaya
  3. Drafted a note and forwarded to Dir Acad and Jaya

August 16 Friday

  1. Attended Departmental monthly meeting chaired by Dir (Acad)
  2. Forwarded the Home Science TMA to Tejinder
  3. Forwarded 11 papers to editors for finalization
  4. Sent approach papers of Work Plan to Geeta
  5. Discussed the SOP for TMA and PCP with Piyush, handed over all the relevant documents to him.
  6. Finalized the training bags with Amarjyoti and identified the back up from IHC
  7. Emailed Radhika regarding inclusion of release of CDs in e journal
  8. Reviewed Int Collb chapter for Annual report
  9. Put up CBW file for budget to review the TTM
  10. Retrieved the original letters from JNV and put them up.

August 13 Tueday
  1. Put up monthly MHRD report
  2. Put up Home Science File for Sanction Order of payment to Shivam Graphics for Learner Guide
  3. Refreshment bill for July put up.
  4. Home Science TMA proof read
  5. Forwarded the news clippings to UNFPA
  6. Forwarded the Programme Schedule of the CBW of Tutors and a request to provide 175 training packages on Aug 29, 2013 to Jaya

August 12 Monday
  1. Conducted a session on CBW and NIOS interventions at Lady Irwin College Final Year Students.
  2. Drafted monthly MHRD report

August 9 Friday Eid
  1. Conducted live PCP on Family Resource Management H.Sc sen. sec with Uma Sisodya and Sumithra from Fr. Agnel from 12.30 to 1.30 pm
  2. Forwarded Medical Insurance to SPC

August 8 Thursday

  1. Forwarded the 1 day schedule for training programme and approach paper to Tarun and Dir (Acad)
  2. Orientation of Fr. Agnel learners
  3. Script writing workshop for H. Sc at Fr. Agnel

August 7 Wednesday

  1. Forwarded soft copy of Int'l Collab chapter tp printing
  2. put up the report of Mitra Gender Comic Workshop
  3. Reviewed the Bulletin
  4. Infrastructure file forwarded for requirements - Part file
  5. HR file for Staff - Part file
  6. Home Science file for Script Writing and Live Audio Programme Budget, fixed a meeting withFr. Agnel
  7. Autodesk file resubmit
  8. Handed over the file of Pass formula to Dir (Acad) for discussion with CM
  9. Designed the 1 day schedule for 29th CBW of tutors and forwarded to Tarun
  10. Handed over CDs of Prof M Menon and Prof Shyam Menon to Sonali for essay
  11. Forwarded the ministry letter to OBEE

August 6 Tuesday

  1. Had a meeting with Dr. D.K Pandey at NCSTC
  2. Finalized the synopses and forwarded to Dir (Acad)
  3. Forwarded Prof M.M Pant's essay to Dir (Acad)
  4. Forwarded the press links to Dir (Acad) and PRO
  5. Forwarded Prof Pande's feedback to Jaya
  6. Forwarded the Book Proposal Form and the synopses to SAGE publications
  7. Forwarded the Hon'ble MOS's Tweets to Dir Acad
  8. Fixed 9th MVV prog with Uma from Fr. Agnel

August 5 Monday

  1. Forwarded the monthly leave record June-July to SPC
  2. Devised the pass formula and discussed with Dir (acad)
  3. Put up the file of Annual Report
  4. Discussed the Sage proposal with Dir Acad
  5. forwarded the Home Science CD for Neelam for sending it to Pune.
  6. Forwarded Kusum Vir's email to UNFPA
  7. Filled in Sage Form and forwarded to Dir Acad for perusal

August 3-4 Saturday Sunday

  1. Forwarded the e-essays and list of hand written essays to Tarun
  2. Sent link to press report to all
  3. Reviewed and finalized all the synopses
  4. Forwarded 21 finalized papers to Dir (Acad)
  5. Edited the Chapters on Academic Dept and Int'l Collaborations for Annual Report, discussed it with Dir (Acad)
  6. Sent 7 essays and speech of Hon'ble Dr. Kalam to Dir Acad
  7. Forwarded Prof Pant's essay to Dir (Acad)

August 2 Friday

  1. Release of Teaching Learning videos at UNFPA
  2. Meeting with Maura regarding essay of Ms. Ferriera
  3. Brain storming session with Mr. Gaurav Bakshi

August 1 Thursday

  1. Reviewd Maura's paper and resent with comments
  2. Con call Venkat, Jaya. Tied up with Hon'ble MOS office for escort, informed UNFPA
  3. Revised CM's Talking Points and forwarded to him.
  4. MOS's message regarding staying from 10:30 to 11:45 conveyed to UNFPA.
  5. Sent the Agenda to Camera team
  6. Sent the details of speakers to UNFPA
  7. Resubmitted Autodesk file with reminder email
  8. Part file put up for Hindi translation of CM's covering letter with the materials
  9. Put up the file for MLR for June.
  10. Forwarded Uma Sisodia from Fr. Agnel cv to S.St AOs
  11. Finalized Ms. Francis Ferriera's essay and forwarded to Dir (Acad)
  12. Forwarded the Press Release to CM and Dir (Acad)
  13. Sent the correction in Press Release to UNFPA
  14. Sent the revised Agenda to Dir Acad
  15. Worked on the Sage document
  16. Asked Maura to send a synopsys and meet tom
July 31 Wednesday

  1. Put up part file CBW to postpone meeting with Prof Srivastava
  2. Put up CBW part file for minutes of RD's meeting with regards to decisions regarding TMA and PCP for notification
  3. Put up part file CBW Talking Points of Hon'ble MOS for release of teaching learning vedios
  4. Coordinated with and informed UNFPA, PRO, Priya, MOS Office regarding the video release.
  5. Sent NIOS logo to UNFPA
  6. Put up Maura's workshop file
  7. Forwarded Sage document to Sonali and Arti
  8. Submitted the paper in PCF 7
  9. Gave the CDs of Dr. Karan Singh and Prof Pant to Sonali for transcription
  10. Put up file Talking Points for Hon'ble MOS
  11. Emailed Jaya regarding Camera team, and link to MOS office.
  12. Emailed CM regarding his Talking Points

July 30 Tuesday

  1. Sent MOS speech and the content page to UNFPA
  2. sent the list of invitees and speakers from the mentoring agencies and Dr. Chunnu Prasad's name to UNFPA for sending the invites.
  3. Sent the speakers Dr. Pande and Dr. Balachandran brief about speech
  4. Talked to Dr. Pande, he will have a new speech
  5. Invited Ashraf (clarified about research also) and invited
  6. followed up with Ms. Mullick, Dr. Uma Tuli, Dr. Kamala Menon, Bhubaneswar office for the Rajat Jayanti
  7. Followed up with Maya Pandit regarding videos of Prof MM Pant and Dr. Karan Singh

July 29 Monday
  1. Sent email to IHC regarding payment of cheque
  2. Sent invitation letter to Hon'ble Dr. Shashi Tharoor for August 2, 2013 function
  3. Tarun went to IHC to deliver the cheque.
  4. Sent the letter to press and background to PRO.
  5. Reviewed the TMA Home Science
  6. Silver Jubilee Lectures in Essays forwarded to Dir Acad and CM
  7. A brief of the lecture forwarded to Sage Publications.
  8. Responded to RD Kochi for the Rajat Jayanti prog
July 27-28,Saturday Sunday

  1. Worked on Hon'ble HRM's speech and forwarded to CM
  2. Drafted short note on Integration and forwarded to CM

July 26, Friday

  1. Home Science TMA english & Hindi Prepared Workshop Finished.
  2. Report on need assessment of ODES evaluators part file put up.
  3. Reccomendations for bhopal workshop CBW file put up.
  4. Orientation of Shefali for lesons carried out.
  5. worked on the speeches of minister and JS.
  6. Silver jubliee lecture part file put up for advance to IHC.
  7. Meeting with chairman for august 2nd programme.
  8. Revised draft of Notification for PCP and TMA part file put up.
  9. Talked to Sonali regarding the compilation of speeches
  10. Reviewed Francis Ferriera's speech by Maura and emailed response to her
  11. Resent the revised MTE of Bhopal to SPC

July 25, Thursday
  1. Sent the excel list to PAU
  2. forwarded an email to Trapti to respond
  3. forwarded the soft copy of Bhopal report to PRO and Comp Unit.

July 24, Wednesday

  1. Revised the Home Science TMA in a workshop
  2. Final guest list updated and forwarded to UNFPA.
  3. Drafted the Approach Paper for the national seminar cum workshopGender Sensitive Curriculum and Self Learning Materials on29th August 2013, reviewed and revised at night.
  4. Part file put up with Hon'ble HRM's Talking Points, returned for full speech, called Trapti for a meeting tomorrow.
  5. Forwarded the list of learners to PAU, talked to Dr. Gulati, redid one list in excel

July 24, Wednesday
  1. Revised CM's Talking Points, part file Integration put up
  2. Discussion with Maya ji regd next video and Dr. Karan Singh lecture
  3. Need Assessment document finalized
  4. Invitation letter for Hon'able HRM file put up
  5. TTM reviewed for reprint
  6. Maura's file put up meeting began
  7. Discussed the notification of TMA and PCP with Dir (Acad) who discussed with CM
  8. Guest list updated
  9. Fixed H.Sc TMA workshop for 25-26

July 23, Tuesday
  1. Emailed finalized EFA papers to Sukant for validation by authors.
  2. Emailed Prof Kuldip Kaur's papers to Sukant for finalization by author.
  3. Responded to Pooja
  4. Forwarded IHC documents to Dir (Acad)
  5. Received finalized papers of Dr. Kartar Singh and Pratibha Sharma
  6. Talking Points for CM and certificate of participation part file put up for approval
  7. invitee list updated and forwarded to Manpreet
  8. Prepages and cover pages of compendium resent to Nalini
  9. Talking Points of HRM and JS forwarded to Geeta
  10. Press note file put up
  11. Drafted and reviewed the Need Analysis report
  12. Emailed the revised invite to Hon'ble HRM to CM
  13. Forwarded MM Rashid's paper to Sonali
  14. Responded to Geeta's mail regarding press.
  15. Responded to Priyanka's mail regarding Certificates approval

July 22, Monday

  1. Started the workshop to tabulate the need assessment tool for the CBW of evaluation experts
  2. Meeting with CM regarding CD release, followed up with Jaya
  3. Conveyed vedio response to Priyanka
  4. Finalized the Report of Consultative Workshop Bhopal, put up CBW file
  5. Drafted the Talking Points for CM
  6. worked on Before After Report
  7. Booked Habitat for Aug 29 Lecture

July 20-21, Saturday Sunday

  1. consolidated all the EFA papers, forwarded to editors for finalization.
  2. consolidated all the silver jubilee lectures essays
  3. reviewed the episode 4 & 5 and emailed the changes to QED
  4. Forwarded paper to Pooja
  5. fixed Monday's workshop with Arushi, Evita and Trapti

July 19, Friday

  1. Finalized the revised WorkPlan at UNFPA Chanakyapuri office
  2. Followed up bookings for August lecture

July 18, Thursday

  1. Finalized the Int'l Collaboratio chapter for Annual Report and put up the file
  2. Worked on the Bhopal Report
  3. Followed up with HRM office regarding the invitation of Hon'ble HRM
  4. Followed up with Priya regarding the Prof Pant and Dr. Kalam's speech
  5. Worked on Francis' speech with Maura, closed the workshop
  6. Followed up the shoot for tom, meeting with Ms. Maya Pandit
  7. Worked on the list of invitees
  8. Revised and forwarded the Forewords to Nalini,
  9. Drafted the letter to Dir VP and forwarded to Rajeev
  10. Sent revised MTE to SPC
  11. Followed up with bookings for next silver jubilee lecture.

July 17, Wednesday

  1. Forwarded the list with AI numbers to Comp Unit for research
  2. Went to UGC and IHC for venue booking
  3. Followed up with Mandal's (Learner) issue
  4. Talked to Mr. Chugh for CBW programme
  5. Followed up with HRMs office for the prog on 2nd
  6. Talked to SPC regarding health insurance

July 16, Tuesday

  1. Forwarded the forwards for compendium
  2. Went to UNFPA to deliver the CD of compendium
  3. Lecture of Dr. Karan Singh at 3 Murti Bhavan
  4. Put up file for workshop on Francis' lecture
  5. followed up on video prog on GD with Maya ji

July 15, Monday

  1. Forwarded the covering letter with work plan 2013 July -Dec to NCERT
  2. Put up the research file for details of learners
  3. put up file for aprroval of foreword and compendium
  4. All closing documents forwarded to NCERT
  5. Reviewed Dr. Som Naidu's lecture and forwarded to Arti and Sonali
  6. Talked to Trapti regarding tom, sent her the CBW inputs from Sanghamitra and Nayak.
July 12, Friday

  1. Followed up with Pramod regarding details of learners for research
  2. sent revised banner to Pramod
  3. Reviewed Int'l chapter, Narrative tool and academic brief
  4. Sent the MTR and MLR to SPC
  5. Attended review meeting of the Khan Academy Programmes
  6. Finalized all the tools and forms for quarterly closing and put up main file for approval of the following:
    1. narrative tool
    2. monitoring tool
    3. academic closing
    4. form b
    5. face form
    6. utlization certificate
  7. Conducted live Radio programme on hm sc. lesson selection of clothes from Sr. Seconadary

July 11, Thursday

  1. Followed up with learners regarding shoot
  2. final draft of compendium with suggested changes.
  3. Draft of international chapter incorporated with the COMOSA journal and BOU passage.
  4. Hindi translations of Comic Workshop on gender issues and Bulletin board (Bhopal).

July 10, Wednesday

  1. Followed up with Priya regarding the speeches
  2. Draft of Academic brief and Narrative tools

July 9, Tuesday

  1. Followed up with Priya regarding the speeches
  2. closing of Financial report done, file moved for workshop for Academic closing
  3. Closing of compendium file moved
  4. Foreword forwarded for CM's approval
  5. Cover letter with work plans put up for approval
  6. Brief report for Bhopal workshop drafted for bulletin in Hindi and English
  7. Talked to Rath sir, also Sambit for organizing people for audio recording
  8. Planned video shoot with Maya Pandit
  9. Followed up with 3 Murti and secured permissions, forwarded to Dir (Acad)
  10. Changes made in Int'l Conf EFA report for publishing
  11. Cover design and pre-pages of compendium made
  12. Worked on draft of Int'l Collaborations for annual report

July 9, Tuesday

  1. Talked to Priya about Pant ji's speech write up
  2. Gave Swami ji's speech to Maya Pandit
  3. Emailed CM regarding release of Videos on July 30, 2013 and informed UNFPA regarding it
  4. Discussed the report writing with Rajendra and Sanghamitra
  5. thanks letter emailed to RD bhopal
  6. Bhopal report drafted and forwarded to Rajendra and Sanghamitra for inclusion and Arushi for brief report for bulletin
  7. Bilingual Advertisement of Silver Jubilee programmes
  8. email sent to Teen Murti Bhavan for booking of auditorium
  9. Monthly MHRD report soft copy forwarded to Saumya
  10. Emailed thanks letter to RD and all the tutors of consultative workshop at Bhopal
  11. Drafted brief report of Bhopal for bulletin
  12. Reviewed Sanghamitra's report and gave inputs
  13. Drafted Narrative tool and Academic closing
  14. Finalized financial closing
  15. Worked on compendium
  16. Submitted Sunder's performance report
  17. Email sent to CM regarding release of CD
July 8, Monday

  1. Finalized Work Plan, individual detailed budgets, approach papers and put it up.
  2. Francis' PPT forwarded to Maura
  3. Bhopal workshop consolidation of participant details and sent them an email
  4. worked on draft Bhopal report
  5. closing workshop continued,
  6. Followed up closing of AFC,
  7. Bills of Taxo obtained
  8. Followed up research with Dr. Giri and Dr. Jatinder Gulati
  9. Confirmed date with Minister for launch of video programme and conveyed to Jaya ji.
  10. Compendium of lessons for training of KVS and NVS teachers.
  11. Final work Plan forwarded to NCERT and UNFPA

July 6-7, Saturday Sunday

  1. Fixed up programme with Talat ji for monday
  2. Edited Dr. Parsuraman's third person speech and forwarded the same along with e-accredition link to Dir Acad
  3. Drafted the Foreword for compendium and forwarded to Dir Acad
  4. Edited the Approach to Personnel and emailed to Evita
  5. Forwarded Chera's, Kartar Singh's paper to Sonali for finalization
  6. Forwarded the list of JNV, KV NIOS study Centres to all

July 5, Friday

  1. Attended PPR review meeting at NCERT
  2. Put up file regarding forwarding 20 lessons for the Training Programme
  3. worked on the training manual

July 4, Thursday

  1. The learners' guide policy was formulated and submitted
  2. Suggestion of Mr. Surjit Singh were incorporated in the Work Plan
  3. First Draft of the narrative tool was developed.
  4. Chairman's letter to HRM for release of videos.
  5. File put up for permission to go to NCERT tom
  6. Accounts meet closed
  7. File put up for two workshops
  8. CDs sent to Arti

July 3, Wednesday
  1. The work Plan was finalised
  2. International chapter was compiled
  3. Rough draft of Narrative tool was developed
  4. Chairman's cover letter for dispersal of learning materials to partnering agencies.
  5. The work plan file was _ and mailed to NCERT and
  6. Charts were sent to Sanghamitra and Nayak for writing report of sub sessions
July 2, Tuesday__
  1. Recorded an ad for NIOS
  2. Sent an e-mail to all regarding making jingle for Rajat Jayanti Programme
  3. Checked the 6 Day training Programme Schedule and informed UNFPA
  4. Made 4 questions for the monitoring tool for 6 Day Training Programme and emailed to UNFPA
  5. Talked to Sandhya regarding the Rajat Jayanti Programme
  6. Made corrections in the Poster
  7. Talked to Supriya regarding cheque.
  8. Gave the cheques for Silver Jubilee lectures transcription to Sonali and Arti

July 1, Monday

  1. Drafting of report continued
  2. closing at Bhopal office
  3. Returned to Delhi

June 29-30, Saturday Sunday

  1. Consultative workshop conducted
  2. Dir (Acad) and AOs left for Delhi
  3. Started drafting the report.

June 28, Friday

  1. Reviewed and finalized the Gender Workshop report at Bbsr
  2. Checked the list of lessons for QED film against the list on website, revised and forwarded to Sunder for final check
  3. Emailed Sambit for report of Environment Day celebrations.
  4. Made all the administrative arrangements at Bhopal.
  5. Participated in Teleconferencing of Vocational, talked to AVIs
  6. Received Dir (Acad) & AOs from Airport
  7. Reviewed the PPTs of AOs
  8. Director reviewed the arrangements
  9. Made all the arrangements at venue, worked till 11 pm

June 27, Thursday

  1. Went to Bhopal Office, checked Palash for arrangements
  2. Checked stay arrangements of Dir (Acad) and AOs
  3. purchased remaining material required for the workshop.
  4. Sunder- Got the list of lessons prepared for the film and checked it
  5. Collected soft copies of all the lessons from library
  6. Talked to jaya regarding printing of the lesson compedium
  7. Talked to Dir (Acad) regarding seeking permission for UNFPA to print advance copies of the ompendium and also acknowledgement pages and cover
  8. Talked to Sambhit regarding reports

June 26, Wednesday
  1. Minutes on the strategy paper on monitoring of PCP and TMA put up
  2. Strategy Paper fwdd to Bhopal
  3. Hm Sc File for A/V programme put up
  4. Scripts sent to A/V Unit
  5. Work Plan with Approach papers redrafted and mailed.
  6. Reached Bhopal, went to Regional Office and took stock of arrangements

June 25, Tuesday

  1. Put up Manmohan Kathait bill on H.Sc File
  2. Drafted all budget proposals, approach papers and Work plan
  3. Followed up Bhopal- Tour Plan of Dir (Acad), AO(Maths & Bio)
  4. Forwarded Banner in Hindi, Programme Schedule to Bhopal
  5. Attended first meeting of Gender Cell in Secretary's Chamber
  6. Silver Jubilee bilingual guidelines completed a, file forwarded to SAP
  7. Talked to Mr. Chugh regarding ODES CBW
  8. Talked to Supriya regarding cheque
  9. Collated data for narrative tool

June 24, Monday

  1. Put up the minutes of UNFPA-NIOS meeting on mail file
  2. CBW file put up for CM as Chief Guest and Director to preside
  3. Workshop Trapti part main file put up
  4. Request QP part file Intg put up for forwarding to Eval Dept
  5. Email sent to CM
  6. Tickets forwarded to RD Bhopal
  7. Banner, Registration Form and Programme Schedule file put.
  8. Banner, Registration Form, List of requirements and attendance sheet forwarded to Bhopal
  9. Finalized monthly MHRD report
  10. Revised guidelines of Swami Vivekananda Essay and Elocution Contest and sent to Meena
  11. Meeting with Mamta regarding Gender Cell
  12. Worked on AFC and CBW of Tutors, Infrastructure, International Conference proposal

June 22-23, Saturday Sunday
  1. Revised the Startegy Paper as approved in RDs Meeting
  2. Drafted noting for approval for notification of the same
  3. Revised the Programme Schedule as directed
  4. Reviewed the AFC approach paper

June 21, Friday
  1. Put up file for Work plan's workshop (evita)
  2. Put up file for monthly expenses bills
  3. Put up file for Maura's payment
  4. Posted cheques of editors (Supriya and Preeti)
  5. Briefing to Evita about PPR
  6. MTO for Bhopal approved and forwarded to SPC
  7. Revised the guidelines for the competition and mailed to all
  8. Drafted the letter to AIs and mailed to Meena for seeking approval
  9. Drafted the Prog Scedule and the banner for consultative workshop, Bhopal and put up
  10. Put up file for Financial approval of transcriptions- Arti and Sonali
  11. Sanction order for transcriptions put up
  12. Revised the guidelines foe Science Exhibition, Paiting Competetion and Poster Competition and forwarded to all
  13. Checked Dr. Mitra's transcription and sent response to Arti
June 20, Thursday
  1. Forwarded updated status of papers to Sukant.
  2. Responded to Sujata, Gender Studies lesson writer
  3. Attended the PPR meeting
June 19, Wednesday
  1. Put up Additional file for NIOS response to MHRD letter regarding Recognition of elders as a resource and think tank
  2. Finalized the list of lesson writers in Gender Studies and emailed to Tarun cc to all.
  3. Email to Dr. Giri regarding research with PAU
  4. Attended the PPR meeting, presented the Work Plan
June 18, Tuesday
  1. Put up file for consultative workshop in bhopal
  2. Put up file Pooja's resignation
  3. Put up file Maura's payment

June 17, Monday
  1. Attended RDs meeting, presentation on PCP and TMA
  2. Attended Silver Jubilee lecture
  3. Put up file for Manmohan Kathait

June 15, Saturday
  1. Attended the last day of the Audio Course Ware training
  2. Web announcement workshop concluded
  3. Submitted hard copy of PPT and the handout of timetable to Dir SSS
  4. Readied letter to RDs for silver jubilee along with enclosures
  5. Gave emcee docs to Piyush
  6. Drafted emcee for the 18th RDs meeting and forwarded it to Dir SSS

June 14, Friday

  1. Attended the workshop on Developing Audio Course ware Programme
  2. Emailed Minutes of the meeting at UNFPA to Jaya
  3. Made PPT of the TMA and PCP and forwarded to Dir Acad.
  4. Workshop to design web announcement of silver jubilee started
  5. Made PPT of the Monitoring of TMA and PCP and forwarded it to Dir (Acad)

June 13, Thursday
  1. Put up file for Home science video programmes query
  2. Find out the list of State Boards & SCERTs in India
  3. Revised the letter of essay competition and forwarded to Sambit
  4. Attended meeting of Annual Report taken by Dir (Acad)
  5. Sent an email to Sujata Madhok from HT and Bindu Menon from LSR regarding lesson writing
June 12, Wednesday
  1. Put up file- Three international conference papers forwarded for publishing in COMOSA (Aleta, Godson and Chuachua)
  2. Drafted a letter for RDs regarding acknowledgement page revision for Acad dept
  3. Review n edit of all the three 3 TMAs of Home Science
  4. Put up file for home science TMA
  5. Put up file for visiting cards printing
  6. Photocopy of edited TMAs reserved
  7. Mailed the GS LOs doc to Deepti mam
  8. Submitted PCF7 conference abstracts
  9. Did some readings for APCRHSR conference abstract
  10. Attended the meeting with CM, Dir (Acad) at UNFPA regarding future vision.
June 11, Tuesday
  1. Attended staff meeting
  2. Budgeting for consultative workshop in Odisha
  3. Put up file for PCP & TMA paper and Odisha Consultative workshop
  4. Put up file for AEP annual report
  5. Mailed the background info form to ODES Evaluators
  6. Put up file for Home Science Learner Guide translation
  7. Saw episode 2 and responded to all
  8. Went through the papers and selected Godson, Aleta and Chuachua paper for publication
  9. Sent Sukant's paper to him for finalization.
June 10, Monday
  1. Finalized COMOSA report
  2. Finalized AEP annual report
  3. PCP & TMA paper edit, discussed the paper with Dir (Acad) revised it accordingly
  4. Meeting with Pramod
  5. Responded to the intern and Dr. Sarita Anand
  6. Mailed list of lesson writers gender studies to Tarun
June 7, Friday
  1. COMOSA report
  2. AEP annual academic report
  3. PCP approaches meeting
  4. Live PCP on Income Management Sr. Secondary (Home Science)
  5. Live PCP on Environment Secondary (Home Science)
June6, Thursday
  1. Edit of COMOSA report
  2. Preparation of PCP tutorials
  3. PCP approaches meeting started
  4. Cheques of Usha mam were posted
June 5, Wednesday
  1. Put up file for two response letters to ministry
  2. Put up file for Autodesk proposal
  3. Put up file for Inte'l conference report for COMOSA
  4. Finalized report for COMOSA
  5. Drafted AEP annual report for inclusion in Academic annual report
  6. PCP & TMA paper was revised for incuding the suggestions of committee members
  7. Put up file for CBW workshop
June 4, Tuesday
  1. Hindi QB external review meeting was started
  2. Drafted questions for interviewing interns
  3. Reporting of interns from lady irwin college
  4. AMC file put up for maintenance and repair
  5. File put up for curtains
  6. International conference file put up for remuneration of paper editors
  7. Interns were given the written test and evaluted
  8. Interns interviewed by Dir (Acad) & PC (AEP)
June 3, Monday
  1. Hindi QB external review meeting was started
  2. Drafted brief international conference report for NIOS journal
  3. Incorporation of committee member's suggestion in PCP & TMA approach paper
  4. Attended TMA review meeting of English
  5. Resent Anapama's paper with query
  6. Received Nityanand's finalized paper.
  7. Responded to Supriya's mail
  8. QED successfully recorded CM and Dir Acad's bytes.
  9. Revised the brief report of EFA: Role of Open Schooling as per CM directives and put up the file. Fwd to DA
  10. Revised inputs for Primary Education Policy and put up the file. forwarded soft copy to Dir Acad
  11. Approved Mitra Gender workshop banner
  12. Discussed the details with RD Bbsr
  13. Responded to Jaya regarding QB
  14. Edited Int'l conf report for COMOSA Journal
June 1, Saturday

  1. Mukta Vidya Vani 10.30-11.30 Hygiene in Summers with Dr. Shashi Dewan
  2. and 11.30 - 12.30 Women's safety men's responsibility with Ms. Shwetashree Majumdar
  3. Emailed Jaya about 5th not being suitable.
  4. Called up Kiran about Monday's meeting
  5. emailed invite to Jaya about Monday's meeting
  6. Dr. Nityanand Pradhan's query resolution forwarded to Supriya for finalization.
  7. Finalized Mitra prog, discussed with Sambit and Ankita

May 31, Friday
  1. Meeting with Secretary
  2. Send the doc along with ppt in pen drive
  3. Script writing meeting for radio prog.
  4. Approach paper for orientation workshop for ODES evaluators
  5. Put up gender studies file for lesson writers approval
  6. Put up file for ODES evaluators
  7. drafted and put up brief report of EFA conf, forwarded it to CEMCA
  8. Put up file for external review of Hindi QB
  9. Tried to fix CM and UNFPA's meeting
May 30, Thursday
  1. Attended a meeting on evaluation of Practicals in Evaluation Department
  2. Sent revised activities prog. schedule to Sambit
  3. Put up Internship file for outcomes of last years internship programme
  4. Sent 5 emails of lectures to Dir (Acad) for forwarding to speakers for validation
  5. Responded to Ankita's mail
  6. Emailed minutes of TMA and PCP to the committee members
  7. Mailed UNFPA proposal for future work to CM trying to fix an appointment.
  8. Put up MLR, emailed scanned copies to SPC
  9. Worked on including the committees- TMA and PCP in the base document
  10. Worked on the minutes and budget proposal of silver jubilee celebrations

May 29, Wednesday
  1. Science and tech TMA reviewed and returned on file
  2. Put up file for PCP in June
  3. Put up file for Home Science TMA
  4. Revised ministry's letter for acad
  5. Prepared PPT on Status of Women's education for MHRD
  6. Meeting with CM, revised date of shooting informed all
  7. CM's reservation regarding integration in Vocational, information through email sent to all
  8. Minutes of silver jubilee completed
  9. Mukta Vidya Vani on Adol: Charms and Challenges with Dr. Sarita Anand

May 28, Tuesday
  1. Drafted minutes of the meeting of Silver Jubilee programmes committee with Secretary
  2. Emailed Sambit regarding sending the budget for approval.

May 28, Tuesday
  1. Meeting for home science TMA
  2. Meeting of Trapti CBW approaches
  3. Meeting of Hindi life skill integration before after
  4. MHRD report april-may drafted
  5. Social sciences TMA reviewed and returned
  6. English TMA reviewed and returned
  7. Mailed to Vivek for typing
  8. Mailed gender docs to Sanghmitra
  9. Conveyed the time for recording of chairman's bytes. Mailed the draft bytes to all.
  10. Drafted the minutes of TMA & PCP meeting
  11. Drafted the budget of Silver Jubilee celebrations.
  12. Checked Mitra's expenditure and emailed ideas for topics to Sambit.
May 27, Monday
  1. PCP & TMA meeting
  2. Before after life skill integration meeting
  3. CBW approach paper meeting started
  4. File put up for financial assistant received from NCERT for AEP

May 25, Saturday

  1. Drafted inputs on Primary Education for CM's meeting with HRM and forwarded to Dir (Acad)
  2. Drafted NIOS document for COL Awards and forwarded to Dir (Acad)

May 24, Friday

  1. Put up Integration file for review of TMAs
  2. Main file put up for permission of Dir. Voc meeting with UNFPA on May 30, 2013
  3. Soft copy of the honorarium bill forwarded to editors, hard copy posted.
  4. Sent email to Dr. Radhakrshinan regarding internship. A follow up email to Sreehari
  5. Home Science main file put up for Learner Guide Hindi and part file put up for revised QB
  6. Posted Sadhna mam's cheques
  7. Put up part file for TMA review meeting of home science
  8. Put up file for Internship programme

May 23, Thursday
  1. Put up file for approval of Editors name and signing of work orders
  2. Drafted Honorarium bills for editors
  3. Put up file for action plans (NIOS and Gender)
  4. Mailed the ministry docs (child right and educational status of girl child) to dir (acad)
  5. Revised ministry doc
  6. TMA home science meeting was started
  7. Question Bank home science completed
May 22, Wednesday
  1. Home Science QB meeting started
  2. Put up response letter to ministry's letter
  3. Revised ministry's letter and put up the file
  4. Drafted letter for responding UNFPA NEX AUDIT 2012
  5. Put up filr for ministry's response letter for meeting on educational status of women with parliamentary committee- letter dispatched
  6. Matrix on child rights- letters dispatched
  7. Response to UNFPA audit observation 2012 drafted, signed and mailed
May 21, Tuesday

  1. Workshop to develop programme schedule for the Orientation of Evaporators of answer scripts
  2. Gave draft minuets of meeting to evaluate silver jubilee programmes to Dir SSS
  3. Put up Home Science part file for Annual Work Plan
  4. Discussed Vivekananda prog with Saumya
  5. Discussed ministry's gender letters with Rachna
  6. Ministry's letter on matrix of child rights file put up.
  7. Drafted Inputs to MHRD for meeting on Educational Status of Women with Parliamentary committeed
  8. drafted pre- receipt of Rs. 7 lakh and mailed soft copy to NCERT

May 20, Monday
  1. Meeting Home Science Started
  2. Annual plan and activity performas along with budget
  3. Put up Gender file for cheques
  4. one to one meetins on proposals of Siver Jubilee with Tarun and Sanchita
  5. D/F/A MHRD covering letter on Child Rights file put up
  6. PCF 7 abstract mailed to UNFPA
May 18-19, Saturday, Sunday
  1. Drafted the individual recommendations for the minutes of the meeting regd Silver Jubilee celebrations
  2. Revised the budget proposal of Science Exhibition.
  3. Sent the edited papers of 8 experts to Sukant for query resolution.
  4. Emailed Supriya regarding Godson Gatcha's paper.
  5. Responded to the email from Doha regd PWDs
  6. Emailed Godson's paper for query resolution.
  7. Responded to Dr. Nautiyal's email.

May 17, Friday
  1. Posted cheques of Dipta mam and Deepti mam
  2. Contacted Mukul ji for 27th and 28th meeting
  3. Contacted home science experts
  4. Contacted Trapti
  5. Put up file for silver jubilee humble letter and revised it too
  6. Put up file for Monitoring of PCP and TMA meeting (CBW)
  7. Put up file for integration before after report
  8. Put up file for Home science QB meeting
  9. Put up file for CBW approaches (Trapti)
  10. Fixed schedule for CMs and Dir's BYTE for UNFPA MEETING
  11. MHRD letter on SSC for Child Rights MATRIX put up on additional file
  12. Gave cheque of Mukul ji's payment
  13. Gave cheque of Director sir
  14. Put up file for home science learner's guide in hindi
  15. posted material to Girish mam from lady irwin clg
  16. PCF7 Abstract
May 16, Thursday
  1. PCP and TMA meeting was started
  2. Put up file for UNFPA films
  3. Drafted letter for Silver jubilee orations
  4. Info sent to QED and UNFPA regarding gold medalist
  5. Put up file for revised approach paper on gender studies
May 15, Wednesday
  1. PPT on PCP and TMA
  2. Office order for members
  3. Question Bank Queries
  4. Attended Silver Jubilee lecture in Delhi
  5. Posted cheques of Reema Bhatia and Rita Ray
May 14, Tuesday
  1. Put up gender file for post-facto approval of budget
  2. Question Bank Corrections
  3. Editing in gender docs
  4. Mailed gender studies approach paper and curriculum to Vivek
  5. Mailed MoU to Vivek
  6. Attended meeting at UNFPA
May 13, Monday
  1. Scrutiny of financial proposal of seven programmes to be conducted for silver jubilee year
  2. Committee to review proposal with Dir (SSS)
May 11, Saturday
  1. Meeting with Prof. Usha Nayar at TINNARE, Gurgaon to finalize Gender Curriculum
May 10, Friday
  1. Meeting with Prof. Usha Nayar at TINNARE, Gurgaon to finalize Gender Curriculum
May 9, Thursday
  1. Put up file for the NCERT letter, final letter forwarded (soft & hard copy) to NCERT
  2. Put up file for workshop on Gender Studies on 10-11, informed all
  3. Participated in a meeting on Khan Academy transcription in Dir (Acad) office
  4. Participated in a meeting on competitions for learners in AD's room

May 8, Wednesday
  1. Put up file for printing and uploading of international conference report
  2. Put up file for remuneration of conference paper editors
  3. Prepared lesson for todays Live PCP
  4. Responded to McCann through mail
  5. Put up file for remuneration of transcripts along with their work order
  6. Mailed to UNFPA for CBW
  7. Drafted mail for AOs for regarding CBW
  8. Drafted mail for NCERT regarding the project personnel deployment
  9. Budget and noting for gender studies meeting
  10. Conducted live PCP for Home Science Senior Secondary.
  11. Meeting with Dir(Evaluation)

May 7, Tuesday
  1. File put up for International conference report expenditures (mukul ji bills)
  2. File put up for Mukta vidya vani prog for may
  3. Mailed the prelim pages to Sanchita
  4. Mailed Monthly report to Saumya
  5. Mailed all the gender experts about the meeting for may 22
May 6, Monday
  1. File put for integration regarding UNFPA mail
  2. File put for closing of base paper
  3. Responded to Sanchita through mail
  4. Responded Jaya mam regarding number of tutors
  5. Work order for Shivam Graphics
  6. Forwarded base paper to all the members of the committee
May 3, Friday
  1. Editing in Learner guide
  2. Forwarded Message from AD to all
  3. Put up learner Guide
  4. Posted all the letters to NCERT
May 2, Thursday
  1. Replied to Deepti mam through mail
  2. Got confirmation from Sarita mam for Live PCP
  3. Updated the status of EFA papers and sent it to all the editors for confirmation.
  4. Drafted a letter for CM
  5. Responded to Reema Bhatia mam
  6. Developed an invoice for paper editors
  7. Put up file for ministry's draft (secretary, additional secretary & joint secretary) letter and forwarded it to CM
  8. Put up file for UNFPA's AV shoot cheques
  9. Put up file for gender meeting cheque (rita mam)
  10. Project SAFAI at AEP
  11. Cross checking of Learner guide (hindi with english)
May 1, Wednesday
  1. Gave annual work plan to Dir (Acad) for meeting with CM
  2. Talked to Sarita mam for her availability for audio programme
  3. Mailed lesson in pdf form and other details for live PCP to Sarita mam
  4. Mailed the same lesson in hindi to sarita mam
  5. Discussion with Rachna mam on msg frm dir and msg frm AD for learner's guide
  6. Received cheques of gender meeting from accounts
  7. Mailed to Sambit regarding the activity at MITRA
  8. Mailed to gender experts regarding their cheques
April 30, Tuesday
  1. Put up file UNFPA's publications
  2. Put up file academic report and monitoring tool for NCERT and UNFPA
  3. Narrative tool was drafted for first quarter of 2013
  4. Sent mail to UNFPA for their publications
  5. Put up file for 10 more copies of Intel conference report
  6. A cheque was given by Dir (Acad) to Mukul ji for 10 reports printing
  7. Face form & other docs were mailed again as the previous one bounced back
  8. Attended a meeting in delhi (NCW)
April 29, Monday
  1. Put up file for PCF7 abstract
  2. Mailed abstract to Jaya mam
  3. Finalized Mukta Vidya Vani Letter in english and hindi both
  4. Typed the letter of mukta vidya vani in hindi
  5. Model question paper was edited for learner's guide
  6. Revised work plan and budget with face form and other forms was mailed to NCERT
  7. DEB was attended
  8. Read AEP manual and worked on activity planning for AFC
April 26, Friday
  1. File for Question Bank of Home Science was put up
  2. Letter for Mukta Vidya Vani was refdafted
  3. Gender file closing was done and put up
  4. Accounts file was put up
  5. Attended a panel discussion youth participation in politics at IHC
  6. Responses were received through mail on Gender studies curriculum committee member
  7. File for intel conference was put up
April 25, Thursday
  1. Drafetd letter for Mukta Vidya Vani to be included in learner's guide
  2. Mailed to all AOs about panel discussion at IHC
  3. Mailed to subject experts about the same
  4. Drafted MHRD report march-april, 2013
  5. Drafetd abstract for PCF7 conference
  6. Mailed a thanx letter to all the documentary personnel
  7. Finalized mukta vidya vani letter for learner's guide
  8. Put up file for intel conference report for multiple copies to be forwarded to intel participants

April 23, Tuesday
  1. Shooting at UNFPA office in Chanakyapuri
  2. Finalized Hindi Model question paper for learner's guide
April 22, 2013 Monday
  1. Edited the recommendations for EFA report
  2. handed over EFA papers editors list to Sukant
  3. Put up file for recording at UNFPA, informed all
  4. Accounts closing workshop underway
  5. emailed inputs for minutes of NCW meeting to Dir (Acad)

April 19,20,21 Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Holiday)

  1. Elaborated upon base paper PCP and TMA
  2. Consolidated comments on Gender Studies and forwarded to all
  3. Consolidated the edited papers for EFA Intl Conf
  4. Talked to Arti Prasad regarding speeches and S. Arora regarding recording of AEP documentary
April 18, 2013 Thursday
  1. Workshop on monitoring of PCP was started
  2. Mailed to all AOs about the second round of shooting of UNFPA
  3. Editing in home science QB
  4. Talked to all the participants for fixing the shooting schedule (unfpa)
  5. Mailed first draft of LOs to all members of curriculum committee for responding on that and suggestions
  6. Minutes of NCW meeting, file put up
April 17, 2013 Wednesday
  1. Gender studies curriculum meeting
  2. Prepared for april 18 meeting
  3. Intel report meeting
  4. Finalized LOs doc for gender studies course
April 16, 2013, Tuesday
  1. Gender Studies curriculum meeting
  2. Intel conference report meeting
  3. Mailed to all regarding april 18 meeting
April 15, 2013, Monday
  1. Curriculum committee meeting for curriculum development on Gender Studies
  2. Home Science QB was completed after proof reading and given to typist
  3. Learner's guide was put up
  4. Inte'l conference report meeting
April 12, 2013 Friday

  1. Gender Studies CC meeting concluded
  2. Home QB proof reading workshop began
  3. Meeting with Secretary, Gender Cell constituted
  4. Emailed 4 new papers to Sonali and 4 to Dr. Preeti for editing
  5. Sent emails to members of Gender Study CC
  6. sent LO doc and PPT to Dr Patel and Reema ji
  7. Sent request letter to Director NCERT for Prf Gouri ji
  8. Sent NIOS NCW base paer to Gauri ji
  9. Responded to email from Prof Yadav regarding approval of AEP

April 11, 2013 Thursday
  1. Gender studies curriculum development meeting was started
  2. Curriculum letters were printed again after corrections
  3. International conference workshop continued
April 10, 2013 Wednesday
  1. Message from director was drafted and sent to sir for change
  2. Gender meeting planning
  3. NIOS NCW report was finalized and sent to CM Sir
  4. Summary of above report was drafted and finalized and sent to CM Sir
  5. Learner's guide in hindi was proof read and corrections were done
  6. Put up file for gender meeting
  7. SABLA
  8. Gender Cell talk with Secretary
  9. International Conference report was worked on
April 9, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Shooting of unfpa (integration process)
April 8, 2013 Monday
  1. Monthly leave record and local conveyance for Feb-March forwarded to SPC
  2. Letter to Dr. RC Sharma and Dr Sutapa Bose put up, signed and forwarded
  3. PPT and Programme schedule shared with UNFPA
  4. Programme schedule for shooting on 9th was finalized
  5. Put up file for proof reading of home science QB
  6. Mailed programme schedule to all the participants for shooting
  7. Mailed final prog to Jaya mam
  8. Contacted all the Committee members for gender studies course development workshop

April 6-7, 2013 Saturday Sunday

  1. Drafted the inputs for NIOS meeting with NCW on April 11, 2013 and forwarded to Dir (Acad)
  2. Discussed with Mamta Hunar info is dated, has to be redone
  3. Sent email to Jaya regarding orientation
  4. Sent email to Ms. Honey Jhalani regarding workshop dates
  5. Forwarded Md. Mamunur Rashid query sheet to Sukant
  6. Sent email to Sukant regarding finalization of report
  7. Sent a reminder email to Autodesk

April 5, 2013 Friday
  1. File regarding postponement of recording of documentary film put up
  2. Faizan visit organized
  3. File to book CM Block Conf hall put up
  4. File of list of DTP operators put up
  5. corrections carried out on memorandum and letter to Curr. Com, tied up with all regarding workshop
  6. File put up on the base paper of TMA and PCP review workshop on 18th

April 4, 2013 Thursday
  1. Contacted few more people for video shoot
  2. Put up file for home science learner's guide
  3. "Message from director" was mailed to dir (Acad) for forwarding it to AOs
  4. Contacted AOs for fixing shooting dates
  5. Mailed base paper to R.C.Sharma Sir
April 3, 2013 Wednesday
  1. Workshop for review of biology and english started
  2. Workshop for conference report finalization started
  3. Planning was done for shooting
  4. Contacted different stakeholders for AV shoot on April 8-9, 2013 and mailed them the details
  5. Put up file for transcription of silver jubilee lectures
  6. Message from director was revised again and finalized
  7. Learner's guide was completed
  8. Questions were discussed with anju mam for home science question bank
  9. Forwarded Syed Hayath's paper with query to Sukant
  10. Forwarded 3 papers to Sonali
  11. Drafted Sabla proposal

April 2, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Mailed to Jaya mam regarding the workshop
  2. Put up file fot the Apri 2n 3rd meeting of independent review of English n Biology
  3. Drafted the Message from Director for learner's Guide
  4. Action plan was worked out
  5. Translation of home science model paper was completed
  6. Workshop for review of QB of english and biology was started
  7. Conference report finalization workshop started with Mukul ji
  8. Put up file for Documentary on integration process
  9. Put up file for an NIOS learner
  10. Forwarded 4 papers to Supriya and 3 papers to Preeti for editing
  11. Forwarded a query sheet to Sukant

April 1, 2013 Monday
  1. Talked to Rajesh ji, RD Gujarat regarding H. Sc CD
  2. Started the work of gathering info regarding DTP operators as an audit follow up
  3. talked to Deepak regarding QB H. Sc
  4. Emceed the talk Reflecting on Open Educational Process by Dr. Som Naidu

March 29, 2013 Good Friday
  1. Workshop to finalize Conference report continued
  2. Put up file for Gender Studies
  3. Put up minutes of Monitoring of PCP on CBW file

March 28, 2013 Thursday
  1. Workshop to finalize conference report started
  2. Put up Gender Cell file
  3. MHRD Report put up
  4. Web radio programme on lesson 15- Management of time & Energy 2.30-3.30 PM
March 27, 2013 Wednesday (Holi)
  1. Reviewed Home Science paper, forwarded to Anju and Dr. Khanna
  2. Responded to Prof Yadav's mail regarding work plan
  3. Responded to Jaya's mail regarding film
  4. Called Mukul ji and Maura for workshop tomorrow
  5. Forwarded Prof Govinda's speech to Dir Acad
  6. Finalized MHRD report
  7. Responded to Mr. Pawan Kitchlue and Dr. Ehsanur Rehman for Dhakka Ahsania Mission

March 26, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Workshop of independent review started for Bio, Eng., Physics n chem
  2. Billing of experts
  3. Workshop for reviewing of inte'l conference started with maura n mukul ji
  4. Helped Srivastava sir in filling an online survey by IIEP Newsletter
  5. Mailed the final work plan to NCERT N UNFPA
  6. Bills of TA (Asheema mam) were taken
March 25, 2013 Monday
  1. Workshop of independent review started for Bio, Eng, H.Sc, Phy & Chem
  2. Workshop for formatting of int'l conference report was started (mukul ji)
  3. Put up file for Gender Studies course curriculum committee
  4. Put up file for finalizing Inte'l conference report on March 26, 2013 (mukul ji n maura sabin)
  5. Work plan was revised in response to NCERT & UNFPA exchange rate
  6. Finalized the hindi report on Odisha State Youth Policy
  7. Put up file for issueing cheques to gender experts for meeting which was held on Feb.25, 2013
  8. Put up file for issueing cheques to gender experts for meeting which was held on March 8, 2013
  9. Put up file for revised budget for AEP

March 22, 2013 Friday
  1. Mailed to all AOs about the 25-26 workshop
  2. External Audit meeting begin
  3. Completed English N hindi versions of home science learner's guide
  4. Workshop to develop report for Int'l Conf
  5. Approach paper for PCP & TMA was drafted
March 21, 2013 Thursday
  1. Contacted experts for workshop
  2. Put up file for independent review of english, science and home sci. workshop
  3. Put up file for workshop for finalizing Inte'l conference report
  4. Sent mail to jaya mam abt the upcoming workshop
  5. Corrections in learner's guide
  6. Drafted letters for Mirambika n St. Thomas school Principals mails sent
  7. Sent mail to Priya mam's principal
  8. Drafetd FAQs for MHRD
  9. Sent mail to gender team
  10. External audit began
  11. Discussed the Goa issue with Evaluation Dept
  12. Put up the December Seminar Report.
  13. worked on the report of Mishra ji meeting
  14. Sent mail to Ms. Honey
  15. Followed up with Maura
  16. Workshop to develop report for Int'l Conf
March 20, 2013 Wednesday
  1. Sent revised report and conference consolidated report to Maura for f/n/a. Called Mukul ji for further work
  2. Talked to Saumya and Sanghamitra and sent H.Sc doc for changes in their before after report
  3. responded to Prof Yadav's mail regarding Int'l Conf budget
  4. Drafted response letter to learner's feedback and posted them
  5. Responded to D.V.Sharma's mail for not being able to come for March22, 2013 meeting on QIAE
  6. Correction of learner's guide
  7. Put up the closing report of Physics- cancelled
  8. Put up revised the work plan, included additional fund for Intl Conf and forwarded to NCERT
  9. Added life skills to gender response to MHRD and forwarded to Dir Acad
  10. Started the work on Report for Intl conference with Mukul ji
  11. Forwarded reports of parallel sessions along with abstracts to Maura for inclusion

March 19, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Contacted AOs for scheduling next week meetings
  2. Formatting of before after reports
  3. Identified pics for the before after reports
  4. Worked on monthly MHRD report
  5. On leave, worked on 3rd day report and fowarded to Dir (Acad)
March 18, 2013 Monday
  1. Received letter from NCERT for ex-post facto approval
  2. Received letter from UNFPA for part support to intel conference
  3. Put up file for above mentioned docs info to Dir (acad)
  4. Formatting of before after reports
  5. Received QB of English
  6. On leave but edited the day 1 and 2 report of Int'l Conf
March 9-10, 2013 Saturday Sunday
  1. Attended departmental meeting in office
  2. Meeting with CM regarding recording for documentary
  3. Emailed confirmation of CM's time to UNFPA
  4. revised the paper and forwarded to Sukant and editor Preeti
  5. Sent reminder emails to 2 editors
  6. Contacted Pooja and Sunder for message regarding Intl Conf

March 8, 2013, Friday

  1. Workshop to develop curriculum of Gender Studies at Nirantar
  2. Went to NCERT to deliver original letters and cards to Prof Yadav and Prof Sinclair

March 7, 2013, Thursday

  1. Revised messages for Ministers etc for Intl conference
  2. Sent letter to NCERT regarding inclusion of funds for Int'l Conf in AEP work plan
  3. Brainstorming on Monitoring of PCP and TMA workshop conducted
  4. Sent letter to NCERT regarding expost facto approval of excess expenditure
  5. Preparation of Gender Studies workshop
  6. Put up closing report of S.St QB workshop of re writing 240 questions out of 1019 which were cleared with minor edits
  7. Prepared 2 proposed research proposals for DFID_KPP and forwarded it to Dr. Deepti Priya Mehrotra
  8. Discussed questions with Dr. Khanna
  9. Put up file for Maura as rapporteur and Sonali, Dr. Preeti and Supriya Das as edting team
March 6, 2013 Wednesday

  1. Drafted audit letter and mailed it to mam
  2. enquired computer centre about the date of intimating AI about the new course but they dont have that
  3. mailed conference paper to mam
  4. correction in home science book and mailed it to mam
  5. did some changes in a doc of Srivastava sir
  6. Attended Round Table Conference on Gender org by V.P at IIC
  7. Sent all the papers to session chair Venkat Srinivasan
  8. Followed up with NCERT and UNFPA regarding the support to Intl conference
  9. Sent 3 papers each for editing to the team of editors
  10. Sent corrections of Home Science to Dr. Baikunth Dash for Odiya

MArch 5, 2013 Tuesday

  1. Put up file for Base Paper on MOnitoring of CBW
  2. Put up file for Indipendent review of Sc& Tech QB
  3. Put up file for Pooja's participation in a conference at Baglore
  4. Gender Studies approach Paper forwarded to all
  5. Got the clearance from MHA for participants of Int'l conference
  6. got a team of editors together
  7. Home Science file put up for letters received from learners and AI

March 4, 2013 Monday
  1. finalized noting for CBW base paper
  2. finalized criteria for QB
  3. forwarded abstract to mam of bangalore conference
  4. Attended NAtional Consultative meeting on Gender at Lko
  5. Finalized criteria for QB for ODES
  6. Independent review workshop started
  7. Meeting in NCERT
  8. mailed jaya ji abt the workshop
  9. noting and budget for Sci & Tech independent review
  10. Corrections in home science book

March 3, 2013 Sunday
  1. Finalized the report of Seminar on Life Skills
  2. Reminded Prof. H.S Srivastave and Prof K. Khanna
March 1, 2013 Friday
  1. Forwarded CBW of ODES evaluators file to Dir (acad)
  2. Letter to Anju mam's principal
  3. Forwrded 2 conference notices to asheema mam
  4. Worked on before after report

Feruary 28, 2013 Thursday
  1. Made presentation on gender
  2. did noting for base paper meeting on 11th
  3. Changes in home science book were typed and mailed to RD Bbsr
  4. typed criteria for independent review og QB
  5. Science Day organized at Delhi Regional Centre
  6. Permission to go to Lko email sent to Dir (Acad)

February 27, 2013 Wednesday
  1. Responded to Rajeev's mail regarding National Science Day
  2. Home science proof reading workshop started
  3. file put up for 8th march gender studies workshop
  4. contcted home science experts for workshop
  5. file put up for home science independent review of home science QB
  6. MHRD monthly report mailed to mam
  7. Drafted approach paper for CBW of ODES evaluators
  8. File put up for CBW of ODES Evaluators
  9. put up the modifeied version of Draft Chapter on Education Development of Persons with Disability MHRD Annual Report 2012-13, soft copy emailed to Dir (Acad)

  10. road map forwarded to Dr. Phull and Dr. Sodhi
  11. Farewell to Mahesh ji
February 26, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Attended National Consultative Workshop on Learner Support at NIESBUD
  2. Departmental meeting for CM's review meeting
  3. Responded to team Gender Studies
  4. Responded to National Mission for Empowerment of Women

February 26, 2013 Monday
  1. Gender Studies review of approach paper at Sampurna Trust Soami Nagar
  2. Attended National Consultative Workshop on Learner Support at NIESBUD
  3. Responded to Jaya regarding UNFPA documentary
February 25,2013 Sunday

  1. Sent documents for Monitoring of PCP to Mr. Mishra
  2. Forwarded Vidhi's Poem to Rajeev for Gender Corner

Feb 23, 2013 Saturday
  1. Responded to the invite from NMEW Child Sex Ratio Regional Consultation
  2. Sent information regarding Gender Studies workshop

3. Responded to DFID -KPP email
4. Sent the second approach paper gender to all
Feb 22, 2013 Friday
  1. Mailed invitation to Mullick mam for 25th n 26th
  2. Independent review of Social Science workshop started
Feb 21, 2013 Thursday
  1. Forwarded Sajal's mail to Piyush
  2. Social science meeting was postponed to next day
  3. File put up for gender studies meeting(25th feb)
  4. Deartmental meeting
  5. science day celebration preparations organized, approach paper, speakers, venue, prizes, collaboration
Feb 20, 2013 Wednesday
  1. Drafted the cover letter of gender report of MHRD
  2. Mailed to AOs for MHRD monthly report
  3. Worked on MHRD monthly report
  4. Attended DFID consultative workshop on research on gender issues at DFID, qutub institutional area
Feb 19, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Schedule according to minutes of PPR meeting was developed and finalized
  2. Sent invite letter to Mr. Bhardwaj
  3. Reminder mail was sent to AOs for SS QB workshop
  4. Reminder mail to Dr. Kamla Menon
  5. Proof reading of home science questions
  6. Took print out of reference material for conference paper and worked on paper structure
Feb 18, 2013 Monday
  1. Forwarded soft copy of Bbsr Youth Policy report to PRO, SAP, Dir SSS for f/n/a
  2. Transcription file put up
  3. Response to secretary MHRD on gender concerns, file put up
  4. Talked to gender experts, meeting fixed for monday
  5. Brain storming for CBW through video conferencing (in april) and drafetd schedule for the same
  6. Proof reading of home science questions
  7. Did few readings for conference paper
  8. Invited experts from the field of m-learning and LMS for the consultative workshop on 25-26 Feb 2013
  9. Responded to UNFPA for allocating $7,500/- for the Int'l Conference
  10. Sent approach paper on Gender Studies to SAdgna Saxena, Dipta Bhog, Deepti Priya Mehrotra, Reema Bhati and fixed finalization meeting on Monday
Feb 17, 2013 Sunday
  1. Finalized PPT on Provisions to Persons with Disability for Dir (Acad)
  2. Drafted response for MHRD on Gender issues and forwarded to Dir(Acad)
  3. Sent invitation to chair the session to JS (MHA)
  4. Talked to Sonali for transcription.
  5. Responded to Geeta regarding recording on 25,26th
  6. Responded to Anuj ji regarding seminar
  7. Responded to Pragya Sharma's questionnaire regarding AEP in NIOS

Feb 16, 2013 Saturday
  1. Finalized Chapter on Education Development of Persons with Disability MHRD Annual Report 2012-13

Feb 15, 2013 Friday
  1. Responded to Dr. Srinivasan's email regaring funding Int'l Conference
  2. H. Sc Q.B proof reading workshop begins
  3. Drafted Chapter on Education Development of Persons with Disability MHRD Annual Report 2012-13
  4. Talked to Deepti Priya Mehrotra regarding Gender Studies material, draft approach paper to be sent to the team on Monday, and fix meeting the subsequent Monday
  5. Meeting with Evita and Media Unit for scheduling shooting of films
  6. Put up Report of NIOS team participating in the development of Odisha Youth Policy, forwarded to PRO, SAP, Media (Audio) and Dir SSS
  7. Kept in conversation with UNFPA regarding funding of Int'l Conference

Feb 14, 2013 Thursday
  1. Finalized report of Youth Policy for Odisha Govt
  2. Emailed UNFPA for supporting Int'l Conference
  3. Finalized Before- After Integration report for Home Science
  4. Brain storming for Int'l conference paper
Feb 13, 2013 Wednesday
  1. Made ppt for the silver jubilee lecture and forwarded it to mr. Parasuramen
  2. Proposal for the workshop on social science workshop Feb. 21-22,2013
  3. Replied to Ms. Sabin through mail regarding her cheque and also sent the tracking number
  4. Did some readings for the conference paper
  5. Did few additions in Before- After integration of LS in home science
Feb 12, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Emailed info about Int'l Conferences to UNFPA
  2. Finalized MHRD report with all additions and mailed to Saumya
  3. Completed the before-after integration of life skills in home science
  4. Helped Mr. Armoogum Parsuramen G.O.S.K. in making his ppt for the silver jubilee lecture on 14th feb
  5. Contacted home science experts for the workshop on QB proof reading
Feb 11, 2013 Monday
  1. Mailed the invite letter for workshop on external review of QB on Social Sciences to Dr. Kamla Menon, Principal, Mirambilka School
  2. Called Nilanksha and Dr. Mullick for 3 day workshop on reviewing QB Home Science (13-15 Feb.)
  3. Worked on MHRD monthly report
  4. Compiled the 'integration of life skills' in Home science book (need to be worked out again)
  5. Started the proof reading of Learner's guide (Hindi)
  6. Finalized MHRD report and resent it to the Unit

Feb 8, 2013 Friday

  1. Revised letter to Principal Mirambika
  2. Received Report on example of before and after integration Soc Science, emailed reminder to others.
  3. Completed proof reading of Learner's guide in English
  4. Maura Sabin's cheque was sent along with a letter

Feb 7, 2013 Thursday
  1. Planning of external review meetings of ODE Question Bank of Social Sciences & Home Science
  2. Completed 1st Learner's guide (Ch-1 to 11) proof reading
  3. Read previous MHRD monthly reports
  4. Proposal for Science Day Celebration was updated with few additions

Feb 5, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Proposal for Science Day Celebration
  2. Proof reading of Learner's guide
  3. Proposal Science day reviewed and budgets added. Forwarded to Bbsr and Sunder for f/n/a
  4. Discussed with Mr. Rath

Feb 4, 2013 Tuesday
  1. Compiled the quarterly narrative reports into annual report
  2. Read few previous reports

Jan 31, 2013 Thursday

  1. Thanks email to RD Dehradoon sent
  2. participation confirmation in Intl Conf emailed to Sukant
  3. Responded to Maura regarding payment
  4. Responded to CBSE mail
  5. Forwarded Evaluation Conclave information to UNFPA

Jan 30, 2013 Wednesday

  1. Meeting at NCERT
  2. H. Sc workshop concluded
  3. As directed by CM sent information regarding special children to Dr. Anupriya Chadha Chief Consultant- Inclusive Education- SSA & RTE*
  4. PAF forwarded to UNFPA
  5. MLR and local travel docs forwarded to SPC

Jan 29, 2013 Tuesday

  1. H.Sc workshop continues
  2. H.Sc file put up for Practical Guidelines, forwarded hard copy and soft copy to S.Mahapatra (Eval)
  3. File put up for meeting in NCERT on 30th
  4. Talked to Mr. Rath regd TMA and OA
  5. Departmental Meeting
  6. MLR file put up

Jan 28, 2013 Monday

  1. Talked to Prof Chandrasekaran
  2. Talked to Mr. Rath regarding women slogans
  3. put up NCERT minutes of Dec 31, 2012 meeting
  4. Talked to RD Dehradoon, Jaipur regarding sample TMAs
  5. Event file for MAura's revised cheque put up
  6. File for H.Sc QB Workshop for 28-30 put up and workshop begins
  7. Called Bhasakar for Taxi bills
  8. Emailed CM regarding Add Sec MHRD's request
  9. File put up regarding AEP staff
  10. PAF reached to CM
  11. Sent Neha's reccomendation
  12. Finalized guidelines for practical exams for Home Science
Jan 24, 2013 Friday (Holiday)

  1. Responded to OID's mail

Jan 24, 2013 Thursday

  1. Attended Home Science Workshop on QB
  2. Emcee of Seminar on

Jan 23, 2013 Wednesday

  1. Sent Maura's cheque to Sunder through Bahadur
  2. Shoot at Gurgaon
Jan 22, 2013 Tuesday

  1. Shoot at Gurgaon
  2. Resent Annual Progress report to NCERT
  3. Based on Talks with Ministry of W&C Welfare culled out passages regarding gender in NCF
Jan 21, 2013 Monday

  1. Finalized script 2,3,4
  2. Participated in Interviews for AEP and NLMA
  3. Sent annual academic progress report to NCERT
January 18,2013 Friday

  1. Shoot at Gurgaon
  2. Finalization of programme at IIC

January 17, 2013 Thursday

  1. Noting about Style Guide put up
  2. coordinated with Fr. Agnel and Anupam and Ummulkher for auditions
  3. Home Science workshop to develop parctical guidelines prepared
  4. UC and Narrative monitoring tool forwarded to NCERT and UNFPA
  5. Invites forwarded to Amal and Asha Chandra
  6. Talked to SK Kapoor regarding formation of gender team and sent invite to him
  7. Invite forwarded to Dr Nair

January 16, 2013 Wednesday
  1. Attended shoot at Scottish High School, Gurgaon
  2. Blocked IIC Lecture Hall 1&2 for Feb 14th Lecture
  3. Talked to Fr. Agnel, Anshul for NIOS learners for shoot
  4. Sent Chemistry Quizz to QED. 2 S.St lessons with activities mentioned have also been forwarded to QED.

January 15, 2013 Tuesday

  1. Forwarded email from Rita Thokchon from Indian Cancer Society regarding issue of Open Learning for record to Rajeev
  2. sms to Minnie regarding cheque, talked regarding 17-18 workshop
  3. PAFwritten and forwarded for year 2011and 2012
  4. Recieved and forwarded Naik's report of 5th session to Maura for inclusion
  5. Scanners repaired and installed
  6. Got the information from media unit regd duration of film and forwarded it to Shomu.
  7. Forwarded Latha's request to Dr. Grewal
  8. Forwarded Sarita's PPT to Maura
  9. Informed Dir Acad regarding the QRD shoot in Gurgaon
January 14, 2013 Monday

  1. Gender Report put for Cab sect
  2. Report on activities from 2009-2012 put up for MHRD
  3. Seminar Report reviewed and forwarded to Maura to fill gaps
  4. Emailed Sarita and Kinkini for the PPTs
January 12 -13, Saturday Sunday
  1. Finalized approach Paper Gender Studies and forwarded to Dir (Academic)

January 9-11 Wednesday-Friday

  1. Monthly leave record put up and forwarded to UNFPA
  2. Closing done and forwarded all reports to NCERT and cc to UNFPA
  3. Work Plan Jan - June finalized and forwarded to NCERT and UNFPA
  4. Converted all accounts to Tally
Januray 8, 2013 Tuesday

  1. Fourth Quarterly MHRD Report compiled, put up and forwarded to Saumya
  2. Work Plan 2013 (6 months) developed put up and forwarded to Harish ji.

January 7, 2013 Monday
  1. Attended meeting for PCP guidelines in Dir (Acads) chamber
  2. Closing of accounts: from Bbsr, NIB
  3. Wrote letter to Evita and posted it.

January 4, 2013 Friday
  1. Quarterly monitoring tool finalized
  2. Mitra activity report forwarded to PRO for bulletin
  3. Format, Value Points and materials forwarded to Praveen for f/n/a
  4. All cheques made and delivered
  5. MHRD report made and forwarded
  6. Letter of reccomendation for Evita drafted and put up.

January 3, 2013 Thursday
  1. Drafted the Seminar report for Narrative Monitoring Tool
  2. Reviewd and redrafted the proposal for Book FAir for SSS Department
  3. Completed Maura Sabin's file
  4. Work for MHRD report
  5. shared the systems at AEP
  6. Anu T.A File put up
  7. New staff file put up, talked to JD (Admn) and RD Bbsr regarding that
  8. Taxi Bill, PC upgrade, tea, photocopy etc bill put up
  9. Got all the files signed by Dir(Acad)
  10. Talked to Neha regarding value education points in H.Sc lessons
January 2, 2013 Wednesday
  1. forwarded Manish's report to Maura, requested for bill
  2. Put up Evita's internship stipend sanction order made
  3. Forwarded 123 of conference to Dir SSS and Mr. P.K Chauhan
  4. Meeting with Dir SSS regarding Book Fair
  5. Maura Sabin's sanction order made
  6. Sent abstract for International Conference to Sukant
  7. Collected bills of taxi and computor upgrade
  8. Sanction order of taxi made
  9. Narrative Quarterly Monitoring tool drafted
  10. lesson sent to Shomu
January 1, 2013
  1. Departmental meetings
  2. Collected bills
December 31, 2012 Monday
  1. Attended PPR meeting at NCERT, chaired by Dir NCERT and Undersecretary MHRD

December 29, 2012 Saturday

  1. Revised the approach paper of Learner Support and forwarded to Dir (Acad)
  2. developed work plan 2013

December 28, 2012 Friday

  1. Sent thank you note to all chairs
  2. Gave names of 2 experts to media for Sunday programme
  3. emailed the names of experts to Mr. Selvan
  4. draft work plan for 6 mths identified
  5. Forwarded the PPTs with Naipal ji, Rajinder Naik and Manish Chugh for writing reports. CC to Maura Sabin
  6. Letter of thanks sent to Neelam and Vivek

December 26-27, 2012 Wednesday Thursday
  1. Seminar at Habitat
  2. Sent thank you note to all paper presenters

December 24, 2012 Monday
  1. Noting for printing External hard drive and ear phones along with Sanction order put up
  2. Invite to Dir SSS, Eval, Voc and Secretary forwarded
  3. Accounts workshop begins
December 23, 2012 Sunday
  1. Mukta Vidya Vani Programme with Mr. S.K Kapoor on Decision Making Skills
  2. Responded to Latha's poster

December 22, 2012 Saturday
  1. Finalized the PPT for CBW and objectives of seminar

December 21, 2012 Friday
  1. Responded to Evita's mail
  2. Responded to Kapil Shrma's mail regarding panels
  3. Forwarded the guest list to Dir (Acad)
  4. Finalized sunday Mukta Vidya Vani Programme with Mr. Kapoor

December 21, 2012 Friday

  1. Received and responded to Neha's PPT
  2. Dr. Sarkar's PPT
  3. Maura Sabin's Email
  4. Learning Links PPT from Deepti
  5. Attended Prof. Asha Kanwar's lecture at IIC
  6. Organized printing of seminar material at Nehru Place
  7. Bank work at Nehru Place
  8. Reviewed Trapti's PPT Training the Trained
  9. Mukul ji's workshop on Poster Development
  10. Reviewed the Poster on AFC
  11. Booked additional rooms in NIB
  12. Consolidated the guest list
  13. Talked to Geeta to confirm programme
  14. Worked on Seminar Objectives PPT
  15. Talked to Kapil Sharma regarding the panels

December 20, 2012 Thursday
  1. Maura Sabin file put up, email sent to her
  2. Issue of materials file put up and forwarded to Printing Unit
  3. Net card file put up forwarded to Accounts
  4. Programme schedule mailed to UNFPA
  5. Room booking and Taxi file put up and forwarded to maintainance
  6. Invitation letter and programme schedule mailed to AOs
  7. Programme Schedule forwarded to IHC
  8. mitra poster file put up
  9. accommodation email sent resident participants
  10. web page file sent to SAP for upload
  11. indent 125 plastic folders
  12. approval exhibition banner and book racks
  13. CM's letter to Director NCERT forwarded copy forwarded to Saroj ji
  14. Exhibition Banner and book racks hiring approval taken
  15. TTM forwarded to Mr. Satya Prakash

December 19, 2012 Wednesday
  1. invitationmail sent to Geeta, Jaya, Venkat (Chief guest), Veera (Chair), sudha sood, malini kapor, JP Kapoor, Piya Thakur, Ashok kumar
  2. mail sent to Kapil sharma, IHC for banner design etc
  3. Letter to Veera gupta signed by director,
  4. Visited IHC Finalized programme with IHC and Kapil Sharma
  5. file for momento put up
  6. file for web page
  7. file for equipement quote put up
  8. internet bill put up

December 18, 2012 Tuesday
  1. file put up for reportier duties for academic officers.
  2. Put up file for Accounts for 26,27 Dec for Habitat
  3. Mail sent to Deepti on new email id for paper
  4. Mail sent to Ashraf (pravah) for paper presentation.
  5. Mail sent to Ishani and Ashraf
  6. Prepared PPT slides for sessions
  7. File approved for admn and academic support staff
  8. Approval for officers repertoire circulated.
  9. Letter mailed to Saroj Yadav to chair the session
  10. Invitation sent to all the lesson writers, experts, tutors, guests
  11. QB Home Science meeting concluded, all the units were reviewed and finalized
  12. Accounts workshop concluded, discussed accounts with Nalini
  13. Talked to RD Jaipur and Bbsr for nominating Tutors
  14. Mukul ji's workshop concluded with finalization of standee material

December 17 ,2012 Monday
  1. AMC file forwarded to SO (maint) for action before 20th
  2. Request for DVDs of the Feedback Diaries file forwarded to Media
  3. Part file with Dir (Acad) message
  4. Part file indent of note pads, pens etc for seminar
  5. Part file requesting CM as Chief Guest
  6. Soft and hard copy of Koraput Report forwarded to PRO for inclusion in Bulletin
  7. Called Mr. Surjit Singh for a reconcilation meeting on December 17-18,2012.
  8. File sent for chairman's approval on Programme Schedule, Banner, Tag, Souvenir for the seminar.
  9. Letter for attendance at the seminar given to Mr. Anshuman Rishi and Mr. Prem Kumar Tiwari. e-letter also sent to Mr. Anshuman Rishi.
  10. QB Review meeting started for Unit- Our Home and Home Science and its Importance
  11. Unit- Home Science and Its Importance and Chap 12 from Unit- Our Home reviewed and finalized.
  12. Reminder email sent to all
  13. Discussion regarding paper with Anshuman, Prem Tiwari, Kiran Gupta and Tarun
  14. Letter drafted for Prof H.S Srivastava
  15. mail sent to Dr. Mamta Srivastava

December 16 ,2012 Sunday

  1. Mukta Vidya Vani programme on Problem Solving with Mr. S.K Kapoor

December 14 ,2012 Friday

  1. Finalization of feedback diaries
  2. All emails to paper presenters sent
  3. SAP signed the minutes of Web Pages
  4. Koraput report file put up for PRO
  5. File put for release of DVD for Feedback Diaries
  6. File put up for AMC
  7. pc(aep) TELEPHONE BILL
  8. Mitra matter complied for exhibition
  9. Discusesd accounts with Sambit
  10. Sandhya declined
  11. Reviewed and finalized Approach Paper Tutor Training workshop for CBC

December 13 ,2012 Thursday

  1. Paper on mitra
  2. Workshop Mukul Garg file put up
  3. talked about matrix with Nalini
  4. Minutes of Web page drafted
  5. Attended Science lab meet of Agastya
  6. editing of feedback diaries
  7. half of mails to paper writers sent.
  8. . Talked to Prof Srivastava regarding Seminar, dates confirmed
  9. Talked to Sandhya regarding seminar

December 12,2012
  1. file put up for seminar sovenior
  2. file put up for seminar message

December 11,2012
  1. unfpa meet regarding seminar
  2. VISIT IIC for booking of 21 dec.

December 10, 2012 Monday
  1. Evita's sanction order put up.
  2. Workshop for Feedback Diaries begins
  3. file put up to media unit for audition dates.
  4. MHRD monthly report submitted.
  5. Soft copy of Cd's for Home Science Books and manual given to Tarun for Tamil Translation.
  6. file put up for radio programme
  7. File put up for QB review meeting on Dec 17-18,2012.
  8. E-mail and calls done to experts for abstracts selection and rejection.
  9. Revised budget made. Draft budget sent to Nalini for review.
  10. Emcee of programme to celebrate the awards received
  11. Responded regret to the workshop by NART at RGNIYD
  12. Responded to Dr Pawan Sudhir regarding Seminar on Art in Education
  13. Responded to Dr. Nautiyal regarding seminar
  14. Talked to Rituparna
  15. Filled in Questionnaire_ Teachers and Schools for TARSHI and forwarded it to them.

December 9, 2012 Sunday
  1. Talk show for Mukta Vidya Vani on Decision Making with Trapti
  2. Reviewed 3 scripts Preparing for interview, how to appear in an interview and How to participate in a group discussion

December 8, 2012 Saturday
  1. Emailed reference of Dr. Nivedita Hansraj for Azim Premji Foundation

December 7, 2012 Friday
  1. Part File A/V put up for the script writing workshop for the lesson writer feedback
  2. Home Science workshop concluded
  3. English workshop QB session with Prof Srivastava
  4. Reviewed the dummies of feedback lesson writers and learners
  5. drafted talking points and ppt on NIOS: Bringing education to the children from strife torn areas.
  6. Called Trapti for extra work
  7. Reviewed the brochure etc for seminar
  8. Talked to Jaya regarding seminar
  9. Tal;ked to Nalini regarding Work Plan
  10. Put up MTR file
  11. QB reviiwed for Unit Our Values and Our Resources.
  12. Chap 14,18,19,20,21 and 22 finalized for typing.
  13. File put up for the Draft of Souvenir for approval from Dir (acad)

December 4, 2012 Tuesday
  1. Drafted report of Koraput CBW
  2. Responded to Koraput press reporters mail
  3. Discussed with Jaya, Dir (Acad) regarding postponement of Seminar and responded to Shomu
  4. Got the reviewed abstracts from Manoj
  5. Fixed thursday for a meeting with Jaya regarding Seminar
  6. Drafted report about World AIDS Day and Career Counseling at Koraput

December 3, 2012
  1. Attended Review meeting for Abstracts for Seminar & out of 28 abstracts only 13 found suitable for to be finally published in seminar sovenior.
  2. Put up file for Question bank review meeting of Questions from Unit- Our Resources, Our Values and Our Home from December 4-7, 2012 and approval fr hindi translation of learner's guide.
  3. Approval taken for Hindi translation of learner's guide from Dir (Acad).
  4. Learner's guide mailed to Mr. Manmohan for Hindi Translation.
  5. fileput up for review of drafts scripts.
  6. file put up for cheque recieved from NCERT
  7. minute & standard guidelines of the review meet for abstract drafted

November 29,2012

  1. Workshop for seminar material concluded
  2. Workshop for homescience QB review organized
  3. file put up for paper on lesson writer cbw
  4. editing done in learner's guide.
  5. abstract on afc drafted
  6. Credit letter to chitra gupta drafted

November 27, 2012
  1. Put up file for question bank review meeting of Chapter 16- Managing Family Income for November 29.
  2. Talked with REO regarding Review Committee for Seminar Paper.
  3. Reminder call to experts for Seminar Paper.

November 24, 2012, Saturday
  1. Finalized all the banners for Mitra Dui Varshik
  2. Called Rituparna, forwarded the abstract and registration paper to her
  3. Edited the Press handout for Koraput Press conference

November 23, 2012, Friday
  1. Attended the Foundation Day at Mavalankar Hall, Rafi Marg

November 22, 2012, Thursday
  1. Developed the Emcee document for the first session after due discussions with Dir SSS and Acad
  2. Got the copy of MOU with Centurion Univ from Secretary and emailed to RD Bbsr
  3. Matrix for Mapping ARSH Initiatives filled in and forwarded to Geeta
  4. Sunder finalized the status of accounts for the 26th meeting
  5. Forwarded the MHRD report to Saumya

November 21, 2012
  1. Received few more Abstracts for Seminar.
  2. Composed para for Science and Technology material to be released on 23rd November.
  3. Given flight schedule for Chairman Sir.
  4. Updated Seminar Paper List.
  5. Materials dispatched for koraput.
  6. Emailed Foundation Day invitation to Dr.Mohanthy and Mrs.Dasgupta
  7. Meeting proposed for integration paper
  8. Called to all AOs regarding Budget

November 20, 2012
  1. ACR's for Chemistry received, photocopies retained and file sent back to Dir (acad).
  2. List of Application form/Paper/ Abstract submission made and updated.
  3. Received an email regarding English question bank meeting scheduled for Nov 21 from Saumya.
  4. Did coding for the question bank of chapter 18 from Unit: Growth and Development.
  5. Reviewed questions for Chapter 22: Consumer Beware: Be Aware.
  6. Followed up with bookings for 2nd lecture on Dec 20/21
  7. Followed up with Sukant regarding inclusion of chapter on Disability provisions in prospectus, exam guidelines and websites
  8. Attended Geog Q Bank workshop
  9. Edited Press note and brief about NIOS for SSS Department
  10. Attended workshop to review ECCE curriculum against recommendations of Planning Commission
  11. Worked with Rachna on NIOS Advertisment
  12. Revised the consolidated programme with RD Bbsr
  13. Emailed Foundation Day invite to Prof Yadav

November 19, 2012
  1. Put up file for Question Bank Review meeting from Nov 19-22, 2012.
  2. Review Workshop for Question bank started from 19th November.
  3. Sent Invitations for Foundation Day to all lesson writers.
  4. E-mailed Pre- receipt to NCERT.
  5. Called experts for their confirmation on abstract and paper.
  6. Talked with Sambit regarding Koraput.
  7. Reviewed and finalized half of the questions for Chapter 18-Concept of Development
  8. Emailed invite to Er. Anuj Sinha
  9. Personal invitation along with a copy of the material to UNFPA
  10. Personal Invitations to UNESCO
November 16, 2012
  1. Reminder e-mail sent to all experts for abstract submission.
  2. Received question bank of Unit- Our values.
  3. sanction order for evita placed for sign
  4. monthly canteen bill placed
  5. pre reciept placed for sign
  6. discussed and finalised the schedule for conceptualisation of the theme for seminar and exhibition with Mr. Mukul Garg.
  7. Meeting proposed for paper of integration.
  8. Emailed MTO to Asheema Mam
  9. Noting drafted for Audio/video programme
  10. ppt of role of tutors edited
  11. Emailed to sambit regarding transfer of amount to koraput
  12. question bank recieved of unit growth and development
  13. Talked to experts for abstracts paper.
November 15, 2012, Thursday

  1. Email sent to co facilitators in Odisha

November 14, 2012, Wednesday
  1. Emailed Koraput docs to Sambit
  2. Talked to Dr Ramakant Agnohotri, Dr. Neelam Grewal regarding paper for seminar
  3. Emailed Seminar invitation to Ms.Meera Balachandran for nominating people for Paper writing.
  4. Emailed Seminar invitation to English/ Hindi/ Science mentors.
  5. Reminder Email sent to all AO's for final payments.
  6. E-mailed Banner - Koraput to Sambit
  7. MTO - Koraput
  8. Evita file forward to Account Branch
  9. File forward to Account for budget send to BBSR (Rs. 3,81,800)
  10. Reminder mail done to NCERT for Balanced payment of funds.
  11. Review meeting of the question bank started from today.
  12. Finalized knowledge type questions for Chap 17 of Unit- Growth and Development.
  13. Corrections carried out for in the anuual report.
  14. Sent another reminder to Saroj ji
  15. Emailed Satya Prakash about Corporate Film
  16. Talked to RD Bbsr regarding pre-preparation
  17. Talked to sir and Jaya
  18. Revised CM's Message
November 12, 2012
  1. Put up file for Review and finalization workshop of questions from Unit- Growth and Development.
  2. Send Diwali Greetings to all the Experts.
  3. UNFPA (Asheema)
  4. Renu's documents fort Koraput reviewed and finalized
  5. Book Review emailed to Dir (Acad)
November 9 , 2012
  1. AEP section of NIOS profile editted and given to Director (Acad)
  2. Attended the Departmental meeting of library for Sage Journal.
  3. Koraput Documents corrected and clubbed.
  4. Seminar invitation letters dispatched to remaining participants and by hand given to 2 people.
  5. Question bank received for Unit- Growth and Development and compiled.
  6. Reviewed question of Question bank for Chapter 17.
  7. Revised the List of Seminar Invitees.
  8. Had a talk with Sambit regarding Koraput Workshop.
  9. Drafted Work Order for DTP.
  10. Revised and added on information in paper for CBW for seminar.
  11. Put up file for DTP approval for learner's guide.

November 8, 2012
  1. Drafted Letter for Seminar Invitation for RD's, Rc's and interns.
  2. Emailed d/f/a invatation letter to RD Bbsr
  3. Consolidated prog schedule forwarded to RD Bbsr
  4. Email sent to RD's for Seminar nomination.
  5. Email sent to AO's for support in regards of paper writing.
  6. Email sent to research interns for Seminar.
  7. Koraput Document sent to RC Bhubaneshwar. To be sent again
  8. Sent the guest list for Foundation day to Dr. Behl
  9. Talked to Sambit about the programme
  10. Dir (Acad) called regarding faults in the documents sent to RD Bbsr
  11. emailed the dates for filming at Koraput to Mr. Satya Prakash
November 7,2012

  1. meet with SAP regarding IVRS & WEBPAGE
  2. invitation email and letters with announcement and application form sent to 69 participants.
  3. Check for 149 made and given to IHC. Booking confirmed
  4. IVRS hard copy given to SAP

November 6,2012
  1. File put up for Saction order to IHC
  2. fILE PUT UP FOR LETTER ,announcement,application form approval
  3. mail sent for mitra dui varshik
  4. list finalized for seminar
  5. email draft for invitation
  6. invitation documents given for xerox
  7. discussed with sambit regarding the arrangements of koraput
  8. abstract on lesson writer sent to trapti
  9. Meeting with REO regarding Guidelines for research scholars
  10. Discussed email to corporate film with RD Bbsr and Dir (Acad)
  11. CBW File forwarded to Dir (SSS) for approval
  12. Meeting by Directors with SSt team on QB
  13. Chemistry QB workshop
  14. Departmental Meeting taken by Dir (Acad)

November 5,2012
  1. carrection in announcement and letter for seminar were carried out and discussed with Dir (acad)
  2. discussion held with dir (sss) regarding the movement of file for koraput
  3. mhrd report drafted
  4. aep material given to media unit for regular announcement on radio

November 4,2012
  1. radio programme on communication skills and psychology
November 3, 2012 Saturday
  1. Reviewed Home Science abstract and forwarded the comments to all
  2. Attended the seminar Invitation to Listen and Respond to Youth Voices organized by UNFPA at Vishva Yuva Kendra, Teen Murti Marg
November 2, 2012 Friday
  1. Sent an email to Tarun regarding Manisha and Chandan's work
  2. Meeting with CM regarding Koraput, informed RD Bbsr
  3. schedule of live pcp for psychology and general isuues sent to media unit
  4. research related mails handed to REO
  5. Meeting in Director's chamber regarding QB SSt. dates of review dates proposed 7,8 and 16
  6. Review of QB Chemistry proposed dates 6,8 and Physics dates 14-16
  7. Letter of invitation and call for paper discussed with Dir (Acad)
  8. File put up for paper review on cbw of lesson writers.
  9. Email to trapti regarding cbw lesson writers.
  10. Researched paper on cbw.
  11. Telephonic discussion with RD Bbsr and Dir (Acad) regarding Koraput, Corporate Film and ECCE. Prof Choksey informed.
  12. Final Call for paper and letter designed
  13. Block the dates Emails sent to Prof. Yadav and Dr. Jaya, Sudhanshu, Rajnikant, Sneha, Puranchand ji
  14. Put up file for workshop on Hindi translation of Question bank.
November 1, 2012 Thursday
  1. MLR forwarded to SPC
  2. Confirmed participation to Invitation to Listen and Respond to Youth Voices at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Circular Road, Teen Murti Marg
  3. Sent email to CM regarding proposed programmes at Koraput with cc to Dir (acad) and RD Bbsr
  4. put up part file Integration informing about the status of Social Science QB
  5. Put up Integration file for procuring ten sets of lifeskills enriched material of all five subjects.
  6. Status updated for the question bank material.
  7. Discussed about the paper on Integration process with Ms.Trapti.
  8. File put up for editing of video magazine.
  9. Corrected coding of question bank.
  10. Made a list of lesson writer's for Learner's guide and submitted.
  11. Discussed about the paper on Integration in Home science and finalized the topic.
October 31, 2012 Wednesday
  1. Responded to Mr. Anil Nair's email regarding seminar
  2. Put up file for Brainstorming workshop for development of paper on Integration in Home Science.
  3. correction in ppt
  4. club the documents of koraput
  5. Email to Sambit regarding tutors subject and their institute name of koraput.
  6. Put up events file for final clearance of Seminar
  7. Content and design review and editing of EFA thru ODL (Sukant)
  8. Guidance to Pushpa regarding preparing ACR for ECCE
  9. Home Science QB workshop concluded
  10. Talked to Mr. Rath regarding Koraput programme
  11. Mitra Dui Barshik celebration file put up
  12. Reviewed the document monthly MHRD report
  13. Reviewed the paper Impact Assessment of Life Skill Education (Manual) on the Adolescent Learners: A Report

October 30, 2012 Tuesday
  1. prepared innaugration schedule-renu
  2. prepared registration,feed back form, attendence sheet for koraput-renu
  3. video shooting for coroporate film -renu
  4. cbw of koraput file put for final approval
  5. correction in feedback form-renu
  6. email to all documents to anushree- renu
  7. Recieved the ACRs from S.St and English
  8. Emailed Dr. Sarkar's numbers to Shomu
  9. Review workshop of Chemistry QB started
  10. Responded to Sambit's email regarding Koraput
  11. informed Vani about Koraput dates for shooting of corporate film
  12. Talked to RD Bbsr regarding travel arrangements to Koraput
  13. MLR file put up
  14. Email regarding ACR sent to all
  15. Email regarding review workshops for QB sent to all
  16. Updated the status of Question bank
  17. Recieved knowledge and understanding type questions for Unit-7: Growth and Development
  18. Completed Learner's guide.

October 28,2012,sunday
  • Mukta vidya vani programme:life skills-ur skills renu & Neha sharma

October 26, 2012, Friday
  • File put up for Question Bank workshop from October 29-31 - Minnie
  • Researched for Seminar paper on Integration- Minnie
  • Responded to Alok's email regarding ACRs
  • CM confirmed the dates of November 29,30 and Dec 1 for Koraput, conveyed it to SSS
  • Worked on the poster of International Seminar

October 26, 2012, Friday

  1. Recce of venues for Seminar
October 25, 2012, Thursday

    1. Sent an email reminder regarding ACRs to Rajeev, Alok, Chunnu & all and Saumya
    2. Tallked to neha for audio programme
    3. Email the topic for audio programme to neha.
    4. Received guest list from Mr. B.K.Rai (Hindi)- Minnie
    5. Received Question bank for Chap 16 of Unit- Our Resources from Anju mam - Minnie

October 24, 2012, Wednesday (Dushaira)
    1. Reviewed and forwarded Call for Paper document to Dir (Acad) for perusal

October 23, 2012, Tuesday
    1. The revised approach paper along with Budget proposal Events file put up
    2. Soft copy of Letter seeking permision for holding consultative workshop

October 22, 2012, Monday
    1. Talked to Jaya, sent an email regarding firming the dates of seminar
    2. Drafted the MOU for research in consultation with Piyush
    3. Talked to Dr. Gaba regarding research
    4. Attended the English QB workshop
    5. Talked to Dr. Sanghamitra regarding sending information about workshops and submission of closing reports
    6. Talked to Rajeev regarding submission of closing reports and proposal to org review workshop of application type of questions
    7. Talked to Tarun regarding guest list, closing of Chandan and Manisha pending bills and writing of paper
    8. Fixed 30-31 as tentative dates to review the QB Chimestry Application type of questions and informed Rajeev to propose the workshop
    9. Event File put up with Seminar Approach Paper
    10. Received List of experts from Social Science unit for seminar.
    11. Letter to NCERT been put up in Main file for the permission to hold workshop on CBW.
    12. Club the list of participants for seminar.-renu
    13. E mail the List of participant for seminar to evita.-renu
    14. Discussed the approach paper with Dir (Acad)
    15. Revised the paper accordingly and forwarded to all
October 21,2012, Sunday

    1. Mukta Vidya Vani Prog: Life Skills - Our Skills Renu & Asheema
    2. Responded to Mr. Anil Nair's query ( Coordinator from Kerala)
October 19, Friday

    1. Put up Sambit's file for renewal
    2. Data collected for Home Science
    3. Integration and CBW Paper discussed in the brain storming workshop
    4. Guest list collated from Science and English and from old CBW workshops
    5. Mitra Dui Varshik prog schedule and budget drafted
    6. AEP seminar roles, goals, time lines defined
    7. AV prog timeline and duties defined
    8. Discussed Status of QB Physics, will recieve by Monday
    9. Discussed the updation of list of invitees with SSt team, shall be recieved by Monday
    10. Mukta Vidya vani prog schedule fortwarded to Media
    11. Main file put with D/F/A letter to NCERT for permission to hold a consultative workshop for finalizing the CBW foe wrok plan 2013

October 18, Thursday
    1. Staff meeting for tasks identification to complete the work
    2. Created Excel sheet for Question Bank status - Minnie
    3. File put up for workshop for QB development on October 23rd and 25th - Minnie
    4. Met Chunnu Prasad and received the guest list for Seminar to be held in December - Minnie
    5. Meeting proposed for lessons writers - Renu
    6. Letter drafting for permission to consultative workshop meeting - Renu
    7. file put for CBW koraput
    8. file put for monthly expences
    9. file put up for unfpa film report
    10. timahi hindi report submitted
    11. Proposal Noting & budget drafted for AFC

October 17, Wednesday
    1. Worked on Learners' guide.
    2. Organized the question bank for Module I - Completed.
    3. Updated the list of the question bank format.
    4. Compered the inaugural session of Lexible Model of Skill development workshop - Asheema
    5. Meeting with Evita, telephonic status report from Chunnu Prasad, Alok, Raajeev, Azmat - Asheema

October 16, Tuesday

    1. Compered the inaugural and 1st Technical session of National Consultative Workshop on Virtual Open School
    2. Went to UNFPA to sign the vouchers
    3. Emailed the article writing guidelines to Rita for Cancer Society of India
    4. Clarified the details of reimbursement from SPC
    5. Emailed the bill of Jaipur ticket to SPC
    6. Talked to Sushant Panda of KISS regarding placement
    7. Discussed the NRHM issue with CM and Dir (Acad). Asked to organize a meeting
    8. Worked on Emcee for Symposium to be held on October 17th,2012.
    9. Completed Question bank for the units of Module I.
    10. Worked on the correction of Learner's guide.

October 15,Monday
    1. Emailed the quarterly closing report to NCERT
    2. Sent the letter to relaese the balance amount of funds to NCERT
    3. Emailed the draft approach paper for Seminar to Prof. Yadav
    4. PC (AEP) returned from Baroda
    5. Contacted expert group for the film on interview skills
    6. Talked to Dr. Khanna regarding ECCE
    7. Finalized the pictures to be included in learner's guide.

October 13-14, Saturday, Sunday

    1. Reviwed the script on interview skills
October 12, Friday
    1. Hard copy of the 3rd quarterly report sent by speedpost
    2. Emailed the draft approach paper for Seminar to Dir (Acad) and Jaya
    3. Reviewed the script on Group Discussion and approach paper

October 11, Thursday
    1. Blueprint of Political science recieved from Chunnu Prasad.
    2. Met Saumya to know about the status of English QB. Blue print is not yet not finalized.
    3. Drafted question on Unit 4 Our Clothes

October 10,wednesday
    1. letter revieved for extention of sambit's contact from july to dec,2012
    2. CA from A/C section visit AEP unit regarding the reimbersement of paid expences from NIOS.
    3. Question Bank meeting started.
    4. Met academic team to know the status of QB of the following subjects: Hindi, Political Science, English and Science.
    5. Emailed the draft of the QB list format to be followed to know the staus to the QB team.

October 9, Tuesday
    1. file put up for tabulation and finalization of jaipur feed back data october 9- 12
    2. carrer development chart drafted for AFC
    3. Takled with sambit regarding CBW koraput
October 8, Monday
    1. File put up for workshop on QB development from oct- 10-12.
    2. PC(AEP) went to baroda for the WS
October 6-7, Saturday, Sunday
    1. Sent a reminder mail to Vigyan Prasar regarding VPNET club at MItra
    2. Discussed delay of editing films in Media with Dir (Acad)
    3. Emailed revised proposal for seminar to Evita
    4. Emailed PPT to Sambit for writing paper
    5. file put up for quarterly closing
October 4-5, Thursday, Friday
    1. Attended National consultation workshop at UNFPA
    2. ws for review and finalization of UNFPA film script.
    3. file put up for quarterly closing.
October 3,2012 Wednesday
    1. Workshop ECCE began
    2. Workshop script writing began
    3. Curriculum doc (VOC) forwarded to Nalini
    4. Reviewed the PPT for tom
    5. Minnie joined
    6. Revised Voc seminar paper and forwarded to Mamta
October 2, 2012 Tuesday (Holiday)
    1. Drafted Talking points for CM and forwarded to him
    2. Reviewed the narrative tool
    3. sent email to Shomu regarding addresses of AIs for shooting
October 1, 2012 Monday
    1. Meeting with CM regarding scripts, message conveyed to Jaya
    2. Finalized the Academic monotoring tool
    3. Reviewed the Approach paper for seminar
September 20, 2012, Thursday
    1. copy of approval to nominate Praveen forwarded to Dir( Acad) to Dir (Voc)
    2. Finalized the Qualitative and Qantitative Analysis of Coord Meet & CBW Effective PCP Bbsr. Copies forwarded to CM and all head of depts
    3. worked with Pushpa Bansal on competencies in ECCE course
    4. Monthly & quarterly MHRD reports forwarded
    5. drafted report on Acad sec and s. secondary for MHRD annual report
    6. forwarded soft copy of learners guide to Dir (Acad) cc to concerned AO
    7. Finalized Baroda prog
    8. talked to Prof JL Pande regarding research on Magic Bus S4D prog, discussed with Neha and fwded to Sarita and Aparna
    9. emailed Jaya regarding medium of filming the videos
    10. Forwarded report of Bbsr meet to PRO
    11. Put up Hindi Pakhwara programme at Mitra for approval
    12. Forwarded the pakhwara info to Mitra and Monika
September 19, 2012
    1. CBW file put up for workshop to tabulate Jaipur CBW feedback on Sept 24-25
    2. H.Sc file put up for postponing QB workshop to Sept 27 and Leraner Guide lang editing on 26-28 sept

September 18, 2012
    1. Learners' Guide completed
    2. Posters printed, material collected for Exhibition at Pragati MAida
    3. 2 Adcademic briefs reviewed
    4. Questions for lesson 2,3,4 ,5, 14,15,16 & 22 drafted for H.Sc Question Bank
    5. Tabular report updated, and paper completed
September 17 Monday
    1. Sundar's leave application from19-25 Oct forwarded
    2. Placed PC (AEP) leave application for 24 Sept.
    3. Responded to Memo
    4. Confirmed with Dr. Sarita for afternoon prog. Recorded the programme
    5. Psy script writing workshop for radio PCP and and how to memorize (general issues)
    6. file put up for review of academic briefs
    7. Closing of CBW Bbsr , MTR put up
    8. Tabular report given to Evita for tying up with Approach Paper worked on paper about chronology
    9. Put up file for hindi story writing at AFC on Hindi Pakhwara
    10. Put up file for H. Sc workshop on Q Bank
    11. Sent letter to St. Thomas for deputing Anju

    1. September 15 Saturday
    2. Attended the workshop to convert material into blind accessible forms
September 14 friday
    1. two days Workshop on accedable ebook started
September 13, Thurseday
    1. AEP audio programme list given to Indra Mathur (Media)
September 12, wednesday
    2. Mitra career mela concluded
September 11, Tuesday
    1. Psychology Radio PCP .
    2. Mitra career mela started
September 10, Monday
    1. Mukta Vidya Vani programme on Consumer Beware Be aware Lesson 22 with Anju Chauhan
    2. MHRD monthly report drafted.
    3. CBW at bbsr continue...
    5. workshop for internship report review started.
    1. CBW started at bbsr
September 6, Thurseday
    1. Meeting with Psychology Expert at NCERT
September 5, Wednesday
    1. invitation letter sent to dipr for jitendra singh (psychologist)
September 4, Tuesday
    1. invitation letter sent to anju mam
    2. Approval of revised proformas. Forwarded to RD Bbsr
    3. Nomination of AO Eco Mnish for co facilitation at Bbsr, AO informed through file
    4. Workshop for QB Science underway
    5. Workshop to create Learners' Guide H. Sc underway
    6. Psychology Radio PCP .
    7. Inauguration Schedule for Mitra Career Mela file put up
    8. Handled AG query regarding Seminar on International Women's day
    9. Grant in aid scheme for research document forwarded to LIC
    10. Drafted PPT on Trends in development of learning materials for open schooling - Issues of quality, integration of life skills and forwarded it to Dir (Acad)
    11. Forwarded the proposal for the development of e-leraning content in life skills by Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology to Dir (Acad) for perusal
    12. Emailed receipt to Asna Sharief
    13. Emailed thanks letter to Dr. Madhu Phull for invitation to Vasudha
September 3, Monday
    1. Session at LIC
    2. Mukta Vidya Vani programme on Consumer Beware Be aware Lesson 22 with Anju Chauhan
    3. Tele con with RD Bbsr- Blood donation camp and AIDS awareness workshop finalized for September 5, 2012, Venue booked for CBW of Coordinators and workshop bags ordered
    4. file put up for compilation of internship report
    5. fileput up for learner guide
    6. file put up for psychology radio pcp
    7. script writing workshop for PSY radio pcp.

September 1, SATURDAY
1. Attend RAC meeting for PAU research proposal

August 31, Friday
    1. Main File pur up for internship resume
    2. CB file put up for AO for CBW bbsr .
    3. CBW part file put up for approval of Programme Schedule, Banner, feedback form, Registration Form, Pre-post test
    4. Conveyed to Sunder and Anu to come on Saturday at 11.00 am
    5. Name of resourceperson for H.Sc and Psychlology forwarded to Media
    6. Meeting with Ms. Anjali Mehta Coordinator Amity
    7. Contacted Vijya Subramanayam for the status of check for 1600, phone switched off.
    8. Accounts meeting closed, documents given Anil ji
    9. Recorded for Sunday session of Mukta Vidya Vani on Best use of SLM with Trapti

August 30, Thursday
    1. Judged 24 projects in Childrens' Science Congress Amity
    2. Meeting with Ms. Anjali Mehta Coordinator Amity
    3. Part file for account statement reconciling workshop put up
    4. MTO put up for Bbsr
    5. Talked to RD Bbsr, Sambit regarding CBW
    6. Revised the Internship reports and put up, also forwarded the necessary changes to the interns
    7. H.Sc Q.B workshop on
    8. Scratch of the vedio magazine programme underway
    9. Lesson 5,15,17 finalized for Learners' Guide H.Sc

August 29, Wednesday
    1. Discussed the prep of mixed media PPT etc for lesson 19 of Sc & Tech with Dr. Sarkar. Fwded the lesson to her for preparation.
    2. Approval for CBW and Coordinators' Meet forwarded to SSS, RD Bbsr and DD Accts for information
    3. Meeting for the committee to review website convened in Director SSS . SAP attended, minutes drafted and signed
    4. Workshop began for QB Home Science
    5. Integration file moved for NOC letter for Vigyan Prasar to UNFPA
    6. All the lessons and NOC emailed to UNFPA
    7. Designed Prog Schedule for LIC and mailed it
    8. Forwarded lesson 4& 2 to Neha f/n/a
    9. Copy of learners' guide forwarded to Dr. Khan

August 28, Tuesday
    1. web meet scheduled on 29 aug. post lunch
    2. Revised budget put up
    3. internship issue main file put up
    4. H.Sc workshop finished
    5. Meeting with Vigyan Prasar regarding finalization of lessons
    6. discussion with Sambit regarding staff placement
    7. Forwarded the lessons and other documents to Bbsr
    8. Monthly Leave record for July to August forwarded to UNFPA
    9. Responded to Jaya regarding dates of script reading
    10. Responded to Veera ji regarding CBSE document
August 27, Monday
    1. File regarding budget of RCAC meeting forwarded to Dir SSS
    2. Translation of ODES questions forwarded to SAP
    3. Closing of H.Sc work shop and proposal for next workshop on 27-18 file put up
    4. meeting with dir (sss) regarding CBW.
    5. File put up for hindi translated two questions of Home Science for ODES.
    6. stellar terrace documents handed to rajkumar.
    7. Selection Committee meeting for SEO (AEP)
    8. Home Science review meeting begins
    9. Career mela bugdet emailed to sambit
    10. Meeting with Anand ji regarding revised budget proposal
    11. LIC workshop on September 3,2012 partnering agencies file put up
    12. Monthly leave record and local travel file put up
    13. Revised budget proposal for CBW Bbsr forwarded to SSS
    14. Discussion with RD Bbsr regarding programme
    15. CBSE report drafted and forwarded to Secretary CBSE

August 25-26, Saturday, Sunday
    1. Prepared and carried out Web radio programme from 10.30 am to 11.00 am. 7 calls received.
August 24, Friday
    1. Main file for intern for Seminar put up
    2. English -3 , Home science -6, Science 6, Social Science 6 lessons forwarded to Bbsr.
    3. file put up for internship reports
    4. Account dcuments submitted to AG for audit purpose
    5. File put up for bill clearence of Home Science bokk -2 tranlator
August 23, Thursday
    1. CDs and adocacy material despatched to RD Bbsr
    2. AG Audit team meeting
    3. Home science learners guide framtted 7 lessons and drafted 10 lessons
    4. Recording for the video magazine
    5. Meeting in Dir. SSS room regarding CBW Afghanistan
August 21, Tuesday
    1. Budget Proposal CBW Bbsr and Koraput put up
    2. Budget Proposal Mitra Career Mela file put up
    3. Home Science Workshop for Learners' Guide begins
    4. Meeting with Chairman, Dir (Acad) and Dir (SSS)
August 18,19, 20 Saturday, Sunday, Monday(Eid)
    • Reviewed the reports sent by Asna Sharief, Latha Interns at Jaipur and Ronson at Bbsr
    • Revied the lesson Preservation of food for learners' guide, forwarded it to Neha for placing in the template
    • Finalized the programme schedule with RD Bbsr and forwarded to Dir Acad & SSS for approval
    • Sent reminder e mail regarding:
      • Travel claim for Delhi to Bhubaneswar tour performed between 08-12-11 to 14-12-11.
      • Travel claim for Delhi to Pune tour performed between 18-12-11 to 21-12-11
    • Responded to Shilpa Pandit's (Chennai) email regarding working with NIOS
    • Responded to email sent by Indian Cancer Society
    • Forwarded the vacancy link to LIC,PAU and Baroda College
August 17, Friday
    • Attended the script review workshop at UNFPA
    • Forwarded the list of addresses to UNFPA for sending AEP materials
    • Discussed the Programme format, shedule, venue with Dir (Acad), Dir (SSS) and RD Bbsr
August 16,2012, Thursday
    1. File put up for monthly allowounces for august month.
    2. Emailed Saroj Yadav regarding internship and approved budget for National Seminar
    3. Coordinated between R.D, Dir SSS, Dir Acad regarding Tutor Traing Workshop, draft prog schedule sent to RD
    4. Finalized budget for Career Mela in consultation with SEO (AEP) Bbsr
    5. Tied with media regarding editing of programmes on Tuesday and Thursday
    6. Add for walk in interview given to computor unit, informed candidates
    7. Discussion with Anita regarding Amity review, obtained Handbook for facilitators from SSS
August 15 Wednesday
    1. Reviewed Tarun's paper and sent it back
August 14 Tuesday
    1. 2 day, Home Science Study Guide meeting concluded
    2. 4 lessons each given to Mrs. Suman Bhatia (lesson 17-20) and Mrs. Ajit Alluwalia (lesson 13-16)
    3. Reimbursement of travel (neha sharma) put up
    4. bill for Hindi translation of Home Science material put up
August 13 Monday
    1. Staff requirement file reput up
    2. Budget proposal for H.Sc Learners Guide put up
    3. Meeting with Dir(Acad) regarding Hindi- Dr. Meena shall do the needful
    4. Soc Science workshop for Question Bank started
    5. Mitra mannual send to sambit
    6. Monthly MHRD report submitted
    7. Approach paper and budget proposal OF CAREER MELA forwarded to SEO (AFC)
August 10-12 Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    1. Finalized Approach Paper Mitra Career Mela in discussion with RD Bbsr
    2. Responded to email of Sc & Tech regarded QBW on 14& 16 Aug
    3. Sent reminder emails to Soc. Sc., Hindi and English for development of Question Bank
    4. Tied up with Home Sience for the development of Learners guide, along with Suman and Piya
    5. Fixed an appointment with Sharad Saxena for 12 pm Monday

August 9, 2012
    1. Leave Record put up and forwarded to UNFPA
    2. 16th prog a LIC discussion with Dr. Sarita Anand
    3. Talked to Mr. Rath regarding programme
    4. Emailed revised 'support for alternate mentorship for Social Science' to Jaya
    5. Minutes of Departmental Meeting on AEP file put up
    6. HR File put up for walk in interview
    7. NCERT workshop finished with finalization of advocacy materials for AEP
August 8, 2012
    1. telephinic discussion held with RD- BBSR and PATNA regarding dates for CBW
August 7,2012
    1. File put up for internship reports and CV.
    2. file put up for IWD entries in nios magazine
    3. PDF (HOME SCIENCE ) forwardred to SAP
    4. emalied to UNFPA regarding the payments of history tutors.
August 6,2012
    1. Programme schedule of mitra mela revised and emailed to sambit
    3. Workshop from 6-9 August at NCERT on Material Development.
August 3,2012
    1. discussion held with sambit regarding the various issues for the mitra mela.
August 2,2012
    1. Expert's names discussed with sambit for career mela.
    2. Reminder for learner's pic sent to remaining RDs.
August 1,2012
    1. Monthly MHRD REPORT drafted
    2. Mitra career mela's budget discussed and programme schedule emailed to SAMBIT for consideration.
July 27,2012 Friday
    1. PC (AEP) and SEO returns to Delhi
July 26,2012 Thursday
    1. Tutor Training Workshop at Jaipur concludes
July 25,2012 Wednesday
    1. File submitted for home sc. honorarium
July 24,2012 Tuesday
    1. Tutor Training Workshop begins at Jaipur
July 23,2012 Monday
    1. Telephonic discussion held with seo (afc) regarding Mitra mela
    2. Plan budget drafted along with programme schedule for mitra mela
    3. PC (AEP) and SEO (AEP) left for Jaipur for CBW for Tutors. Pre-workshop preparations carried out
July 20, 2012 Friday
    1. 5 subjects meeting with director and Sonia Behl for academic and financial status.
    2. prepared minutes of the meeting.
    3. shoot for video magazine with learners and anchors in studio.
    4. meeting with Anjali Singh
    5. Hindi translation of PPT for CBW Jaipur typing by Sunder
    6. Academic order for AC meeting mailed to Dir Acad.
    7. Hm Sc Learners Guide meeting with Ajeet ma'm and Chitra ma'm.
July 19, 2012 Thursday
    1. Reminder sent to Vigyan Prasar regarding VIPNET
    2. received Hindi translation of PPT for Jaipur CBW
    3. Followed up the Disability chapter, Sukant forwarded it to Evaluation department for inclusion in examination byelaws
    4. Finalized the prize winning entries of essay writing competition for publication in Open Learning
July 18, 2012 Wednesday
    1. Home Science- Closing Report of Question Bank, meeting proposed for 2nd review in Hindi and Study Guide
    2. Recording fixed for friday
    3. CBW Banner, programme schedule, Tutor manual Hindi duplicated, Pre-Posrt Forms duplicated and sent
    4. Translation PPT meeting proposed
    5. Guidlines for Learners' Guide file put up
    6. Form B, Utiliztaion Certificate, Academic Progress Report and Narrative tool revised and forwarded to NCERT and UNFPA
    7. Report of AEP for Annual Report forwarded to Gopa madam
    8. Hindi Timahi Report submitted
    9. Draft Letter to VC RGNIYD to Dir (Acad)
July 17, 2012 Tuesday
    1. Email and telephonic discussion with Shomu regarding script
    2. Follow up of accounts for the revised forms
    3. Follow up of Jaipur and Udaipur workshops with RD Jaipur
    4. Collection of lessons from Acad. Officers
July 16, 2012 Monday
    1. Departmental Meeting
    2. Email for release of payment to mentors Social Science along with the final lessons forwarded to UNFPA
    3. Email to Dr. Prasad regarding planning of QB and Learners' Guide time plan
    4. Report drafted for Annual Report 2011 and forwarded to Sunder for adding pictures
July 13, 2012 Friday
    1. PC (AEP) attended PPR meeting in NCERT. The meeting was attended by Undersecretary MHRD, Sec CBSE, Dept Comm KVS and NVS along with all AEP personnel from each partnering agency
    2. Telephonic discussion with Kinkini regarding close of Sc & Tech
    3. sent email regarding mentoring help for Soc Sc lessons after receiving inputs from Chunnu Prasad
    4. Recording of the video magazine
July 12, 2012 Thursday
    1. File put up for bulletin, internship.
    2. Main file put up for quarterly closing
    3. emailed to PRO bulletin, internship
    4. Home Science final lessons emailed to UNFPA
    5. Prepared for the recording of video programme on friday
    6. Prepared for CBW - making new PPT
July 11, 2012 Wednesday
    1. Talked to M. Ashok Kumar, Jaipur: information about the subjects of participants will be known tomorrow.
    2. Emailed list of items (stationery/bags etc) to be acquired by RC Jaipur.
    3. Edited teh PPT on Skills v Life Skills. and Objectives of Workshop.
    4. Bbsr MTR drafted and forwarded to Sunder along with all the bills
    5. Staff meeting regarding preparation of CBW Jaipur
    6. PC (AEP) attended the script review meeting at Chanakyapuri
July 10, 2012 Tuesday
    1. Media workshop
    2. Finalized narrative tool
July 9, 2012 Monday
    1. Ocean in a drop session
July8, 2012 Sunday
    1. Undertook the PCP session for H.Sc Sec and Senior secondary at Mitra
    2. Returned to Delhi
July 7 2012 Saturday
    1. Evaluation of Mitra by Dr. Jaya
    2. Evaluated the Interns
    3. Prepared for the PCP
July 6, 2012 Friday
    1. Mail sent to 5 subjects for Q Bank dates reminder for July 2012.
    2. Approval for electronic transfer to RC jaipur for CBW and PCP Monitoring
    3. PC (AEP) went to Bbsr foe UNFPA evaluation of Mitra
July 5,2012 Thursday
    1. Monthly and Quarterly MHRD report submitted
    2. Preface Mitra Manual revised and resent to Interns at JAipur
    3. MTO Bbsr forwarded to SPC, tickets obtained
    4. Meeting with Media regarding scheduling of video magazine shoot
    5. Meeting with SAP regarding internal LAN
    6. Coordinated Media Magazine, pilot on stress management will be shot on July 7, 2012
    7. Proof Reading of Home Science lessons in Hindi continued
    8. Talked to Mr Mahender from Shishu Bharti study center no 170123 Udaipur regarding the PCP monitoring meeting
    9. Put up file for Udaipur PCP sessions along with budget, sanction order and MTO for PC (AEP)
July 4,2012 Wednesday
    1. Return of PC(AEP) returned from Jaipur
    2. MTO Bbsr submitted
July 3,2012 Tuesday
    1. CRC Home Science Hindi put up
    2. Meeting attended in Chairman block
    3. file approved for proof reading workshop of home science in Hindi
    4. Proof reading workshop of home science in Hindi initiated
    5. CBW, jaipur approved and scanned approval sent to Jaipur rd
    6. PC (AEP) attended learners workshop and reviewed the internship programme.
July 2,2012 Monday
    1. File put up for cheques of Hindi Experts
June 29,2012 Friday
    1. PC (AEP) attended the round table meeting of Indian Science Congress
    2. Trapti conducted the Teleconferencing Programme for SSS Department
June 28,2012 Thursday
    1. Meeting with Dir (SSS) and (Eval) regarding Disability chapter.
    2. MTO and Monthly leave record forwarded to SPC
    3. Talked to SPC regarding this and the pending bill clearance
    4. A / V file forwarded to Production Asstt Media Unit after carrying out the corrections
    5. English workshop for developing learner guide reviewed the work and discussed and handed over the process words to Saumya, finalized the template on one lesson of learner guide and forwarded to Saumya
    6. Talked to Sukant about Disability chapter
    7. Quarterly account of AFC put up
    8. CBW Tutors Rajasthan file put up
June 27,2012 Wednesday
    1. Partnering Agency file put up for the Indian Science Congress meet on 'How to encourage science students to take up as a career?' on June 29, 2012
    2. A / V file put up for the dev of video magazines by the intern Anshul
    3. Drafted letter to learner for Dir (Acad) for D. El.Ed programme and forwarded the same.
    4. Monthly leave record and MTO for Jaipur file put up
June 26,2012 Tuesday
    1. Sourced the names and numbers of resource persons for ECCE and handed over to Pushpa Bansal
    2. Print screen shot forwarded to SAP
    3. Agenda Item e-lessons sent for FC
    4. Responded to the mail from Ms. Rajashree Deshmukh from Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology Pune.
    5. Meeting with Mr. Rajnikanth from NVS
    6. Bill and Sanction Order for Inclusive Growth Company for the development of graphics for H.Sc put up
June 25,2012 Monday
    1. Met Personal, staff salary done
    2. Met SAP emailed the request to place dropbox on white list
    3. Met consultant media, reviewed the programme script
    4. Workshop for Bio Peer Review, Physics Hindi translation begins
    5. Workshop for development of Learner Guide for English begins
    6. Meeting with Sukant for learner guide
    7. Reviewed the proforma for communication sent by Mitra and forwarded the revised proforma
    8. Handed over the Blue Print and Question Items to AO English and Science and Tech
June 20 -22, 2012 Wednesday
    1. CBW for Evaluators begins for 5 subjects at NIB till June 22,2012. AEP Unit attends the workshop.
June 18,2012 Monday
    1. Workshop on Development of Learner's Guide for Maths and Science & Tech begins at Stellar IT Park in collaboration with UK Open Univ till June 22, 2012. PC(AEP) attends the workshop.
June 16,2012 Saturday
    1. Ford foundation training programme finishes
June 15,2012
    1. Confirmation call made to 4 team leaders for the workshop
    2. Hard and soft copy of the letter for deputing Dr. Sekhar sent to NCERT
    3. Home Science new blue print made
June 14,2012
    1. Banner approved by Director (Acad) for the evaluation workshop
    2. Reminder/ Confirmation call made to 90% of the participants for the evaluation workshop
    3. Mail regarding the booking sent to NIB
June 13,2012
    1. file put up for information to AO/SEO about the materials required for the workshop
    2. Pre receipt of Rs. 23 lakhs sent to NCERT.
    3. Conversation with Sambhit regarding submission of Comic ws report.
    4. TMA Home Science in English and Hindi submitted
    5. Correction carried out for Banner (Evaluation workshop)
    6. Mailed to PAU regarding their T/A
June 12,2012
    1. File put up for transfer of 48,800/- to RC Jaipur for internship programme.
    2. Mitra SOP sent to Ms. Santhanam
    3. Emailed to RC JAIPUR regarding the fund allocation for internship period.
    4. file put up for invitation to chairman and HODs, but will be sent on Monday
    5. Academic Brief on Time Management
    6. Home science CRC forwarded to PO.
June 11, 2012
1. Review meeting for TMA for home science in English no issues, the Hindi version will be ready by tomorrow
2. Left over letters (evaluation workshop) dispatched
3. File put up for approval of banner, registration form and feedback form for Evaluation workshop
4. File put up for Home Science (hard and soft copy) to be forwarded to SAP.
5. Material from Dr. Srivastav's book xeroxed for Evaluation workshop.
6. stationary received from store for for Evaluation workshop.
7. PC (AEP) starts the Ford Foundation Training programme till June16, 2012
June 8, 2012
    1. departmental meeting to discuss the plan of action for 2012-13
    2. Peer review meeting of biology
    3. TMA Home Science review workshop approved
    4. AV Advocacy file put up for academic brief of pilot video magazine
    5. CBW evaluators
    • banner
    • feedback form
    • programme schedule
    • attendance list
    • circulated duty list to AOs
6. Phone calls made for learners as anchors for video magazines for audition to
    • Father Agnel
    • Tamana
    • Amar Jyoti
    • Prayas
7. E mailed send to Uma Tuli of Amarjyoti for names and contact details of learners as anchors for video magazines for audition
8. file put up for monthly canteen bill of june month
9. file put up for bulletin success story.
10. web page committee review meet scheduled on june 25.
11. Notification drafted and emailed to Dir (Acad)
June 7, 2012
1. Part file put up for CBW evaluation for:
    • Academic Officers
    • Accounts
    • Peon
    • Mike system
2. letters dispatched to participants, experts and resource person for CBW on evaluation
3. Letter given by hand to 3 english and 2 biology experts
4. File put up for review meeting of TMA Home Science
5. Biology lesson peer review Lesson 30 finalized
6. Trapti's leave application put up
7 Report of Cartoon Workshop for Bulletin drafted
8. Local T/A made
June 6, 2012
    1. 47 Invitation letters sent to participants of CBW Eval
    2. Sc lesson 30 Human Impact on Environment Peer reviewd partly
    3. Web file put up nominating a committee for authenticating the webpages
    4. File forwarded to accounts disburse advance to NIB
    5. Drafting of schedule of the video programmes
    6. Corrections being carried out in Sc. lesson Aggriculture by Sunder
    7. Discused the arrangement of Interns in Jaipur and Bbsr.
    8. Workshop on Cartoon making continued in Bbsr
    9. Monthly MHRD report forwarded
    10. sent a thnks email to Mitra
    11. sent an email to Mamta ji and Saumya regarding English TMA
    12. Thanks email sent to Indrajit regarding uploading of Mitra Safar. Film uploaded on AEP Jaipur Facebook
    13. The link forwarded to NCERT UNFPA and all the partnering agencies
    14. file put up for nomination of internal committee for web material
    15. comic workshop report drafted
June 5, 2012
    1. Letter to NCERT for Seminar budget sent to Dr. Yadav.
    2. Science (Bio) and History lesson review meeting at NIOS.
    3. Invitation for Vigyan Prasar for eclipse circulated to Cm and all HoDs.
    4. English TMA reviewed, revised and forwarded.
June 4, 2012
    1. Drafted Letter to NCERT for Seminar budget.
    2. Anshul Joined for summer internship.
    3. Brainstorming for video magazine for AEP.
    4. Science (Bio) lesson review meeting at NIOS.
    5. File submitted for canteen bills of March April and may,2012
    6. File submitted for recruitment of OA at RC bbsr.
    7. Suggestions carried out in AFC -SOP.
    8. Status of file at personal department checked.
June 1,2012
    1. Correction carried out in IWD entries.
    2. certificates distributed to RDs.
    3. APRIL -MAY MHRD report drafted
    4. Bulletin on Comic Workshop report drafted.
    5. CDs for Hm Sc secondary course given to RDs
May 31, 2012, Thursday
    1. part file forwarded to Dir Eval for nominations to Eval workshop in June
    2. Internship programme at Delhi approved and informed the intern
    3. web Bbsr film approved and forwarded to media unit for uploading on youtube and hyperlinking on website
    4. Discussed with Dr. Giri and contacted Namrata for CBW in Patna
    5. Meeting with RD Jaipur, Dehradoon, Patna, Bbsr, C'Garh and Manoj ji
    6. Meeting with Dir (Acad) and team Soc Sc regarding lesson 4
    7. Revisited the seminar budgets and informed NCERT and UNFPA of the same
    8. put up letter of invitation for Resource persons and participants for Eval workshop
    9. sent material for Eval workshop and Home Science translation for photocopying
May 30, 2012, Wednesday
    1. Responded to Ankita's letter regarding her success in finding work in cartoon development
    2. List of allocated amount sent to BBSR, DEHRADUN AND JAIPUR
    3. File put up for bilingual web site updation
    4. file put up for listing of audio/video programmes
    5. certificates packed for RD meets
    6. reviewed lesson 4 Soc.Sc
May 29, 2012, Tuesday
    1. Departmental meeting taken by Director Academic
    2. Departmental meeting taken by Chairman
    3. bills of H.Sc forwarded for approval
    4. Eval CBW approval forwarded to accounts
    5. Finalized Time Line for June- August
    6. Learning junctions for miscellaneous methodologies identified
    7. Lesson Ethis emailed to JAya
    8. Letter sent to prof saroj yadav
    9. Peer review Soc Sc lesson 7
    10. Began editing Soc Sc lesson 4
May 28, 2012, Monday
    1. File Web Page put up for uploading the Mitra Safar Report
    2. Email for mentoring for internship forwarded to all
    3. Followed up with team S.St and Sc regarding submission of CRC
    4. Talked to Dr. Neelam Grewal regarding nomination of names for CBW Eval
    5. Prepared Time Line for June, July and August
    6. File for internship (video magazines) put up
    7. mail sent to experts of home science for their confirmation for CBW on Evaluation
    8. File put up for bills of home science
    9. QED meeting to identify learning junctions for Physics and Chemistry at UNFPA Chanakyapuri
May 26-27, 2012, Saturday- Sunday
    1. Reviewed Soc. Sc. lesson no 7 Popular Resistance to the British Rule
    2. Reviewed Identification of Learning Junctions against availability of VP material
    3. Chaired a Panel Discussion on Life Skills as an important part of Emloyability Skills in a seminar organized by Faculty of Arts DU
May 25, 2012, Friday
    1. Emailed S.St team regarding dates of CRC submission
    2. Emailed Sc. team regarding dates of CRC submission
    3. CRCs forwarded to 5 RCs for translation in regional mediums
    4. Monthly Leave Record file put up and forwarded to SPC
May 24, 2012, Thursday
    1. Mail to Dir, VP for the Monday meeting with UNFPA and QED, followed up with Kinkini
    2. Mail to UNFPA for permission to organize 2-day review meeting for history at UNFPA office in Jaya's absence.
    3. Identified the AI for AEP unit and forwarded to Dir (Acad)
    4. Revised CBW Eval file put up
    5. Sanction order for Prize distribution for Bbsr, Rajasthan and Dehradoon
    6. Forwarded CRC CD's to Urdu and 1 lesson

May 22, 2012, Tuesday
    1. Sent email to Dr. Alok Kumar regd the position of Hindi translations

May 21, 2012, Monday
    1. Asheema and Neha rejoined office
    2. Talked to Alok, Azmat, Chunnu Prasad, Prasoon regarding status of lessons, pre-pages and translation
    3. Emailed the list of portraits to Lakshya
    4. Talked to sir regarding internship prog, part file main file put up accordingly
    5. English corrections carried out
    6. discussions with Bbsr, Jaipur and Divya regarding internship
    7. lessons forwarded for hindi translation

May 16, 2012,Wednesday
    1. Workshop on evaluation start (may 16-18,2012)
    2. file put up for bill payment of pradeep kumar.
    3. Asheema On Leave- worked on TMA Approach Paper
    4. Email sent to VP regarding sharing of videos and kits
    5. Email sent to Vidya Bahvan for translation of Physics lessons
    6. TMA emailed to Dir (Acad) for perusal

May 15,2012 Tuesday
    1. file put up for salary
    2. Meeting with QED at UNFPA.
    3. IWD certificates envelopes prepared on regional center wise.
    4. internship plan discussed with sambhit
    5. Regional Director's meet will be held on 30 may,2012.
    6. Asheema On Leave- worked on TMA S.Sc

MAY 14,2012 Monday
    1. file put up for letter received from saroj yadav regarding financial approval
    2. workshop on editing the entries invited for iwd-2012
    3. Draft TMA approach paper prepared
    4. Asheema On Leave- worked on TMA H.Sc
May 10, 2012 Thursday
1. Worked on TMA Home Science and forwarded it to Asheema ma'am

May 11, 2012 Friday
1. Finalized all the lessons in Home Science Book 2
2. TMA document draft prepared.

May 13, 2012 Monday
1. Submitted CRC of Home Science Book 2 at Secondary Level

May 9, 2012 Wednesday
    1. Following documents were forwarded to NCERT and UNFPA
      • Monitoring Tool Jan-March 2012
      • Narrative Tool JAn - March 2012
      • Covering letter of PC (AEP)
        • Form B
        • FACE Form
        • Utilization Certificate
        • Covering letter of DD Accounts
        1. Discussed TMA document with Dir (Academic) working on the draft
    2. Worked on TMA Home Science
    3. finalized one lesson of home science.
    4. revised a word with you in science and forwarded to all
    5. talked to Dr. Santosh Panda regarding adding the course coordinator's name in other tasks. Answer is in affirmative.

May 8, 2012, Tuesday
    1. Email sent to VP regd dates for Bio review
    2. Talked to NCERT regd project approval
    3. Proof reading workshop Home Science concluded
    4. 3 lessons 2nd proof read by Neha, corrections carried out in post pages
    5. CBSE report writing by Sundar
    6. Cover design approval for Hindi Urdu cover file put up
    7. Meeting regarding TMA in Dir (Acad) room
    8. Approach being drafted
    9. Email written to Bbsr regarding Cartoon workshop
    10. prepages approval noting copy re-given to soc sc aand sc
    11. Preview of Mitra Safar meeting, minutes approved
    12. Monitoring tool corrections carried out
    13. Received certificates for Int women's day participant

May 7, 2012, Monday
    1. File put up for Five Cover design - sanction order/Bill - approved and signed by accounts. Sanction order sent to account for fna.
    2. workshop for hindi webpage development begin
    3. File put up for Mitra safar clipping on May 8 ,2012 post lunch
    4. account documents like face form , B form etc checked
    5. EMD return letters sent to companies
    6. QED meeting for compilation rescheduled for may 15.
    7. Noting for copy of LS video films for 5 subjects sent to AD Academic along with a copy of the video.
    8. Mail sent to Jaya for comments on minutes/prog schedule of CBW for evaluation.
    9. Follow up with Azmat for subsequent peer lesson review of remaining History lessons.
    10. Follow up with Science for review of Biology lessons.
    11. Proof reading workshop for book 2 home science
    12. finalized sample question paper and marking scheme
    13. sent 3 lessons and sample question paper and marking scheme for DTP

May 5-6, Saturday, Sunday
    1. Forwarded Leave record and documents for Vishakhapatnam tour to SPC fna
    2. Finalized the minutes of the eval workshop
    3. Revised 'A word with you' for Social Science and emailed to all concerned
    4. Revised Approach Paper Fashion Studies forwarded to Director Academic

May 4,2012
    1. Monitoring tool, face form, form B &F and narrative tools along with letter sent to PC (aep)
    2. conversation held with sambhit regarding environment day celebration, extension of tenure.
    3. Proof Reading of two lessons of Home science
    4. file put up for proof reading workshop on May 7 - 8, 2012
    5. Reported in Regional Center, for Evaluation Home Science
    6. Finalized 5 Home science lessons of book 2, after second proof reading
    7. History workshop at UNFPA Chanakyapuri. Finalized lesson 5
May 3, 2012
    1. Received Status report from Soc Sci, Hm Sci, and Science.
    2. Received Soc Science file for report of review of lessons. Report altered and file fwdd to dir (Acad).
    3. Meeting with HS Srivastava for prog schedule of Evaluators workshop.
    4. Confirmed tomorrow meeting for soc science at UNFPA for review of lesson religious reforms.
    5. Consolidated lessons and learning junctions of QED meeting.
    6. Carried out corrections in Adolescence lessons in Hm Science.
    7. Reviewed Religious reforms lessons (History).
    8. File put up for editing workshop of entries of IWD
    9. Adolescence lesson sent to DTP
    10. Home Science Blue print received from Khanna ma'm, typed and reviewed.

May 2, 2012
    1. File put up for two workshops of webpage development and finalization with Pradeep Kumar.
    2. File for MLR - Asheema singh putup
    3. Put up Integration file for 1 day meeting with HS Srivastava for review of programme schedule of CBW of evaluators.
    4. Put up e-Lessons file for return of EMD and regret communication to all participants.
    5. Discussion with Dir (Acad) about using NIOS funds till the AEP Work Plan is approved, Evaluation CBW and TMA weightage.
    6. QED workshop with Biology, Physics and Geography.
    7. Reminder email sent to science, hm science and social science for submitting CRC on Monday.
    8. ek mulakat vyakaran ke saath forwarded to jaya . thanks email to dr. kiran gupta sent
    9. Reviewed Religious reforms lessons (History).
    10. Second proof reading of 3 lessons of home science

May 1, 2012
    1. Mitra safar shoot completed
    2. meeting for NIB clips scheduled at 4o'clock
    3. post pages of Home science book 2
    4. Talked with HSS Srivastava to confirm avaialbility for 1 day meeting to review programme schedule.
    5. Reminder call to Kinkini, Shivani adn MAhapatra for QED meeting tomorrow.

April 30, 2012, Monday
1. 2 lessons of Home Science (Adolescence and Ethics) sent to Dr. Khanna for Question Bank
2. Meeting fixed with media department for shooting of mitra safar on 1 may,2012
3. talked with sambhit mishra regarding the celebration of june 5, 2012 as world environment day through plantaion of trees and poster making competition
4. workshop planned with pradeep kumar regarding the updation of hindi AEP webpage.
5.both ankita and avinash has been told to sent their bio-datas along with passport size pic for to upload their achievement for AEP webpage and next bulletin.
6.conversation held with RAJEEV PRASAD regarding the sub- section for mitra in NIOS biannual magazine.
7. as per the conversation held with Pramod Tripathi both eng and hindi version of webpage updation will be done together.

April 27, 2012 (Friday)
    1. Outline of Learners Guide file put up
    2. Ethics lesson finalized
    3. Trapti and Anu attended the Workshop on Grassroots Comics at NCERT
    4. Meeting with Yamuna from Tejasvi regarding developing drama modules for NIOS learners. Handed over 4 lessons: Kondiba, 9 Gold Medals, Good Things from Rubbish, The return of the Lion for development of a sample.

April 26, 2012 (Thursday)

    1. Responded to email of History
    2. Talked to learners in the Grassroots workshop and Harish Meena
    3. sent sms to Prof Yadav regarding approval of work plan
    4. talked to Sandhya for Eval workshop at Dehradoon
    5. Sent an email to Bhawana regarding CBW in Rajasthan
    6. monthly MHRD report submitted
    7. emailed letter of invitation of QED meeting on may 2, 2012 to Kinkini and Mahapatra.
    8. graphic list for adolescent lesson mailed to graphic designer
    9. revised adolescents lesson
    10. Meeting with Tom Powers and Claire Hedges from Department of English in Action, UK Open University regarding Learner Guide
    11. Meeting with Shivani Jain from Centre for Environment Education regarding development of materials on Sustainable Development at senior secondary level.
    12. Approach Paper Leraners' Guide File put up
    13. Trapti , Neha and Sunder attended the Workshop on Grassroots Comics at NCERT

April 25, 2012 (Wednesday)

    1. File put up for clearance of bills for lesson writers
    2. Adolescence lesson mailed to jaya ma'am
    3. Spot Evaluation - Sr. Sec Home Science by SEO (AEP)
    4. Cheque dispatched to Dr. P. Chawla (PAU)
    5. 7 letters for research dispatched
    6. Letter to JNV for permission to their teacher to hold a PCP dispatched
    7. Approach Paper Learners' Guide prepared and put up
    8. Departmental meeting for TMA
    9. Workshop QED for 2nd proposed
    10. Emailed Mukul ji regarding Soc Sc cover
    11. Emailed Sc team for Practical Manual & production of CRC of Book 1 and Practical Manual by May 15, 2012
    12. Responded to Prasanta Sahoo regarding his feedback on AEP Master Trainers' Workshop

April 24, 2012 (Tuesday)
    1. File put up for one day workshop on may 3,2012
    2. website material handed over to Mr. Promod Tripathi, SEO (SAP)
    3. Date updation material for IWD event sent to SEO (SAP)
    4. Prepared report of Vishakapatnam workshop for Trapti
    5. Prepared Narrative Tool for 1st Quarter 2012.
    6. Marking Scheme Home Science at Secondary level

April 23,2012 (Monday)
    1. File put up for certificates to Publication Officer
    2. Hindi Timahi report drafted
    3. Quarterly MHRD report drafted
    4. Marking Scheme Home Science at Secondary level

April 20, 2012
    1. Home Science three lessons finalized with graphics
    2. Workshop on Teaching / Learning Video - Home Science, Hindi and English

April 19, 2012
    1. Indent for Telephone Instrument forwarded and signed by Adm
    2. Workshop on Teaching / Learning Video - Home Science, Hindi and English

April 18, 2012
    1. Emailed the list of participants for the workshop to identify learning junctions for video film to Jaya
    2. Emailed UNFPA for an alternate date for meeting with Ayush
    3. Put up part file integration for additional budget for the 19-20 workshop.
    4. Forwarded the copy right info regarding back cover to PO
    5. Emailed the report of hands on session to JNV
    6. letter to heads of institutions for research Research file put up
    7. Followed up e-lessons file (with Secretary)
    8. Collected Physics, Bio and Sc.& Tech materials for forwarding to Vigyan Prasar
    9. Letter to Assistant Commissioner (Acad) Bhopal, JNV, Partnering Agencies file put up
    10. Attendance and sitting allowance made for 19 - 20 April, 2012
August 11, 2011, Thursday
    1. Finalized Annual Report on international collaboration. Mailed to Gopa Ma'm.
    2. Meeting with Home Science
    3. Review of Chemistry Lesson
    4. Tentative review meeting schedule for 5 subjects discussed.

August 12, 2011, Friday
    1. Drafted proposal for jaipur CBW.
    2. Drafted letter to NCERT for release of funds
    3. Drafted report of teh seminar on inclusive education for uploading on the web.
    4. Meeting for developing evaluation items in home science with dr khanna
    5. Meeting for reconciling AEP accounts with Surjit Singh

August 16, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Put up CBW file for change of date for ranchi workshop - reproposed for september 8-10, 2011.
    2. Ranchi budget approved and sent to accounts department.
    3. Put up file for Jaipur CBW for Sep 13-15, 2011.
    4. Drafted MTO for ranchi. Approved by Dir and scanned copy mailed to UNFPA.
    5. Put up file for uploading report of seminar on inclusive education
    6. mailed information for interview to pinky and sabina.
    7. attended Science (bio) meeting
    8. Darbhanga report reviewed by Gopa ma'm and changes carried out.
    9. MTO forwarded to UNFPA
    10. Approved budget forwarded to RD Patna

August 17, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Put up part file (infrastructure) for advance for keyboard and cartridge for fotocopier.
    2. Put up main file for closing 1 day meeting and proposing 2 day meeting with surjeet singh for 17/18 August.
    3. Put up CBW file for Jai[ur workshop on 13-15 Sept.
    4. put up e-lessons file for minutes of meeting for finalization of RFP with Shiv Kumar.
    5. drafted AFC noting for
      1. buddy programme
      2. 2 sets of A/V programmes to be sent to AFC
      3. translation of posters in oriya
      4. purchase of approved infrastructure at AFC as per work plan
      5. clins with psychologist and doctor
      6. aactivity as per manual atleast twice a month
    6. Bio review meeting conitnued.
    7. Accounts review meeting with surjeet singh begin
    8. Emailed to 5 subject in charges for billing lesson writers for timely payments. received the draft bill and made changes to include life skills integration.

August 18, 2011, Thursday
    1. Revised honorarium bill, design and look.
    2. mail sent for status report to 5 subjects.
    3. Workshop with Surjeet Singh concluded. Accounts reconciled.
    4. Bio lesson review workshop.
    5. All revised financial documents mailed to NCERT/UNFPA.
    6. Noting scanned and mailed to MDU for duplication of 2 sets of all A/V programmes in 2 languages.

August 19, 2011, Friday
    1. Received status report from english and science. Prepared Hindi report. Mailed to UNFPA and Director Academic, NIOS.
    2. Monthly work schedule for August 2011 prepared and mailed to Director.
    3. Revised and reconciled accounts as per UNFPA and NCERT requirements. File put up.
    4. CBW file put up for budget approval for udaipur. Approved. Budget sent to accounts and copy scanned and mailed to udaipur.
    5. Drafted AEP letter for pre pages.
    6. Redesigned honorarium bill for integration.

August 23, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Telephonic conversation with Namrata, Patna for venue for CBW Ranchi.
    2. Mailed status report to jaya, CM and Dir.
    3. prepared agenda for review meeting on august 24 with UNFPA and CM, NIOS and files sent to CM office
    4. put up main file for minutes of PPR meeting held on July 25, 2011.
    5. Put up CBW file for combined MTO for Ranchi to Jaipur for CBW.
    6. Put up CBW file for permission of travel for RD adn accounts personnel from RC Jaipur to Udaipur for CBW.
    7. accounts settled and emailed to UNFPA and NCERT
    8. e-Lesson file cleared from legal.
    9. telephonic discussion with RGNIYD for international conference
    10. Hm Sc. SEO follow up with lady irwin college.
    11. inclusive education seminar relevant documents handed over to promod.
    12. Icon samples forwarded to Mahesh ji, discussed the design ideas with him

August 24, 2011, Wednesday
    1. UNFPA and NIOS joint review meeting held in Chairman's chamber.
    2. Vigyan Prasar meeting fixed for 25th. Status emailed to Kinkini for reference.
    3. Draft minutes of the meeting prepared and mailed to Jaya
    4. Form B, Face Form, Monitoring Tool, Narrative monitoring Tool emailed to NCERT and UNFPA. Hard copy speed posted to NCERT.
    5. Pre-page of experts drafted in English and Hindi.
    6. Honorarium Bill revised.
    7. e-lessons file follow up.
    8. drafted letter from AEP desk for new material.
    9. banner for Ranchi CBW prepared and sent to Patna.
    10. Talked to sambhit about status of AFC regarding:
      1. infrastructure
      2. activity workshops with learners
      3. maintaining database of learners
      4. follow up with learners about their feedback
      5. arranging for clinics at AFC

August 25, 2011, Thursday
    1. CBW file put for reply to CM about role of RDs in CBW.
    2. Talked to Sambhit again
    3. Put up AFC file
    4. Proposed 2 days workshop for H.Sc
    5. Minutes of the meeting between UNFPA & NIOS file put up
    6. Telephonic discussion with Jaya and Vivek regarding work completion report of at least 10 lessons in English and presentation of 6-8 lessons

August 26, 2011, Thursday
    1. Draft minutes of the meeting with Vigyan Prasar email to all the participants for comments
    2. Attended workshop with English and Hindi Group
    3. Home Science workshop underway
    4. Anju and Rowena informed about the status of their cheques
    5. UNFPA informed about the change in programme to Udaipur & to cancel the tickets to Udaipur
    6. Material dispatched to Jaipur and Patna

August 27, 2011, Saturday
    1. English documents - QPD, Blueprint, sample QP, Making Scheme and list of 10 lessons forwarded to Jaya.

August 29, 2011, Monday
    1. Closing of 2-day meeting for Naela. Proposed 2 day meeting for 29-30. approved.
    2. Email sent to jaipur and patna for documents/banner for CBW respectively.
    3. Salary PC (AEP) prepared.
    4. Discussion with rajeev, AO (Chemistry). Lesson Acid and Base initiated in house editing.
    5. Telephonic discussion with GA regarding additional icons of listening & speaking skills and Let us learn Grammer
    6. assessed Home Science in house editing lesson Fibre to fabric

August 30, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Meeting with Director (Academic) regarding status of Sc & Tech and translation schedule
    2. Apology sent on main file
    3. Discussion regarding English QPD & Blue Print
    4. Minutes of the Vigyan Prasar Meeting forwarded to concerned officers.
    5. SEO (AEP) Application for late morning put up.
    6. MHRD monthly report finalized, put up and mailed.
    7. Put up AFC part file for approval of debate concept note for AFC.
    8. Reminder to Alok for putting up review workshop for september 5, 2011.
    9. Minutes of the PPR meeting forwarded to AFC for initiating Creative Writing Competition.
    10. integration file put up for inviting HS Srivastava for September 3 workshop for development of Q paper design.
    11. MTO put up for ranchi/jaipur for CBW in September 2011.
    12. Closing of 2 day meeting for Hm Sc with Naela.
    13. Approved Concept Note and noting mailed to sambhit for f/n/a.
    14. Put up Partnering Agency file for COBSE sharing as per PPR minutes.

September 1, 2011, Thursday
    1. Science Meeting in AEP room.
    2. Honorarium proforma and prepages mailed to 5 subject in-charge
    3. QPD meeting for 3 September approved. Budget sent to accounts.
    4. Copy of noting to 4 subject in-charge for names of experts for COBSE meeting.

September 2, 2011, Friday
    1. Mailed scanned copy of noting and approved standee and posters to AFC
    2. Talked to Anshul and NEha for 2 day meeting for Hm Sc - not available
    3. English and Science Review meeting with jaya.
    4. Main file put up for approval of letter to NCERT for release of funds
    5. Surjeet Singh meeting for conciliation of accounts
    6. Write up on AEP to CM/Dir (Acad) for press conference.
    7. Letter for release of funds approved and scanned copy sent to NCERT.

September 3, 2011, Saturday
    1. Workshop on developing Q paper design with Prof HS Srivastava.

September 5, 2011, Monday
    1. Science review meeting in Vigyan Prasar.
    2. Designed Certificate for tutor training, darbhanga.

September 6, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Science Review meeting continued at Vigyan Prasar

September 8, 2011, Thursday
    1. CBW Ranchi begin

September 9, 2011, Friday
    1. CBW, Ranchi continue

September 10, 2011, Saturday
    1. CBW, Ranchi concluded.

September 11, 2011, Sunday
    1. PC (AEP) travel for CBW in Jaipur

September 12, 2011, Monday
    1. uploaded tender notice for e-lessons.
    2. Home Science Review meeting with Naela begin
    3. Preparation of CBW at Jaipur

September 13, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Begin CBW, Jaipur
    2. Follow up with firms for e-lessons
    3. Contacted firms for e-lessons tender notice.

September 14, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Put up CBW file for names form evaluation deptt for w/s on developing Question paper design and blue print.
    2. Continued CBW, Jaipur

September 15, 2011, Thurssday
    1. CBW Jaipur concluded.
    2. Put up CBW (part) file for reprint of visint card.
    3. Put up Main (part) file for Surjit singh meeting.
    4. Forwarded CBW file to Evaluation for names for CBW.
    5. Received blue print from Jinsy and cash for PC AEP.

September 16, 2011, Friday
    1. PC (AEP) left from Jaipur and reached delhi in afternoon.
    2. Closing of 5-day Hm Science Review workshop with Naela.
    3. One day meeting for reconciliation of accounts with Surjit Singh.

September 19, 2011, Monday
    1. Individual Meeting with 5 subjects in-charge
    2. Mailed lessons to jaya for review on 20-21 September.
    3. Put up part file integration for one-day meeting for plan of action on evaluation with Prof. Srivastava and letter to UNFPA for review of mentoring agency scope of work.
    4. Meeting with DD Accounts. Closing of accounts for 3rd quarter to be done by sept end (instead of Oct) as DD Accounts is not available then.
    5. Drafted noting for early quarterly closing of accounts
    6. Telephonic Discussion with Sambhit for early submission of quarter closing.
    7. Telephonic Discussion with Patna for report and accounts closing of CBW, Ranchi
    8. Telephonic discussion with Prasson, Vidya Bhavan, Jaipur regarding translation of Science lessons and ensuring the finalized lessons before turning in the translation.
    9. Review of Hm Science textiles lessons - graphic added, made necessary changes. Sent hard copy and Mailed soft copy to Dr. KK Khanna for final editing.
    10. Drafted budget and concept note for 5-day residential evaluation CBW.

September 20, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Mailed to 5 subjects in-charge for names and details of experts for COBSE workshop.
    2. Workshop for review of Hindi lessons with Jaya. Bhart-BHarti, Sukhi Rajkumar and Andher Nagri.
    3. Review of Home Science Lessons- Care and Maintenance of fabric, Fibre to Fabric, Fabric Finishes. Mailed soft copy with graphics to Dr. KK Khanna for final editing.
    4. Received the list of experts form 5 subjects - collated and sent to COBSE.
    5. Prepared a list of probable prospective Master trainers for lesson writers.
    6. Edited the report of activities at AFC, Bhubaneshwar.
    7. Mailed Shiv Kumar for names of experts for committee to evaluate tender.
    8. Integration (part) file put up for purchase of 6 sets of 2 books on evaluation for library and AEP.
    9. Telephonic discussion with Aparna Khanna, for 1 day peer review of Hm Sc lessons with Jaya - tentative dates: October 7/8, 2011.

September 21, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Review of Hindi lessons with Jaya. Patr kaise likhein, Akhbar ki duniya, Nakhoon kyun badhte hain.
    2. Mail to shiv kumar for dates and names for evaluation of tender for e-Lessons.
    3. mail to sambhit for photos of A/V lab at AFC
    4. mail to sambhit for reports in three formats and closing of accounts early for 3rd quarter and purchase of infrastructure.
    5. Cheque for Anju Chauhan done.
    6. Review of home science lessons- Environment, Health, Communicable and Life style Diseases. Made necessary changes.

September 22, 2011, Thursday
    1. Reply mail sent to Birla regarding clarification on RFP of e-Lessons.
    2. Put up Infrastructure (part) file for purchase of table and almirah.
    3. English peer review workshop with Jaya begin.
    4. Home Science lessons reviewed- housing, concept of development, introduction to resources, managing time and energy.
    5. Drafted letter to Ministry for not being able to attend meeting for 12th five plan.
    6. Drafted letter to UNFPA/NCERT for revised rate of honorarium and additional infrastructure.
    7. Reply to Birla regarding submission of tender.

September 23, 2011, Friday
    1. Received mail form Neha for commitment in writing for joining AEP, replied with regret.
    2. English review meeting continued.
    3. Review of home science lesson with Asheema Singh- Environment
    4. Put up Main (part) file for approval of letter.
    5. Sent the letter to Ministry for not being able to attend meeting for 12th five plan.
    6. Put up Integration (part) file for approval of letter.
    7. Sent letter to UNFPA/NCERT for revised rate of honorarium and additional infrastructure.

September 26, 2011, Monday
    1. Workshop with H S Srivastava for evaluation workshop

September 27, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Put up file for accounts reconciliation meeting for Surjit Singh
    2. Put up file for phone bill reimbursement.
    3. Put up file for quartely reconciliation of accounts for meetings.
    4. PC attended full day meeting at COBSE

September 28, 2011, Wednesday
    1. PC attended COBSE meeting at IIC
    2. and attended the Planning Commission Sub Committee meeting on Adolescent Education

September 29, 2011, Thursday
    1. Mailed charms and challenges lesson to sonia madam.
    2. Put up file for committee for tender of e-lessons.
    3. Attended office meeting of academic deptt.
    4. PC (AEP) attended last day of COBSE meeting.
    5. Placed box to receive tenders for e-lessons.

September 30, 2011, Thursday
    1. Talked to Sambhit regarding Creative Writing Competition and responded to UNFPA regarding the details of sending the winning entries
    2. Followed up with Patna and Jaipur for closing for workshop account and report
    3. Submitted Sunder's appraisal
    4. Finalized new icons in consultation with Hindi & English AO's
    5. Forwarded the colour code recieved from PO to all the concerned faculty
    6. Common learning from Peer Review workshop forwarded to Jaya
    7. Discussed graphics of lesson 15, 21 & 25 with Vivek

October 3, 2011, Monday
    1. Accounts closing meeting started
    2. Reminder to Patna for accounts closing
    3. Monthly MHRD report closing put up and forwarded
    4. AMC file put with clarification of budget
    5. Closing of Jaipur TTW file put up.
    6. Ranchi report finalized

October 4, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Accounts consolidation file put up.
    2. Talked to Amrendra Behera. Put up e-lessons file for approval of committee.
    3. Discussed new icons with dir acad and changes as suggested him conducted. given to Mahesh ji, GA for fna.
    4. Emailed Hm Sc lessons and Status report to Jaya (cc to PC AEP)
    5. PC AEP Reviewed Biodiversity lessons.
    6. Quarterly MHRD report, Face form and Form B prepared and file sent to accounts for clearance.
    7. Personal file put up for MTO, RTO, Travel expense and Monthly leave record.
    8. Monitoring tool file put up.

October 5, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Report of the Planning commission Sub Group on Adolescent Education put up on Partnering Agencies file.
    2. Drafted write up on activities in AFC during Aug-Sep 2011 for the bulletin.
    3. Tried calling Dr. K. Khanna to line up Hm Sc meeting.
    4. Meeting regarding peer review of Home Science material with LIC at UNFPA
    5. Meeting with JS Home Ministry regarding registration of COMOSA

October 6, 2011, Thursday (Holiday)
    1. 2 lessons from Textile Unit (Fibre to Fabric and Care and Maintenance) emailed to Aparna and Sarita
    2. Peer Review Schedule _Home Science developed and forwarded to all the members
    3. Peer Review Schedule forwarded to PAU
    4. The old and new version of Consumer Education lesson emailed to Aparna and Sarita
    5. Reviewed Tiger Comes to town II

October 7, 2011, Friday
    1. Attended Staff meeting with Chairman at Chairman's Block
    2. Committee for e-lessons approved. Telephonic discussion with the members to confirm the date for meeting.
    3. Telephonic discussion with SEO, Bbsr for activities in September at AFC for the NIOS Bulletin.
    4. Put up Integration (part) file to exempt Science and Social Science officers from exam duty to complete their work in Academic Deptt as per the meeting with Chairman.
    5. Face Form and Form B forwarded to NCERT and UNFPA
    6. File regarding feedback of icons put up
    7. Stock of PC's file put up.
    8. Closing of workshop to development of CBW for Evaluation Item integration main file put up.
    9. Director (Academic) meeting with Soc. Sc team, Sonia ji and Asheema

October 10, 2011, Monday
    1. Reviewed Biodiversity and suggested graphic with lesson writer and GA along with AO Geography.
    2. Reviewed Activities and questions of Division of cell with lesson writer and Neelam.
    3. Put up e-lessons file for meeting on Oct 14 for opening the tender.
    4. Put up integration file for 5 day Hm Sc review meeting for Anju Chauhan and Naela Iqbal.
    5. Picked up lessons from Veena Thapar (Gatuam Appt)

October 11, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Shifting of AOs in AEP Room.
    2. Put up Hm Sc review meeting with Anju Chauhan and Naela.
    3. Discussion with Dir (Acad) for procedural issue.
    4. Information sent to all 4 companies (phone and mail) for opening of tender on Oct 14.
    5. Reviewed Chemistry lesson with lesson writers
    6. Status of work Meeting with Chemistry team, Bio team, English and Hindi

October 12, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Partnering Agencies file put up regarding Planning Commission document
    2. Information regarding the e-lesson tender opening
    3. Booking of CM Block Commitee room for e-lesson tender opening part file put
    4. Approved budget of the above meeting circulated to Accounts and Veena
    5. Home Science Peer Review meeting proposed file put, hall blocked at UNFPA
    6. Status of work Meeting with Social Science team
    7. Email regarding the status of work sent to Director (Academic)
    8. Reviewed lesson Stealing and Atonement and The return of the Lion for English
    9. Reviewed lesson Fiber to Fabric for Home Science
    10. Drafted the letter of recommendation for Anubhuti Kapoor

October 13, 2011, Thursday
    1. Reviewed Stealing and Atonement with Divya
    2. Put up file for bulletin news
    3. First draft of Narrative tool prepared.
    4. Peer Review of Fibre and Fabric at UNFPA Chanakyapuri
    5. Responded to Prof Saini's email
    6. Carried out corrections in Fabric finishes and forwarded it to Aparna and Sarita
    7. Sent lesson Ethics to Dr. Khanna
    8. Forwarded the fresh Icons to all

October 14, 2011, Friday
    1. Discussed graphics Tiger comes to town 1 and 2 with Vivek and graphic designer
    2. Drafted letter to the learner
    3. Worked on accounts -expected expenditure till December
    4. Tender opening meeting
    5. Meeting with Director (Academic) and Sonia ji

October 17, 2011, Monday
    1. reviewed narrative tool.
    2. talked to sambhit for infrastructure at AFC, Planning 1st B'day of AFC in Nov last week, drafting work plan 2012, and closing 2011.
    3. neha joined. work load redivided.
    4. e-lessons technical data tabulated.
    5. coordinated for the meeting on 31st october.
    6. worked on practical manual and lesson 10- fibre to fabric.
    7. PC (AEP) detailed review of Transport and Communication with Tarun

October 18, 2011, Tuesday
    1. meeting with graphic designer
    2. meeting for 31 October - approved
    3. home science chapter 10 fiber to fabric finalised

October 19, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Put up file for AFC creative writing. original copies sent to UNFPA
    2. Put up e-lessons file for meeting to review technical bids on saturday october 22, 2011.
    3. Mail sent to all the participants for the meeting on October 31

October 20, 2011, Thursday
    1. Received main file.
    2. Drafted Learnings from Creative writing competition
    3. Finalized Narrative tool with photographs
    4. Reviewed home science lessons: What is Home Science, Preservation of Food, Introduction to resources, Managing time and energy, Managing Income
    5. Reviewed Practical Manual
    6. Sent Home Science lesson 10 (Fibre to Fabric) to experts
    7. Monthly bulletin emailed to PRO.

October 21, 2011, Friday
    1. Preparation for E-lesson evaluation workshop on October 22, 2011
    2. AFC file put up for remarks on the creative writing competition
    3. Home Science Workshop concluded
    4. English workshop on Return of the lion
    5. Email sent to SEO (AFC) for the celebration of Mitra safar.
    6. Approach papar , programme schedule,feedback form, logo of Mitra safar were prepared.
    7. Face form with expected expenditure till December 31, 2011 forwarded to UNFPA and NCERT
    8. re-reviewed practical manual
    9. Home Science workshop: 2 lessons discussed in details: Preservation of foods and Family Income

October 22, 2011, Saturday
    1. Evaluation of E lesson tenders

October 23, 2011, Sunday
    1. Edited the narrative monitoring tool
    2. Finalized IGNOU lesson and forwarded it
    3. Drafted the letter to learners

October 24, 2011, Monday
    1. Narrative monitoring tool for 3rd quarter main file put up
    2. AFC celeberation Mitra Safar file file put up. sent back for discussion.
    3. E-lessons minutes of last meeting and proposal for presentation and letter to shortlisted firms file put up.
    4. Participants informed on e-mail for the same.
    5. Committee members informed on phone and email for the same.
    6. Closing report of 5 days workshop (17-21 October) of Home Science file put up; wherein 2 Home Science lessons were discussed in the context of lifeskills
    7. Draft letter to learner put up in integration file
    8. Finalization workshop for Stealing and Atonement lesson of English
    9. Review of practical manual
    10. Letter of Recommendation for Anubhuti put up on integration file.

October 25, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Sent email to all and cancelled meeting scheduled on Oct 28 for e-lessons - to be rescheduled for 3rd Nov.
    2. Attended full day PPR meeting at NCERT.
    3. Called NIB to book room for Dr. Garewal for October 31 meeting of Hm Sc.
    4. Drafted letter to NIB for the same.
    5. Drafted letter to NCERT for combining funds of integration.
    6. Edited changes in lesson 5 : Preservation of foods
    7. Follow- up with the graphic designer

October 27, 2011, Thursday
    1. e-Lessons committee meeting for presentation rescheduled for November 3, 2011.
    2. Confirmed with committee on phone and sent email to all.
    3. Reminder to Prasad (computer unit) of Conference on Inclusive Education.
    4. Email to firms for presentation of e-lessons on Nov 3. letter containing the details scanned and emailed/ hard copy sent.
    5. Letter of recommendation sent to Anubhuti (email and post).
    6. Letter to NCERT for funds drafted.
    7. Reviewed 4 lessons of Home Science (foods unit)
    8. official letter send to NIB (Room booking for 31st Oct and 4th Nov)
    9. Reviewed the Kantha embroidery script

October 31, 2011, Monday
    1. Put up Partnering Agency file for approval to participate in Youth Science Congress on November 4, 2011 at Pusa, New Delhi along with one officer in-charge Science.
    2. One-day Home Science Review Workshop to review 3 lessons from textiles unit (Lesson 9, 10 and 11)

November 1, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Put up file for Peer Review workshop for Home Science for 5th November and lessons mailed to the invites for the same.
    2. Put up file for Monthly Leave record for PC AEP
    3. Put up File for local TA for Sunder and PC AEP
    4. Put up file for report of creative writing competition for bulletin
    5. Put up file for report of Creative writing competition for web
    6. Modified letter to learners as per suggestion from Dir Acad and forwarded to Jaya for suggestions.
    7. Telephonic discussion with Vivek for
      1. Final draft of lessons reviewed by Jaya to be sent to Jaya for review.
      2. Question papers received form mentors to be reviewed
      3. put up file for letter of completion for dir acad.
    8. Put up letter to NCERT for merging of funds for integration - approved.
    9. Sent Monthly leave record to UNFPA
    10. Sent Letter to NCERT for release of funds.
    11. Review meeting of lesson Religious & Social Awakening in Colonial India, Social Science

November 2, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Reminder email sent for e-lessons meeting scheduled tomorrow 4.00 pm onwards for technical presentations.
    2. Preparation of the same done
      1. prepared the marking sheet
      2. attendance list
    3. MHRD report finalized and sent.
    4. Reviewed AFC Safarnama.
    5. Changes made in three lessons of Home Science (Lesson 9, 10 and 11)
    6. editing of graphics done by Sundar for 2 home science lessons

November 3, 2011, Thursday
    1. textiles lessons sent to Home Science experts for finalization
    2. finalized AFC Safarnama Approach Paper, File put up for approval.
    3. e-Lessons meeting at conference room on 3rd floor.
    4. Hindi Timahi report put up.

November 4, 2011, Friday
    1. Drafted contribution of AEP for NIOS Profile 2011.
    2. Leave Application for Trapti Rai put up.
    3. File put up for web uploading the reports from June - September, 2011
    4. Co-ordinate with Sandhya (UNFPA) for the meeting scheduled for 5, November

November 5, 2011, Saturday
    1. One full day Peer Review workshop for 3 lessons of Home Science took place at UNODC office

November 8, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Made changes in foods lessons 2 and 3
    2. Follow up from the graphic designer
    3. Practical mannual handed over to Sundar
    4. File put up for updation of Webpage for Nov 14,2011
    5. AEP, Inclusive Education Seminar, Pre PCF 6, COMOSA write ups given for NIOS profile
    6. Review of Social Science lesson Social and Religious Awakening
    7. Talked to Committee members E-lessons regarding minutes of the meeting.

November 9, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Changes in lessons 2, 3 and 4 of foods in corporated and sent to mentors.
    2. Put up closing report for home science ( food and nutrition lessons-2,3 and 4).
    3. E-lessons minute signed. Went to NIC for Mr. Shiv Kumars signatures
    4. Reviewed lesson-1 Social Sciences and Human History of Social Science.
    5. Bills of capacity building (Ranchi) have put up.

November 10, 2011, Thursday (Holiday)
    1. Reviewed 3 lessons of Home Science Income Magmt, Time & Energy Mgt and What is Home Science, discussed it with Dr. Khanna
    2. Completed the paper on Feedback analysis of CBW workshops, forwarded to Dir (Acad) for comments

November 11 - 13, 2011, Friday - Sunday
    1. Attended workshop on ODL in Chairman's Block
    2. Drafted Souvenir for Foundation Day

November 14, 2011, Monday
    1. Edited tow lessons of Home Science, lesson 12 and 15
    2. Minutes of workshop made
    3. Message for national children's day uploaded on aep webpage.
    4. Edited Souvenir for foundation day

November 15, 2011, Tuesday
    1. meeting with Dir adn languages in-charge for common in-house format.
    2. Edited two lessons of Home Science, lesson 12 and 15
    3. Reports from june - september, 2011 emailed to SEO computer.
    4. File put up for cheques to be forwarded and workshop proposed for home science peer review
    5. Finalized Souvenir for Foundation Day and sent to Chairman's office for perusal.
    6. Put up part file for payment for e-Lessons meeting on Nov 3, 2011 to experts and PC AEP for food.
    7. Drafted noting for e-lessons minutes/return of EMD/support funding.

November 16, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Approved part file for e-lessons, fwdd to accounts fna.
    2. redrafted letter to NCERT for permission to combine funds for integration, scanned and mailed.
    3. Put up Partnering agencies file for National Seminar on 25th November, 2011
    4. E - mailed scanned copy of textiles lesson to Jaya Ma'am
    5. Part file move for webpage upload on AIDS day.
    6. Put up main file for brainstorming workshop for work plan 2012 for 17-18 November.
    7. Forwarded the signed letter from Dir(Acad) to NCERT regarding enhanced budget of Integration
    8. Drafted web announcement of Mitra Safar Bbsr
    9. Review workshop of Chemistry lessons
    10. Finalized template for languages
    11. File put up for webpage update on world's AIDS day.

November 17, 2011, Thursday
    1. put up e-lessons file for minutes, refund of emd and support funding.
    2. put up integration file for standard guidelines for languages and letter to learners for 5 subjects. approved. sent to all and soft copy mailed. also for information to GA for designing cover page.
    3. Chemistry review meeting attended.
    4. drafted letter for NOC/completion of lessons by mentoring agency from NIOS to UNFPA.
    5. File put up for revised programme schedule of Mitra SAFAR.
    6. email sent to experts for Work Shop on designing the detalied guidelines for mitra safar

November 18, 2011, Friday
    1. workshop on Learners support systems

November 19, 2011, Saturday
    1. workshop on Learners support systems

November 21, 2011, Monday
    1. File approved for 3 days workshop to design detailed guidelines for Mitra Safar
    2. Home Science lesson - Concept of Development edited
    3. Practical Manual reviewed further, after pagination and illustrations to be added were identified
    4. CVs for respective guests for founders day found and edited

November 22, 2011, Tuesday
    1. 2 lessons of home science, resource unit (Lesson 12 and 15) were edited in Peer Review Workshop
    2. common letter for completion of mentors work, approved and forwarded to English and Hindi officers
    3. announcement of AFC programmes forwarded it to computer unit for uploading.
    4. Human Rights budget prepared with Chunnu Prasad.
    5. contacts lined up for consultative workshop on open school curriculum.

November 23, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Discussed the e-lesson file with DD accounts
    2. Reviewed one History lesson
    3. Indent given for quick heal to purchase dept.
    4. MTO for Bhubaneshwar forwarded to SPC Management by e-mail
    5. pre-receipt prepared, scanned and sent by email.
    6. List of illustrations for practical manual forwarded to Graphic designers
    7. Foundation Day Celebration attended.

November 24, 2011, Thursday
    1. Put up integration file for 1 day meeting on Nov 28 with GA and 5 subjects to design cover.
    2. Approved Budget sent to accounts.
    3. file put up for placing Mitra in place of Games.
    4. AIDS DAY message emailed to SEO computer and SEO (AFC)
    5. Climate lesson reviewed with AO Geography
    6. Home Science File put for approval of editors - language and content, translators and DTP and graphic designers
    7. Cheques forwarded to NIB and Dr. Kiran Bains, PAU
    8. Corrections carried out on Housing, Management of Time & Energy, Method of cooking and Food and its Nutrients in Home Science
    9. PPT for RD's meeting made for Dir (Acad)
    10. Monthly leave report file put up
    11. Prepage- how to use SLM revised

November 25, 2011, Friday

    1. File put up for the pre receipt to be signed by the concerned authority.
    3. Telephonic conversation held with SEO (AFC) regarding Mitra safar preparation and arrangements.
    4. corrections carried out in 4 lessons of Home Science (2 lessons from Resources unit 12 and 15 and 2 lessons from foods unit 2 and 4)
November 28, 2011, Monday
    1. File put up for Peer review workshop of Home Science on November 29, 2011
    2. Lessons forwarded for Hindi translation
    3. File put up of translation in Urdu
    4. Finalized Creative writing report for bulletin.

November 29, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Emailed .Raghu for correct email id.
    2. Put up file for approval of creative writing report for bulletin.
    3. Peer review workshop of Home science initiated, one chapter of resources initiated

November 30, 2011, Wednesday
    2. Mitra safar information uploaded at wep page
    3. corrections carried out in 3 lessons of home science : lesson 3, 5 and 7

December 1, 2011, Thursday
    1. Closing of Peer Review workshop held on November 29, 2011
    2. Closing of guidelines workshop
    3. File put up for Neha' visit to BBSR

December 2, 2011, Friday
    1. Material for mitra safar- registration form ,feedback form, designed guidelines, logos, programme schedule have been sent SEO (AFC)
    2. Bookmark designed for Mitra safar
    3. Inauguration PPT completed
    4. File put up for bookmark approval.

December 5, 2011, Monday
    1. Programme schedule of Mitra inauguration and Human Rights Day drafted, file put up\
    2. Draft forwarded to Bbsr for info
    3. An advance of Rs. 15,000/- taken for train tickets. Handed over to Anushree.
    4. Prepage how to sue material finalized and forwarded to Dir (Acad) for approval
    5. Invitation to Mitra Safar sent to Prof Yadav, Venkat, Jaya & Geeta
    6. Discussed and listed suggested activities for 2012.

December 5, 2011, Tuesday (Holiday- Moharram)
    1. Peer Review of Physics- Magnetic Effect of Electric Current, Work & Energy, Measurements in Science & Technology

December 7, 2011, Wednesday
    1. MTO pune prepare, approved and sent to UNFPA.
    2. Science lessons reviewed (Chemistry: Matter and Physics)
    3. Main file put up for 1 day workshop with surjit singh for reconciling accounts.approved budget sent to accounts.
    4. Part file (main) put up for approval of MTO and 3 day workshop to brainstorm work plan 2012. approved and forwarded to accounts.
    5. Main File merged.
    6. Home Science - changes carried out in safety, environment and health.
    7. Programme Schedule for Human Rights and Safar forwarded to Director (acad), CM and Rath sir.
    8. Drafted noting for certificate programme for naela.
    9. Chemistry lesson peer reviewed
    10. Jaya's letter to Pravah forwarded to Tarun for f/n/a
    11. Draft Pre-page 'how to sue icons forwarded to Dr. Rai and Vivek for consideration.
    12. Honorarium bill forwarded to Sandhaya

December 8, 2011, Thursday
1. Home science- corrections carried out in lessons- food groups and preservation of food.

December 9, 2011, Friday
    1. workshop to develop work plan 2012 started.

December 10, 2011, Saturday
Activities in BBSR
1. Human Rights celebration
2. Session with Specially Able children
3. Workshop on Self - Esteem with Adolescence

December 11, 2011, Sunday

Activities in BBSR
1. Full day workshop with Tutors in BBSR

December 12, 2011, Monday
    1. Workshop to develop Work Plan 2012 continued
    2. Home science- corrections carried out in Environment, Food and its nutrients, method of cooking.

Activities in BBSR
2. Growing Up workshop with Adolescence

December 13, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Workshop to develop Work PLan 2012 concluded.
Activities in BBSR
1. Closing Ceremony: Cultural meet and Valedictory

December 14, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Workshop closing put up on main file and review workshop proposed for Work Plan 2012.
    2. Review of Work Plan begin.
Activities in BBSR
1. Collected all the bills and brought material for sports and art corner for AFC

December 15, 2011, Thursday
    1. Review of Work plan 2012 continued
    2. 4 Lessons of foods Unit gven for Translation in Hindi and Urdu
    3. Two chapters for further editing couriered to Anju Ma'am
    4. Second draft of 5 lessons of Resources and 2 Stand alone lessons mailed to the mentors for further editing

December 16, 2011, Friday
    1. File put up for Peer Review Workshop on December 27 2011
    2. File put up for Peer Training Manual.
    3. File put up for Third quarter (July-September,2011) financial details of AFC
    4. discussed and redrafted pre-page and feedback form to be included in hindi and english.
    5. Main File Put up for Certificate Programme proposal.
    6. Integration file put up for pre pages and feedback form.
    7. Main file merged. put up for Work Plan 2012 approval.

December 21, 2011, Wednesday
    1. Returned from Pune after attending PPR meeting
    2. Finalized the Mitra Safar Report and forwarded to Sambit for f/n/a as per discussions
    3. Reviewed Agriculture in India (Geog) Sent a mail to Tarun regarding joint review
    4. Drafted noting regarding flight from Bbsr

December 22, 2011, Thursday
    1. Attended The Instructional Design Workshop
    2. Reviewed Practical Manual Home Science
    3. Worked on Revised Work Plan 2012 in a workshop.

December 23, 2011, Friday
    1. Attended The Instructional Design Workshop
    2. Reviewed Practical Manual Home Science
    3. Worked on Revised Work Plan 2012 in a workshop.

December 24, 2011, Saturday (Holiday)
    1. Finished the review of Practical Manual Home Science

December 25, 2011, Sunday (Holiday)
    1. Reviewed Lesson 1 What is Home Science

December 26, 2011, Monday
    1. Talked to Career Councilor at Bbsr. Number and details forwarded to Mr. Rath
    2. Talked to Mr. Mukul Garg regarding cover design of the materials.
    3. Accounts for September-December cheques made, file putup
    4. Feedback form revised
    5. carried out corrections in Lesson health and environment
    6. edited the feedback form
    7. reviewed the lesson agriculture in India (social science with Tarun)

December 27, 2011, Tuesday
    1. Activities for Department Proforma submitted
    2. Performance appraisal of staff submitted
    3. Bills of English lesson writers and Graphic designers submitted to accounts
    4. Monthly MHRD report submitted
    5. Workshop for the development of Monitoring tools started
    6. Workshop to review Home Science lessons started

December 28, 2011,Wednesday
    1. Peer Review Workshop Home Science - Ethics in everyday Life
    2. Hindi bills for lesson writers & editors sent for disbursal
    3. Workshop for the development of Monitoring tools continued
    4. Meeting for English material at UNFPA, Chanakya puri
    5. Sent email to Pravah regarding finalization workshop dates.
    6. carried out corrections is concept of Development

December 29, 2011,Thursday
    1. File put up for net charges.
    2. File put up for report upload on web page.
    3. carried out correction in three lessons of Home science
    4. Worked on Lesson Agriculture and History workshop

December 30, 2011,Friday
    1. Accounts consolidation workshop
    2. Neha collected the revised Home Science lessons from Lady Irwin
    3. History lesson review workshop and finished lesson Agriculture
    4. E-lessons file noting put up regarding the budget breakup of feedback research
    5. Revised lesson What is Home Science
    6. Development of Abstracts (2)
    7. File put up for phone charges.
    8. 2 Reports (Creative writing and Badrak workshop ) emailed and separate files put up - PRO and SEO (sap)
    9. Local travel file put up.

January 2, 2012,Monday
    1. corrections carried out in practical manual
    2. corrections carried out in 4 lessons of home science (resources unit)

January 3, 2012,Tuesday
    1. File put up for Bhubaneswar travelling allowances bills.
    2. corrections carried out in 2 lessons of home science.
    3. Cheque handed over to Graphic designer (Pawan)
    4. 2 English lessons each were distributed to Trapti, Neha, Naela, Evita and Asheema for proof reading.
    5. Meeting with Ms. Koyali Burman consultant gender issues from COL in Dir (Acad) chamber. Ms Biswas and Dr Sonia and PC(AEP) attended the workshop
    6. Finalized Mitra Safar report
    7. Received all the Biology lessons from Ms. Neelam Gupta
    8. Workshop for annual closing of project: Draft Financial closing and quarterly and annual narrative tools.
    9. File regarding Trapti's explanation of Memorandum put up

January 4, 2012, Wednesday
    1. Forwarded the Biology lessons to mentors for review with a cc to Jaya
    2. Workshop for annual closing of project: Final Financial closing and quarterly and annual narrative tools.
    3. Request to book 55 Lodhi Estate for Peer Review of Geog on 11-12 and Pol Science on 16-17 sent to UNFPA
    4. Clarity regarding the Face form and monitoring tool with revised or original authorized amounts sought from UNFPA
    5. English lessons reviewed and returned by Neha, Evita and Naela, lessons forwarded to Mukul Garg GA for development of cover design
    6. Finalized the quarterly and annual narrative tool, all financial forms, academic monitoring tools.
    7. Abstract Home Science forwarded to Mamta Srivastava
    8. Home Science 7 lessons finalized

January 5, 2012, Thursday
    1. Departmental Meeting was held in the Academic Conference hall
    2. File put up for Hindi and Urdu Translation for 7 Home Science lessons
    3. Corrections made in three lessons of home science
    4. A reminder for Honorarium bill sent to 4 Home Science lesson writers
    5. All financial and academic files approved and cleared. Forwarded to NCERT/ MHRD/UNFPA
    6. Colour code and prepages forwarded to Dir (Acad) for dissemination to AO's
    7. Approach paper for e-lessons prepared

January 6, 2012, Friday
    1. Mail sent to 5 subject in0charge for list of experts for a national resource directory.
    2. e-Lessons file put up. Corrections suggested by dir (acad). changes carried out.
    3. forwarded teh academic and financial closing of 2011 to geeta narayan.
    4. Mail to Sambhit for mapping AIs in Orissa.
    5. ATR prepared and submitted for AEP and HM Sc.
    6. Prepared MTR and Leave for PC (AEP)
    7. Mail to Jaipur and Patna for mapping AIs in the state.

January 9, 2012, Monday
    1. Abstract Learning, Linking, living The pyramid of education forwarded to Mamta Srivastava
    2. Meeting with Mukul ji and subjects in charge for cover design.
    3. Draft 5 day workshop report
    4. MTR and Leave for PC (AEP) file put up
    5. Ustad Bismillah Khan lesson review
    6. Practical Manual Home Science revisions carried out
    7. Lessons What is Home Science and Communicable and Life Style Diseases lessons forwarded to experts

January 10, 2012, Tuesday
    1. CBW on Instructional Design report (3 days out of 5) prepared.
    2. Discussion with Praveen Chauhan for closing of various meetings in the past

January 11, 2012, Wednesday
    1. e-lessons approach paper re-drafted.
    2. CBW on Instructional Design report for bulletin drafted.
    3. Peer Review of Geography Lessons
    4. Discussion on Question Bank Activity in Work Plan 2012.
    5. Received mail for closing reports of Hm Sc meetings from Praveen Chauhan.
    6. Monthly leave record, report Bbsr and Pune forwarded to UNFPA
    7. Letter of invitation for the workshop emailed to Anju and Principal St. Thomas School
    8. CBW on Instructional Design report for bulletin edited and finalized.

January 12, 2012, Thursday
    1. Bulletin report for ID CBW mailed to JD Academic for fna.
    2. Talked to GA, Mukul Garg for including module number/Practical Manual in the Cover Design.
    3. Forwarded Life Begins and My Family and I - Home Science lessons to experts for review on January 16, 2012.
    4. Peer Review of Social Science Lessons.
    5. Received Wall planner for 2012 from UNFPA.
    6. Put up Home Science file for Peer review of Life Begins and My Family and I to be held at UNFPA office on January 16, 2012.
    7. Drafted Approach Paper for Model AFC: A Bhubaneshwar Experience.

January 13, 2012, Friday
    1. Bulletin report for ID CBW finalized with photographs and mailed to JD Academic for fna.
    2. Drafted mail for Science staff meeting and fwdd to PC AEP.
    3. Leave Application for PC AEP for jan 26-29, 2012 put up.
    4. Home Science review meeting for 2 lessons with Aparna khanna.
    5. Called Sambhit, busy. Emailed Task List to Sambhit for undertaking activities in the coming 2 months.
    6. Added Aparna Khanna mam's name for meeting on January 16 at UNFPA.
    7. Compiled the copies of lessons on which corrections had been marked during meetings.
    8. File put up for mitra CD
    9. Hindi Timahi report ( Oct- Dec,2011) submitted
    10. file put up for telephone bills

January 14, 2012, Saturday
    1. Changes carried out in Home Science Lessons and forwarded to all
    2. E-lesson document finalized
    3. Reprt Mitra Safar finalized
    4. Mitra report emailed to SEO(Computer) for web page
    5. Mitra safar Bulletin emailed to PRO
    6. Meeting held withSEO(Computer) regarding less number of web hits
    7. international women's day report emailed to SEO(Computer) for web update
    8. Letter for aep kit from KISS drafted
    9. Directory include so-sc, home-sc and sc&tech completed
    10. message drafted for republic day for web and SMS

January 16, 2012, Monday
    1. PC attended Review Meeting of Home Science and Social Science at UNFPA.

January 17, 2012, Tuesday
    1. PC attended Review Meeting of Social Science at UNFPA.
    2. E-lesson budget redrafted
    3. Seminar guidelines fwdd to Mamta Srivastava.
    4. Contact with Dr. Gulati (PAU) regarding submission of research proposal - replied to be submit by 23-24 jan.
    5. Luminaries of Mitra emailed to SEO (AFC) for additional info.
    6. Neha Kumar Denied for website update.
    7. Directory completed.
    8. MHRD report drafted.
    9. REPUBLIC DAY - Chairmen message, web message and sms drafted

January 18, 2012, Wednesday
    1. Staff Meeting for Science and AEP held in AEP room. Minutes prepared.
    2. Home Science file put up for proposal of meeting on Jan 24 to review evaluation items of 4 lessons finalized.
    3. Drafted Letter for certificate internship programme on behalf of UNFPA.
    4. file for bulletin report of 5 day CBW on Instructional Design fwdd to PRO and soft copy mailed.
    5. file put up for 26th's web update and hindi translation.

January 19, 2012, Thursday
    1. Staff Meeting Academic held in Conference room.
    2. Put up Main file for 2 day workshop to finalize annual narrative tool.
    3. Drafted noting main file for sharing 4 video programmes with all subjects incharge for including DVD as annexure with their study material.
    4. file put up for permission to attend the annual work plan finalization meeting at ncert.
    5. Attended Work Plan Finalization meeting at NCERT
    6. Forwarded the Hindi translation of 9 Physics lessons to Alok
    7. Forwarded the names of Home Science experts for the QB development
    8. Finalized the report of 5 day workshop on Instructional Design
    9. Finalized the Approach paper on E-lessons
    10. Finalized the letter to KISS and the Experts of Mitra Safar
    11. Finalized the report of the Quizz Programme at Koraput region

January 20, 2012, Friday
    1. Put up e-Lessons file for approach paper and budget.
    2. Science (Chemistry) review meeting.
    3. Put up Main file for permission to share 4 video programs with all subjects incharge for including DVD as annexure with their study material.
    4. Put up Home Science File for change of venue to NIOS due to unavoidable circumstances for meeting on January 24, 2012.

January 21-22, 2012,Sat-Sunday
    1. Finalized the paper

January 23, 2012,Monday
    1. File put up for expert meet for MITRA CD preview
    2. Letter for partnering agencies drafted
    3. Meeting to finalize Narrative tool.

January 24, 2012,Wednesday
    1. File put up for neha's leave
    2. File put up for web page update.
    3. Closing of meeting to finalize Narrative Tool.

January 25, 2012, Thursday
    1. Cash payment received for the 2-day meeting to finalize narrative tool.

January 27, 2012, Friday
    1. Drafted home science noting for payment of meeting held at UNFPA on January 16, 2012.
    2. Cheques prepared for the one-day home science meeting held on January 24, 2012 at NIOS.
    3. Carried out corrections in the approach paper for e-lessons.

January 30, 2012, Monday
    1. Revised e-lessons approach paper with PC AEP.
    2. 2-day Meeting begin for brainstorming of evaluation workshop.
    3. Put up file for payment of Home Science Meeting.
    4. Put up e-Lessons file with revised approach paper.

January 31, 2012, Tuesday
    1. Closing of 2-day meeting for CBW of evaluators

February 1, 2012, Wednesday
    1. One Day meeting for Programme Schedule of evaluators.
    2. Payment made to Prof H.S.Srivastava for meeting on Sept 26, 2011 and today.

February 2, 2012, Thursday
    1. Finalized report on 5 day ID
    2. Meeting with JD Media and committee to review film clip on Mitra Safar
    3. Report of 63 Republic day sent for web uploadation

February 3, 2012, Sunday
    1. Put up report for 5-day CBW on ID.
    2. Meeting at NCSTC regarding Open Science Congress
    3. Draft letter to RGNYID and for internship and desertation.
    4. Draft letter to premier institutions regarding other institutions

February 5, 2012, Sunday
    1. Sent e-mails regarding CBW Tutors to all the 3 RDs.
    2. Received approval from Mr. Devdutt regarding use of the article Talking Thali
    3. Mailed proposal to Dr. Sameer Malhotra regarding a/v programmes

February 6, 2012, Monday
    1. Put up integration file for closing report of Jan 30-31 & February 1, 2012 workshops along with proposed approach paper, budget and programme schedule.
    2. Put up Leave Appln for Trapti Rai for 4 days during February 21-24, 2012.
    3. Drafted mail to collaborate with Dr. Sameer Malhotra (psychologist) for future endeavors as expert. Mail finalized and forwarded to Dr. Malhotra
    4. Mail to all 5 subject in charges with new pre-pages in colour.
    5. Cover Design for languages sent to Mukul Garg to carry out changes as discussed on telephone.
    6. Put up Main file for approval of Pre Audit Questionnaire to DD (Accounts).
    7. Drafted the Certificate for Rituparna Das (BBSR)
    8. Confirmed March last week for CBW at Jaipur to the RC.
    9. PAU Proposal done
    10. Pre audit questionnaire done. Mailed to UNFPA and Auditor.
    11. New Cover Design for languages received from Mukul Garg, fwdd to language in-charge.
    12. Put up E-lessons file with revised approach paper

February 7, 2012, Tuesday
    1. Soc Sc workshop in Lodhi Road Office
    2. Drafted mail for Regional Centers for CBW
    3. Forwarded the revised mail to the concerned Regional Centres
    4. Draft noting for reimbursement of fare for experts from Baroda for the cancelled Peer Review Workshop

February 8, 2012, Wednesday
    1. Home Science Workshop in Chanakya Puri office

February 10, 2012, Friday
    1. Cover Pages discussed with GA for finalization
    2. PAF drafted
    3. Meeting with Mamta, Int. Conf documents edited
    4. Meeting with Mr. Daima Sec ROS
    5. Discussed Tutor Training Workshops with Ms. Bhawna Dhayani for Jaipur Region
    6. Meeting to review Approach Paper International Women's Day 2012
    7. Meeting with Er. Anuj Sinha at UNFPA
    8. Meeting with JD Media to discuss the format of a/v programs on AEP issues
    9. IWD-2012 COMPETITIONS notices uploaded.

February 13, 2012, Monday
    1. Workshop on Provisions for Learners with Disabilities
    2. Draft document prepared, forwarded to all
    3. Discussion with Dr. Nagpal on the same
    4. E report on In'tl Women's Day 2011 review
    5. Worked on Practical Manual Home Science

February 14, 2012, Tuesday
    1. Rs. 15,000 cash deposited against advance for Mitra Safar, reciept forwarded to AO for f/n/a
    2. Reviewed Home Science study material against the directives sent by MHRD
    3. Meeting with AD (Eval) and Dir (SSS) regarding Provisions for Learners with disabilities
    4. Discussed the back cover with Dir (Acad), JD (Acad) and GA.
    5. PAF put up
    6. Soc. Sc workshop begins

February 15, 2012, Wednesday
    1. Meeting with Mamta regarding International Conference
    2. Reviewed Lesson Local Self Govt and State Govt in Soc Sc workshop
    3. Meeting with Divya fron RGNIYD
    4. Noting regarding designing of Back Cover designing main file put up
    5. Reminder regarding Tutors's directory sent to RD Jaipur, Patna and Bbsr
    6. Revised Provisions during Exams for Learners with disabilities forwarded to all participants
    7. Link to the poem for back cover forwarded to Mukul ji and reminder for finalization of Home Science cover given to him
    8. Worked on the directory of lesson writers
    9. Worked on emcee doc for Int. Conference
    10. Responded to the back page design
    11. Forwarded Dr. Tuli's team response to all
    12. Meeting with Chairman regarding the Conference, discussed e-lessons also
    13. Discussed with Dir (Acad) and added e-lessons in the of academic budget
    14. Drafted letter for Dean PAU and MS Univ Baroda regarding research

February 16, 2012, Thursday
    1. Certificate along with thanks latter sent to Ms Rituparna Das
    2. Ankita Report sent to PRO for next bulletin.

February 17, 2012, Friday
    1. Report of Koraput Quiz competition redrafted.
    2. International conference from 17-19 feb,2012.

February 21, 2012, Tuesday
    1. File put up for closing of workshop and deployment of web work.
    2. Drafted letter for inviting AIs for Women's Day seminar
    3. Adapted the gender questionnaire
    4. Meeting with Dir (Acad) Sonia ji, Saumya and Shweta

February 22, 2012, Wednesday
    1. File put up for Additional RAM for two computers.
    2. MHRD report drafted.
    3. Email sent to Dr. Huma Masood for a meeting on 24th at 11 am
    4. Narrative monitoring tool 2011 forwarded to all
    5. Change of date informed to all
    6. Home file of bills for lesson writing cleared and forwarded to accounts
    7. List of pending graphics made and forwarded to graphic designer
    8. Worked out a method with Pravah to complete 4 more lessons
    9. emailed the lesson Natural Vegetation and Wildlife and Climate to Shubhkant for completetion
    10. Followed up with Expressions India for info regarding Cerebral Palsy and Dyslexia
    11. Sent guidelines and sample lesson to Chandan
    12. Informed Rituparna Das regarding certificate
    13. Drafted noting regarding e-lessons
    14. Received feedback regarding hard spots proposal
    15. sent email with letter, approach paper, questtionnair to Dir (Acad) for onward destination to RD Delhi, Bbsr, Patna, Jaipur, Dehradoon, Kochi

February 23, 2012, Thursday
    1. File put up for additional RAM for two computers.
    2. Meeting at media unit for Mitra CD.

February 24, 2012, Friday
    1. Entries sent to vigyan Prasar
    2. File put up for extending the IWD-1012 entries.
    3. Reviewed Lesson Charms and Challenges Home Science

February 25, 2012,Saturday
    1. In office prepared for Seminar.
    2. Contacted speakers
    3. Finalized task list
    4. Prepared PPT for Seychelles

February 27, 2012, Monday
    1. Meeting NCERT
    2. Invited Prof. Gouri Srivastava Head Dept of Women's Studies for Seminar
    3. Followed up regarding Seminar and Competition with RD Koch, Bbsr, Dehradoon, Patna

February 28, 2012, Tuesday (Holiday elections)
    1. Sent email to Ms. Shabaistn Gaffar
    2. Discussed Soc Sc time lines with Tarun
    3. Responded to Mr. RAJENDRA KUMAR PRAVEEN from Jammu
    4. Forwarded the attachments to RD Kochi and RD Dehradoon.
    5. Invite sent to Prof. Gouri Srivastava & cc Prof. Mona Yadav NCERT and Kamala Bhasin from Sangat South Asia
    6. Sent reminder to Mr. G. Vaz
    7. Competition date extended reminder sent to all
    8. Peer review Adol. lesson H. Sc. at Chanakyapuri
    9. Invitation emailed to Ms. Phiroza Mehrotra

February 29, 2012, Wednesday
    1. E-report of IWD -2011 is updated and uploaded on aep web page.
    2. Total 48 entries (14 essay and 34 slogan writing ) has been received for IWD -2012.
    3. Suggestive changes has been carried out in the research on finding the hard spots.

March 1, 2012, Thursday
    1. PC (AEP) at NUEPA for curriculum development (1-2 March,2012 )
    2. Talked to Ms. Khan from Min WD, Ms. Abeda from Pune, delegate from Tamilnadu.
    3. Forwarded list from Patna to Saumya

March 2, 2012, Friday
    1. workshop for evaluation drafted

March 5, 2012, Monday
    1. Workshop for evaluation of IWD-12 entries begin.

March 7, 2012, Wednesday
    1. Workshop to evaluate entries to the National Level Competition concludes. Results tabulated.
    2. Preparations for the Seminar
    3. Farewell to Mr. Arya
    4. Drafted letter for MOS Ms. Krishna Tirath and put up for CM's approval

March 8, Thursday (Holi)
    1. Prepared tabular list of AEP activities from 2003-2012

March 9, Friday
    1. Forwarded the letter to MOS Ms. Krishna Tirath through Mr. Sudhir Kumar, Ad Sec Ministry of Women and Child Development
    2. Completed the tabular report and forwarded to Prof. Yadav
    3. Put up Monthly MHRD report

March 12,Monday
    1. Web declaration of National Level Competition's results.
    2. PPT for prepared for IWD Seminar at Vigyan Prasar.

March 13, Tuesday
    1. File put up for the approval of Special Entry Prize and Participation certificates under National Level Competitions

March 14, Wednesday
    1. National seminar on IWD attended at Vigyan Bhawan (14-15,2012).
    2. Presentation of IWD entries prepared.
    3. Dr. Kapoor 's Cheque sent through speed post.

March 15, Thursday
    1. National seminar on IWD attended at Vigyan Bhawan (14-15,2012).

March 16- 18, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    1. Attended the Orientation workshop of faculty members on Competency Based Education and Training
    2. Drafted thanks letter for speakers and chairs of the seminar
    3. sent email to team Block Printing for taking the competency scale forward

March 19, Wednesday
    1. Back cover Design of English forwarded to Vivek and Saumya
    2. Ankita's details along with appreciation letter sent to UNFPA.
    3. Quarterly UC and Main file put up
    4. File put up with sanction order of IWD-2012 winnres.
    5. File put up for Training programme at Vizag
    6. List of participants sent to Rajnikanth
    7. Hindi translation of Tagore Poem found and forwarded to AO Hindi and Sanskrit.
    8. Integration file regarding assessment of materials as per MHRD directive put up.
    9. 5 days workshop at CIE for history lessons
    10. Draft thanks letters to Chairs and Speakers approved, forwarded the soft copies along with revised list of speakers to Dir. Acad
    11. Revised letter for Ankita forwarded to Jaya ji
    12. Sent a reminder to Mukul ji regarding Home Science cover
    13. Monthly leave document emailed and hard copy mailed to UNFPA

March 20, Tuesday
    1. Home Science letter to learner finalized
    2. Curriculum document finalization
    3. H. Sc proof reading workshop proposed for March, 21, 2012
    4. file put up for web updation ws from March 29-30 and April 2-4,2012.
    5. email sent to RD- BBSR, DELHI, KOCHI, PATNA, DEHRADUN and JAIPUR.

March 22, Thursday
    1. Departmental meeting regarding work plans
    2. Work Plan 2012 handed over to Neelam
    3. File put up for audit schedule
    4. File put up for PCP
    5. File put up for permission to attend the WS at JAIPUR.
    6. Sc and Tech proof reading workshop for chemistry begins
    7. Worked on curriculum Home Science
    8. Discussed CBW Eval with Ms. Biswas

March 23, Friday
    1. Agenda for AC file put up
    2. Sc and Tech workshop finished
    3. Finalized Home Science Curriculum
    4. Put up Integration file for approval of cover front and back design for Hindi, English and Home Science and translation in Urdu
    5. Put up file of Chairman's invite to UNFPA for meeting on March 30, 2012
    6. Put up Home science file for approval of 2 day workshop for finalization of Curriculum document, blue print, sample question paper and marking scheme.

March 24, Saturday
    1. Finalized a PPT on Mitra and forwarded it to Director SSS

March 25, Sunday
    • Agenda Items finalized
    • Competency based Block Printing Programme developed and forwarded to all

March 26, Monday
    1. Agenda file put up
    2. email forwarded to Chunnu Prasad regarding Peer Revie workshop to be held on April 3,2012
    3. Audit team worked the whole day
    4. email regarding payment to mentors sent to Jaya
    5. letters for completion of work for mentors drafted
    6. Home Science workshop to finalize QP Design started

March 27, Tuesday
    1. Put up Integration file for approval of cover front and back design for Hindi, English and Home Science for the chairman's approval
    2. ACR forwarded for approval to concerned authorities
    3. Second proof reading of 6 lessons in Home Science
    4. File put up for tour programme.
    5. March 23-26,2012 National Workshop on Research Methodology at Jaipur attended by Anu Shree,
    6. Letter sent to UNFPA for releasing payment to Vigyan Prasar (11 lesson of physics), Pravah (7 lessons of pol sci), PAU (22 lessons of Hm Sci) and Sarita Anand and Aparna Khanna (20 Lessons).
    7. letter sent to Anju Chauhan, St thomas
    8. Mail along with Noting regarding comprehensive Proposal for PCP sent to RD, BBSR.
    9. email sent to Bbsr regarding Vizag
    10. Seminar Recommendation emailed to Saumya
    11. Competency grid emailed to all
    12. reminder to put agenda item for e lessons

March 28, Wednesday
    1. Certificates emailed to PO,NIOS
    2. Emailed to Rajanikanth regarding tour schedule to Vishakhapatnam.
    3. Review meeting of Home Science at UNFPA

March 29,Thursday
    1. Departmental meeting
    2. Revised letters of completion of work by mentors put up
    3. CRC production for Home Science underway
    4. Chemistry 2nd proof reading underway

April 2, Monday
    1. File put up for telephone replacement
    2. file put up for printing of merit certificates
    3. file put up for payment of e-report - meetu.
    4. Lesson Impact of British on economy reviewed with Azmat, and Lesson 1 reviewed
    5. agenda item on 4 colour drafted

April 3, Tuesday
    1. History review workshop at UNFPA lesson 1 and 5 rewied
    2. Emailed details about creative workshop to RD Bbsr
    3. emailed investment details to SPC for tax calculation
    4. Received the tax computation for year 2011-12 from SPC
    5. Responded to Praveen's inputs to competency based Block Printing grid
    6. Responded to Sreehari's email regarding research on learner profile

April 4-6,Wednesday
    1. MHRD report sent
    2. CRC Book 1 and Practical Manual Home Science submitted
    3. budget proposal Identification of sub sp tools and methodologies for teaching learning video put up
    4. Monthly leave Record file put up
    5. Discussed the Soc Sc lesson Colonization of India with Anita ji
    6. Discussed payment schedules for mentors of Soc. Sc with Jaya
    7. Discussed cover design payment issues with Dir. Acad

April 8-15, 2012
    1. Master Trainers' Programme at Vishakkapatnem
    2. Forwarded monthly leave record to UNFPA

April 16, 2012
    1. Put up joining report -me & Neha
    2. Workshop Appraisal emailed to all the participants, NIOS and the organizers.
    3. Email to Jaya regarding number and names of participants from UNFPA and QED for the workshop on Indentification of activities for video prog scheduled on April 19-20, 2012. Followed up with subjects in charge
    4. Talked to RGNIYD regarding internship programme - emailed accordingly
    5. Followed up regarding Ayush meeting
    6. Indent of phone
    7. forwarded certificates to PO

April 17, 2012 (Tuesday)
    1. Put up joining report - Trapti
    2. Email to jaya and cc to all regarding QED meeting along with programme schedule and availability dates.
    3. Forwarded Trapti's joining report
    4. CVs of Dr. Anita Devaraj and Dr. Shubakant Mohapatra forwarded to UNFPA
    5. CRC Home Science resubmitted after signatures on authenticity certificate
    6. Put up leave appln for Trapti Rai
    7. Email to all participants for QED workshop on April 19-20, 2012 (except Anshuman of Hindi who has been sent an sms)
    8. Hm Sc 2 lessons finalized with figures of Book 2
    9. Meeting with Vigyan Prasar regarding status of lessons, tutor training workshops and MItra's joining Vipnet Club

Pre audit questionnaire